Yamaha YPT 255 Review

Yamaha YPT 255 Review

Yamaha YPT 255 The Budget Piano On Steroid

Yamaha YPT 255 Review : Have you seen the price of YPT 255 (If not, click here).

It's not a high end piano costing thousands of dollar, its a cheap affordable piano but on steroids.

YPT 255 digital keyboard from Yamaha best describes the world of music.

As you know Yamaha is a Japanese multinational corporation and conglomerate, with exceedingly comprehensive range of products and services, predominantly musical instruments.

The new Yamaha YPT-255 is the quintessential starter instrument for novices of all ages, inspiring them to get playing from day one.

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Yamaha YPT-255 Features

This 61- note keyboard is a key specialist of the model. The keys are strong and responsive.

With its modern design and easy to use control panel, the Yamaha YPT-255 is packed with powerful features. 

It comes with 385 high quality instrument voices inclusive of the iconic grand piano and there is 100 backing accompaniments to practice and play sounds and styles from all over the world.

For teaching sessions duo mode splits the keyboard into two equal halves, so the student can learn directly while watching the tutor’s hands.


​​The Y.E.S makes it easy to learn the built-in-songs with teaching aids such as listen mode, timing mode, and waiting mode.

YPT-255 will also give you a score to analyse and rate your perform ace, so you can examine your advancement each time you play. 

The nine-step lesson function propounds a total of nine stages;- three for the left hand, three for left and three for both the hands which will surely help a novice and eager learner like you to practice and play the songs pre-stored in the instrument.


There are exceptional lessons for studying chords and on an equal footing, a great chord dictionary that fabricates learning chords simple and pleasurable.

Your chosen chord is shown on the screen and if you play it correctly, a bell will sound.


YPT 255 Mighty built-in speakers with fanatic wide stereo give massive expanded sound performance. 

There is even, premium effects like chorus and flanger to enhance and bring studio quality sound to your performances. 

The instrument voices have proven to be more realistic, especially the piano range.


There’s also an AUX input for connecting an mp3 player for playing along or just listening to music and a headphone socket for silent performance.

Yamaha YPT-255 Features At A Glance

  • 100 backing styles
  • Yamaha education system
  • Listen ,timing and waiting mode
  • asterisk
    Chord dictionary
  • asterisk
    Built-in phrase recorder
  • asterisk
    Duo mode
  • asterisk
    Ultra-wide stereo effect
  • asterisk
    Premium effects
  • 372 high-quality voices with 13 drums and effects
  • Display -  Custom LCD display
  • Polyphony -  32 max
  • asterisk
    AWM stereo sampling – Yes
  • asterisk
    Auto power-off function – Yes
  • asterisk
    Power – uses AC or battery power
  • asterisk
    It even includes a power- saving mode

Final Words On Yamaha YPT 255


  • Compact and portable to play anywhere
  • Commended by amateurs and experts
  • Weighs only 9 pounds
  • Nine-step lesson function
  • Opportunities to grow, advance and develop your own style
  • Free Incredibly useful accessories


  • Lack of digital connection options
  • No MIDI file capability
  • The keys aren’t weighted
  • Not 88 Keys
Yamaha YPT255 61-Key Keyboard Pack

The above mentioned features and specifications of YPT-255 testifies it’s reliability and ease of use.

The price is perfectly reasonable for all the quality hardware and features it includes.

Hence, the Yamaha YPT-255 makes learning more exciting meanwhile developing a firm musical knowledge for newbies.

That's all from Our End. Hope our review of Yamaha YPT 255 helped you in making informational decision.

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