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The PSR EW 400 is an ideal investment for those who are either into just stepping into keyboard playing or you are into music making and live performances.

So, basically its for everyone who is into Keyboards and to get a feel like Piano.

Yes, it is specifically designed with piano playing in mind.

It has 76 touch sensitive keys and to give it more real touch it has a voice which sounds like grand piano.

Yamaha PSREW400 76-Key Portable Keyboard Review

It’s a great keyboard and has some features which you would want in your keyboard if you want a experience like a piano.

With simple connectivity, budget friendly, light weight and its portable design I was satisfied with my purchase.

I know one thing for sure that this investment is going to give me returns for years.

Reading Reviews Is So 90's, Instead Check The Video Review Of Yamaha PSR EW 400 Below ?

:: Feature Highlights ::

  • Built for playing live.
  • Over 700 voices, 200+ styles and 30 songs.
  • Built in rhythm and play along feature.
  • Very portable
  • Has foot pedal and comes with a stand to hold music sheet.
  • Easy to use but professional features.
  • Computer and external storage connectivity – again a win win

Voices :

I must say the resembles of Acoustic Piano was quite natural.

It has 758 high quality voices which makes its performance real.

It allows you to perform with so much flexibility and options.

You can play simple to complex compilations without any difficulty.

The amplifiers will deliver crystal clear sound.

Connectivity Options :


The PSR-EW400 helps you in recording your performances to the smart devices as well.

Yes you can audio transfer all your performances through the USB TO HOST terminal.

You can transfer it to any of your smart devices.

You can listen to the recorded audio through the speakers via the 1/8" AUX input.

Functions :


It was easy for me to create my own grooves using the Pattern function.

I was able to create instantly variety of music like a pro.

Its so much fun to play with it. It makes you feel like a DJ.

But if you want to go for more professional and stand-alone performances then you have other options too like the Crossfade and Retrigger functions.

For more creativity I used the Arpeggio function.

Its for smoother and clear play-ability.

Since It free your hands so you are able to do changes or make it an improvised version.

Y.E.S. :

Yamaha Education Suite (Y.E.S.) is the most useful feature which helps you to teach yourself.

So, whether you are an entry level or expert level it will help you in many ways.

It is basically for each and everyone regardless of your ability i.e. does not matter if you are right-handed or left-handed or both.

Global :

You would never want your music to be limited, so does this keyboard.

The PSR-EW400 gives you a diverse culture.

You can enjoy the music around Latin, Indian, Arabic, African, Chinese, and more.

Music Collection :

The PSR-EW400 features a database which consists of best accompaniment.

I just need to choose any song of my choice and it gives me the best options to start playing, making my work so easy and so fruitful.

Features :

Sometimes, large brands update the specs overnight and the changes are represented via a short code in name which sometimes leaves clueless to customers, I personally faced these, so keep an eye on them before finalizing.

  • Since its weight is 8.4 kg (18 lbs 8 oz.), so this makes the keyboard very portable.
  • It has 76 touch sensitive keys which is above the standard 61 key keyboards that Yamaha makes.
  • It has 48-note polyphony which helps the players to more expressive control.
  • By now all of you would have known that it gives you beautiful Live! Grand Piano Voice. But apart from that it also features 236 panel Voices, 24 Drum/SFX kits, 40 Arpeggio and 457 XGlite Voices.
  • To Capture each characteristics of the sound the PSR-EW400 features 1 Live! Voice, 8 Sweet! Voices, 3 Cool! Voices and 3 Dynamic Voices.
  • The available effects are Reverb, Chorus, Delay, Equalizer and Arpeggio.
  • The internal memory storage is Approx. 1.29 MB and for the external drives we get a USB flash drive. The headphones are also included.
  • The speaker (12 cm x 2) are of great quality.
  • The power consumption is very less - 11 W (When using PA-300C AC adaptor).



You get lots of accessories with it.

I loved some of the accessories as these are very important and yields good functioning for new musicians.

The i-UX1 accessory helped me connecting to the iOS applications.

This way I was able to do the recordings digitally.

The UD-BT01 adapter helps in connecting instruments.

It uses a USB TO HOST terminal.

When you play something amazing you also need to listen to it without any disturbance and the quality should be crystal clear.

PSR EW 400 Bundle also includes the HPH-50 Headphone.

It’s a simple headphone. But gives you a professional sound quality.

I also got a pedal which gives me a feeling of using a real piano.

Yamaha has done its best to give you a piano experience with this keyboard.

Then there is the sound controller which helps for modulation, pitch etc.

There are lots of apps which makes it even more easy to use the PSR-EW400.

The Metronome app is for every musician, whether you are a performer, a guitarist or a teacher.

The Yamaha Metronome is very easy to use.

The Visual Performer app helps us to create visual animations from our MIDI based performances.

It is an app for iPad / iPhone.

The “My Music Recorder” app is for all the parents who can easily record and share their child’s musical activities and thus motivating them and showing them the path to the Music.

The MusicSoft Manager is basically used to as its name suggests manage the content.

It helps to connect with Yamaha MusicSoft to purchase content and transfer, so that we never run out of options to play our favorite songs.

The Piano Diary is an app which serves the purpose of a Diary.

Its basically a summary of our day to day activities.

My Experience with Yamaha PSR EW 400

My Experience with Yamaha PSR EW 400

Reasons To Buy

  • Compact & light weighted design.
  • 76 keys.
  • Powerful loud speakers for a portable keyboard. 
  • Sleek body design.
  • USB and iOS integration.
  • Grand Piano Voice.

Reasons To Avoid

  • Smaller LCD screen.
  • Produces same sound, no sensitivity to amount of force on keys.
  • Light keys but not precise like 88 key keyboard.

Lastly, I would like to conclude by saying that the PSR-EW400 is a dream come true for me with its budget friendly and easy to use feature.

I have been using it for quite some time now.

There are a few drawbacks as well but they are very minor ones.

I would like to give it a 5/5-star rating.

Its favorable for entry level player and a stand-alone performance too.

You can use it for entertainment, or for your basic studio work or for a great career start.

Yamaha is a big brand and they have never let down me.

I play this keyboard daily and am very much satisfied with it.

I am completely blown away with its quality and looking forward to play some awesome tunes.

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