Yamaha PSR E273 Review | The Beginner Keyboard ReInvented

Yamaha always keeps re-inventing its product and for all the good reasons.

This time they did this with their famous entry level keyboard PSR E263 and pushed it one step above which resulted in the new PSR E273.

Without a doubt the price tag is still quite affordable providing a better options for the budding pianist.

In my opinion E273 is just a quick touch up on the earlier version and does not offers too many new things to count on, which we generally expect from an update.

Yamaha PSR E273 Review and Detailed Anlysis of The Keyboard

But for now lets looks at what are the changes and was their any requirement to actually change the wonderful performing PSR E263 ?

As claimed by Yamaha PSR E273 is a primmest and premium quality of 61 key Ultimate Beginner Keyboard.

No doubt E373 offers a decent set of features like great sounds, ultra portable design, lightweight and 380+ instrument voices, 17 drum SFX kits and 100's of style to create your own music.

The inclusive in-built effects like reverb, chorus, master EQ and ultra-wide stereo opens a whole new door for exploration and creativity.

So these are just overviews of the keyboard now lets looks inside by going through each of the features.

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Check This Video Representation of PSR E273 Keyboard From Yamaha ?

Technical Specs


Ability of the Keyboard


61 keys


384 Voices


Synth action


Velocity Sensitive


32 notes






Reverb, Chorus, Master EQ, Ultra-wide Stereo








Yes (Nine-step lesson function)


4.72” x 2


Yamaha Education Suite (Y.E.S.)




6 x AA Batteries


4.125 inch


8 lb


12.5 inch


37 inch

Features Of Yamaha PSR E273 Keyboard

Colors and Design :

I personally think that the color and design of E273 is just minute better then the earlier version.

The earlier version color reflects like a toy but these one overall looks better to me. Your opinions may differ.

Although the 61 Keys and User Interface layout cuts the extra noise but I felt the touch of uniqueness is missing in design.

It just felt like the Yamaha rushed too much to launch the keyboard. 

Yamaha PSR E273 Keys :

yamaha psr piano E273 Keys

The YAMAHA PSR E273 hosts a set of total 61 keys.

And I am really disappointed to to tell you that the keys of E273 are not velocity sensitive. Yes a $200 keyboard does not have a touch responsive keys.

If you don't know is velocity sensitive keys, here's a short definition > Velocity sensitive keys are responsive keys and also known as touch sensitive keys.

These types of keys increases or decreases the sound of the tone directly depending upon the intensity of the key-press.

Grand Piano Sound :

The Grand Piano sound is good as always but as always "same" since the last decade. It would be much better if Yamaha have added some new samples to it.

Voices :

Total 401 voices and 143 styles in this PSR keyboard

To stand apart and look more prestigious when it comes to voices. Yamaha has included 1 extra voice when compared with E263.

E273 comes with 401 voices which includes 17 drums and SFX kits voices. The large number of voices is sure a healthy way for the budding pianist to play and explore.

The tone generation technology used in the keyboard is same as the earlier version which is "AWM Stereo Sampling".

The Quiz Mode :

One of the newest mode introduced in the E273 is the quiz mode. It is quite entertaining for children under the age of 5 for not above 5 for sure.

The same feature is also found on Yamaha PSS E30.

What actually the quiz mode offers is that the keyboard plays a sound of any object or animal and the student has to figure out the sound and press the respective key under the representation of the object or animal ?‍♂️.

Even a regular app in Apple store or Google Play store offers tons of voices to recognize in a more interactive interface for a 5 year old.

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Smart Chord and Song Book

To make PSR E273 the Ultimate Beginner keyboard Yamaha renamed Single Finger Mode from earlier version to Smart Chord Mode.

There's one more Multi Finger Mode.

And as far as the song book is considered it is the same song book Yamaha is using since last decade.

Rhythms and Effects

The Beginner PSR Keyboard

Surprisingly PSR E273 comes with decent number of Effects and Rhythms. Almost all of the keyboards in these price range does not offers this much effects.

It has 9 types of reverbs effects. If you don't know reverb effects are used to add fullness and depth to a musical piece when recorded live.

The other effects on the same category add an extra depth like those in the recording done in a large studio or a large hall.

While the chorus function can add an extra swirling property and can cause thickening of the musical piece being recorded.

The other two effects, namely Master EQ and Ultra-Wide Stereo can be used to equalize and set a large ultra wide stereo effect respectively.

Lesson Feature :

PSR E273 Lesson Mode - Yamaha Education Suite

As it is developed for beginners lesson feature is one of the prime feature of the keyboard.

But it is also just a little revision from the Yamaha Education Suite, but it is still a good feature to grow and learn.

The nine step lesson function included here in the Yamaha PSR E273 is here to help the beginner inside you, who needs to be taught well.

The plus point of the lesson function in here, is that it not only teaches you but is also present as a full time teacher present at your disposal at all times at-least at the initial stage.

The human teacher, whom you hire for teaching is only available at certain point of the day and cannot be at the disposal at all times.

The lesson function also comes in handy while you are thing of gifting it to a newbie, like a child or a person who is completely new in the musical field.

My Experience With PSR E273 Keyboard

My Experience With PSR E273 Keyboard

Reasons To Buy

  • Good For Beginners
  • Lots of Voices, Rhythms and Effects
  • Effective Lesson Feature
  • Dedicated SFX Button
  • Quiz and Inbuilt Recorder Mode
  • Phase Recorder
  • Very Lightweight and Portable

Reasons To Avoid

  • No Touch Sensitive Keys
  • No Layer, Dual, Split Mode
  • No USB Connectivity Options

From my perspective I think Yamaha has released PSR E273 in a bit hurry without adding any much feature when compared with the it's predecessor.

And I clearly don't think it is an Ultimate Beginner Keyboard. It lacks a lot of stuff beginners needs to extend their knowledge and creativity.

The earlier version PSR E263 or Yamaha EW 300 is still a good option to consider instead of this but it's my opinion your opinion may differ.

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