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Yamaha PSR series are portable and super affordable with Yamaha Education Suite. The PSR S670 is one of the new performance keyboards that have a stunning design and features like new voices with new styles. It also has the DJ functionality that makes it a different from others.

One can easily customize as it consists of Real time knobs one can easily control, assignable and manageable pedals with ROM expansion which make it highly customizable as per our needs.

PSR S670

Using Yamaha’s Wireless LAN adapter and iOS apps that are quite compatible, one can use Wireless audio when connected over WIFI along with MIDI.


The voice expansion and style packs help to us customize the PSR arranger series with wide range of contents from all around the world.

  • It has 230 styles along with 4 variations and DJ category. It has 34 Drum or SFX kits with 480XG sounds.
  • It also has 61 velocity sensitive keys with 128 voice polyphony, Reverb, Chorus and DSP effects.
  • It contains 416 voices, 11 Mega Voices, Sweet 19 and cool 28 voices along with 19 live voices.
  • It also has 16 track sequencer and editing functions. The live controllers that include the track mute and the filter.
  • It has 5 EQ Band Master plus 4 OTS per style.
  • Have audio recorder, Lyrics and Sheet music display in WAV format.
  • It plays authentic music and has authentic styles around the world.
  • PSR S670 Consists of Pitch bend and Modulation wheel. It has USB HOST, USB Device and Phone connector with AUX input features.
  • PSR arranger has 2 connections for foot pedals with power adapter and music stand.


  • One can instantly access authentic sounds using this arranger, rhythms and musical style of one’s choice.  The mega voice feature for playing various articulations is to provide accompaniment styles and ultra realistic expression enhances performance sounds.
  • The 16 track recorder gives you functionality to create play back songs arrangement.  The accompaniment styles lets you add a backing band to the performance and control of changes and complete arrangements. The USB drive helps to capture playback performances and USB audio recording.
  • The knobs can be easily assigned to control different functionality like Cutoffs and maintaining the resonance, chorus and much more other features like Reverb. Once the functions have been assigned to the knobs, they will add expression, style effects and real time voices by just simply turning them.
  • The new PSR-S670 arpeggio function helps to play a given phrase by simply holding the cord. The new live performance i.e. the DJ styles has a programmed progression chord collection concept. This even helps to trigger additional audio phrases using the multi-pad to play free melody which leaves both hands free.
  • The control interface contains Organ and Initial Touch keyboard, various display language such as: English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Japanese language and has English as Panel language.
  • It uses the AWM stereo sampling tone generating technology along with 128 polyphony.
  • It is XG, GS for playback song, GM, GM2 compatible. It has 32mb of expansion voice quality.


The PSR S670 have the following effect types:

  • The reverb : The reverb consists of 44 Presets along with 3 Users
  • The chorus : It consists of 71 Presets along with 3 Users
  • The DSP : It consists of  283 Presets along with 10 Users
  • The master compressor : It consists of 5 Presets along with 2 Users
  • The Master EQ: It consists of 5 Presets along with 2 Users
  • The Accompaniment style has 230 preset styles. The featured style consists of 208 pro style, 12 Session style and 10 DJ styles.


It is also compatible with the Style File format and GE style file format. It has 1200 records and one touch setting which are 4 for each style.

It provides unlimited song recording facility that depends on the drive capacity, with 16 track record and approx 300 kb/ Song data capacity. 

It allows quick recording and Multi track record facility. It has SMF data format as 0 and 1 for playback and SMF format as 0 for recording. It has 179 multi pad banks with 4 pads along with audio link which makes it highly recommendable to use.


The PSR S670 contains 8 buttons, Registration Sequence control and Freeze control properties.

  • It also contains functions like Demonstration, Metronome, Transpose, tempo range and tuning.  It has Style Creator, Style Recommender for the song and contains OTS information.
  • The song has song creation functionality but with no edits, Score and Lyrics displaying functions.
  • It has the headphones connectivity facility.


It has internal memory of 2 MB approx. It also has External drives facility such as USB Flash memory via USB to device and USB to Host facility.

My experience with PSR S670:

With this new emerging Yamaha Arranger keyboards PSR S670, a new architecture, new voices, styles and a new DJ section feature has been established by the Arranger keyboards from Yamaha.

Yamaha understands any imaginable music that one would like to be played whether it is jazz, contemporary or hip hop etc.  Audio can be played using USB audio player or triggered using Multi Pad function. Yamaha provides Expansion Manager that allows creating authentic new sounds, individual data sets from a numerous packs or you can create in your voice based on your samples.

I enjoy music on my fingertips by exploring the synthesizer sounds that boost incredible sound texture providing versatility for all types of electronic music.

The DJ feature provided by the Yamaha PSR S670 is one of the unique features that make it one of the reasons to buy so that we could play one of our customized music as per our need.

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