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Yamaha PSR E453 Review

Yamaha PSR E453 Review

Yamaha PSR-E453 Review : The Yamaha PSR-E453 is a ground breaking live performance keyboard for players at home, in the studio or on stage.

E453 is a wonderful portable keyboard launched in mid 2016 and is still going strong. With 85% positive reviews over worldwide E-commerce stores reflects the love the keyboard is getting from its user base.

It has a huge range of sounds and functions that offer incredible music introduction and rhythm, combining legendary Yamaha sound with a powerful onboard amplifier and speaker system.

The PSR-E453 your gateway to immense musical potential. Yamaha digital keyboards are renowned for their sound quality and highly realistic voices, including iconic grand piano.

Detailed Features Of PSR E453

Structure and layout

This keyboard from Yamaha is a little masterpiece with 61-keys, 5 octaves, it’s touch response that is the harder you press, the louder the sound gets just like a real piano does.

There is 48-note polyphony in the keyboard, which allows the smooth performance of the co plex and intricate passages without any dropping of notes.


There are strings, brass, synthesizer sounds and many more.

The PSR-E453 features more than 750 voices, together with 220 backing styles covering a huge range of music and classical era to today’s hits.

You have got the different sound effects and drums.

For the beginner the built-in lesson functions and the informative display help to develop fundamental skills.

There are around 25 patterns for you to create your original grooves. You can also split the keyboard and mix the sounds together.

Check the sound performance demo of the keyboard

Chord dictionary, music database and registration memory

You can access onboard resources like music database, chord dictionary and stop setup data with registration memory and record a complete performance with the six-track sequencing.

This also makes it suitable for the GCSE examinations.

DJ patterns and live controllers

Control options of the PSR E453

The DJ pattern feature includes program chord progressions which add a whole new dynamic to keyboard playing together with the assignable live controllers and arpeggiator.

With the arpeggio function and 150 arpeggio patterns, there is enhanced playability.

The real time recorder can be used to modify the sounds in real time.

It’s easy to create unique dance groups in real time.

The pitch bend wheel, makes adjustments to the pitch of the sound and even adds life to the voices such as that of the guitar, or saxophone or the trumpet.

Digital effects and 6W+6W sound system

Advanced digital effects at a studio light production quality while the six watts per channel stereo amplifier and speaker system with bass reflex boards delivers the powerful sound.

The sound produced from these speakers of PSR-E453 has amazing clarity and refined detailing.

You can add an external audio source to the performance and use the melody suppressor to virtually reduce the lead pipe in a suitable audio track.

USB connectivity

Connectivity options of the keyboard

With the USB you can store your audio performance data on a memory stick and easily connect to computers and other devices.

The PSR-E453 also transmits and receives audio vis the USB to host port enabling digital sound recording on an external device or output of a USB audio source from the keyboard speaker system.

You can also connect it to your iPad via the Bluetooth and you just need the Bluetooth adapter to do that, and even access the world of apps, one such being the Yamaha educational suite.

Yamaha PSR-E453 Specs at a glance

  • Comes in black finish Only
  • Has 61-keys
  • 48-Note Polyphony
  • There is pitch bend controller as well as control knobs
  • There are 9 types of reverb
  • There are 10 types of DSP effects
  • 26 types of harmony
  • Split function is also present
  • It has 220 preset styles
  • One touch setting
  • recording function
  • Inbuilt Metronome
  • There is also the sustain pedal, AUX IN, USB to HOST, USB to DEVICE
  • 12cm * 2 speakers
  • Has auto power off function
  • LCD display
  • The Keys Are Responsive To Touch
  • AWM stereo sound sampling
  • compatible to GM and XGlite
  • There are 5 types of chorus
  • 6 types of master EQ
  • You have the dual or layering function
  • You have the melody compressor
  • Among other features, there is 378 music- database
  • 10 expansion style
  • Playback is compatible in SMF format
  • Tempo range is from 11-280
  • 6W+6W amplifiers
  • Power consumption of 8W
  • Among accessories we have the music rest and song book can be downloaded from the website.

My Experience With Yamaha E453

My Experience With Yamaha PSRE453 61-Key Portable Keyboard

If you are serious about your keyboard play move up to the PSR-E453, from Yamaha.

It has all the functions and features that any aspiring pianist would wish for, hence making it a perfect choice that one can make.

The price range of the product is pretty affordable even from a beginner’s point of view.

Therefore, in my opinion if you are in search of a keyboard that shall serve all your purposes that too without actually burning a hole in your pocket, then certainly opt for the Yamaha PSR-E453.

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