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Why We Love Yamaha YDP 103 Digital Piano

Yamaha YDP 103 Review : As you know almost all of the Digital Pianos of YDP series (Arius) are upright console pianos and YDP 103 is no different.

Arius Digital Pianos Series offers every minute details of that of an acoustic piano a pianist looking for without paying for an acoustic piano.

No doubt, YDP 103 is a great piano to introduce you to the joy of playing the piano. Also check YDP 163

It’s rich authentic sound and responsive feel perfectly combines the heritage of Yamaha acoustic piano.

It is available in 3 colors Black , Black Wallnut , Dark Rosewood. All of these colors looks classy and will complement your decor. But, I like the Dark Rosewood color as rest of the colors are quite common.

Comparing Yamaha YDP 103 With Yamaha's Other Best Selling Digital Pianos






YDP 103


Console Piano

Graded Hammer Action Keys

10 Voices

64 Polyphony

Inbuilt Pedals

App Connectivity

Yamaha P125 88-Key Weighted Action Digital Piano

P 125


Best Model

Fully Weighted Hammer Action Keys

Great Feel

CF Sound Engine

USB-MIDI Connectivity

App Integration

Genuinely Priced

91% positive reviews on Amazon

Yamaha P45, 88-Key Weighted Action Digital Piano

P 45


Best Seller

Budget Friendly

Authentic Feel

Weighted Hammer Action Keys

Minimalist Design

AWM Sound Engine

88% positive reviews on Amazon

Yamaha YDP 163R Arius Series Console Digital Piano

YDP 163


Best In The Class

Console Piano

Graded Hammer Action Keys (GH 3)

Pure CF Sound Engine

App Connectivity

Built-In Pedals

10 Voices

192 Polyphony

87% Positive Reviews

Yamaha PSR-EW300 SA 76-Key Portable Keyboard

PSR EW 300


For Beginners

Touch Sensitive Keys

574 Instrument&Voices

165 Styles

App Connectivity

Lots Of Learning Features


81% Positive Reviews

PSR E363


For Beginners

Touch Response Keys

Yamaha Education Suite For Easy Learning

Duo/Layer Mode

Weighs only 8.8 Lbs

PC, Mobile Connectivity

87% Positive Reviews

Features and Sounds Of Yamaha YDP 103


The authentic Yamaha Grampian sound is sampled in stereo for a dynamic and expressive performance.

The sound quality is good but one thing to note is the only YDP 103 does not come with Yamaha’s Pure CF Sound Engine Technology (rest of the YDP series model does).

Yamaha YDP 103 uses AWM (Advance Wave Memory) Sound Engine to reproduce sound which is also nice but can't be compared with CF engine technology.


The graded hammer standard keyboard simulates the feel of an acoustic piano.

With the preciously weighted action becomes lighter at the higher end of the keyboard.

The touch response can be easily adjusted to suit the players' requirement.

The matte finish black keys absorbs moisture which is perfect for long hour practice and makes fingers less slippery.

Pedals and Headphones

Yamaha Arius YDP 103 features three paddles 1) Soft 2) Sostenuto 3) Damper with half pedal function. If you dont know the use of piano pedals check our detailed post here.

The good part of YDP 103 is that it never requires tuning and can be played with headphone for silent practice.

Modes and Function Button Use Of Yamaha YDP 103

Yamaha YDP 103 Function Button

YDP 103 also offers a range of features which enhance the playing experience, let's have a quick look.

Digital Reverb - which simulates the ambiance of different performance location in your own home.

Voices - Other than grand piano sound YDP 103 offers a selection of other voices too.

The voices can also be combined such as the piano sound and the string sound, In general term, this feature is known as dual mode and is quite common in any range of digital pianos.

For easy operation, YDP 103 features a function button on the left of the keys.

The function button is used together with the piano keys to access all the features of the instrument.

Connectivity Options and Apps

You can also connect YDP 103 via USB to a computer or to an iPad or iPhone where a variety of apps are available to control your piano.

The preferred app is Digital Piano Controller App which gives you easy access to YDP 103 various features. 

You can select the voices, control the metronomes, reverb and the rest of the accessible feature. The best part about the app is that it can also store your favorite settings and recordings.

Yamaha YDP 103 also offers connectivity via Bluetooth. To connect wirelessly you will need UDP-BT01 adapter (not included with the piano).

Check The Below Video Of Audio Demo of YDP 103

Quick Glance At Features Of YDP 103

  • Authentic Feel Because Of Graded Hammer Standard Keys
  • Advance Wave memory Sound Engine
  • Inbuilt Pedals really comes useful for advance Practicing. 
  • Powerful On board speakers
  • Dual Mode for endless creativity
  • USB, Bluetooth Connectivity
  • App Integration
  • Matte Finish Keys For making Fingers less slippery

My Experience With Yamaha YDP 103 Digital Piano

My experience with Yamaha YDP 103 Digital Piano

Luckily I got my hands on YDP 103 for more than 2 weeks and overall I can say it is good mid range entry level keyboard. 

The sound quality is nice, it looks quite classy, the sounds on the piano is also good. I liked the Matte finish keys too but the weight is too much (116 pound) so its hardly movable. As a reviewer my main role is to point out the drawbacks here they are.

It does not have pure CF Sampling sound engine. Nor it comes with song recorder option but the other variants of Arius series does. YDP 103 offers only 64 polyphony whereas other versions have 192 polyphony and Yamaha YDP 184 has 256 polyphony.

Yamaha YDP 103 does not offers MIDI connectivity options also. And it only has 10 voices to mix and play.

As I said it is a good entry level keyboard for those who are bit dedicated towards their musical journey. If you are still confused check the big brother of YDP 103 the Yamaha YDP 163 Digital Piano.

Till then,

Keep Playing and Spread Love.

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