Yamaha Piaggero NP-12 Review

Yamaha Piaggero NP-12 Review

Is Yamaha NP 12 Worth The Hype ?

Yamaha NP-12 Review :  In this article we will be discussing in detail about the Yamaha’s NP-12 digital keyboard.

Lately, there have been various concerns with people regarding the NP-12. This article shall put an end to many of the illusions.

Weighing only 9 pounds, the NP-12 is designed to let you just concentrate on the pleasure of playing the piano.

The portable keyboards from NP series of Yamaha Piaggero are an exemplary blend of sophistication and coherence.

The keyboards from the NP series create an everlasting impression on the pianist, as it a masterpiece from Yamaha and is also budget friendly keyboard. I would say that this keyboard is for those who want to just put an immerse feet in the sea of music.

Any rational and budding musician would certainly feel that why should he or she purchase this particular product?

So, the model has many such characteristics that are important to highlight for you to make a choice devoid of any skepticism.

Firstly, we shall have some discussion on the NP-12 series that features the model.

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Comparing Yamaha NP 12 With Yamaha's Other Best Selling Digital Pianos






Yamaha NP12 61-Key Lightweight Portable Keyboard

NP 12


Touch Response Keys

10 Voices - 64 Note Polyphony

AWM Stereo Sampling

App Connectivity

Highly Affordable

Battery Powered

Yamaha P125 88-Key Weighted Action Digital Piano

P 125


Best Model

Fully Weighted Hammer Action Keys

Great Feel

CF Sound Engine

USB-MIDI Connectivity

App Integration

Genuinely Priced

91% positive reviews on Amazon

Yamaha P45, 88-Key Weighted Action Digital Piano

P 45


Best Seller

Budget Friendly

Authentic Feel

Weighted Hammer Action Keys

Minimalist Design

AWM Sound Engine

88% positive reviews on Amazon

Yamaha YDP 163R Arius Series Console Digital Piano

YDP 163


Best In The Class

Console Piano

Graded Hammer Action Keys (GH 3)

Pure CF Sound Engine

App Connectivity

Built-In Pedals

10 Voices

192 Polyphony

87% Positive Reviews

Yamaha PSR-EW300 SA 76-Key Portable Keyboard

PSR EW 300


For Beginners

Touch Sensitive Keys

574 Instrument&Voices

165 Styles

App Connectivity

Lots Of Learning Features


81% Positive Reviews

PSR E363


For Beginners

Touch Response Keys

Yamaha Education Suite For Easy Learning

Duo/Layer Mode

Weighs only 8.8 Lbs

PC, Mobile Connectivity

87% Positive Reviews

Features Of Yamaha NP-12

Two Models 76 Keys and 61 Keys

The series features an elementary, empirical design with a minimal number of buttons and for you to choose between 61 or 76 keys.

I personally appraise the simple design since it makes a lot easier for beginning students to stay on task with their practicing.

You also have the option to choose these space-efficient voguish instruments from the black and white finish, as per your taste or maybe matching to your room décor and surroundings.

Quality and Performance Of Yamaha NP 12

Secondly, we shall now focus on its quality and performance:

I feel Yamaha NP 12 has practical uses for parents who want to get their kids into playing but aren’t sure if this is something they will continue in, but from the price point, you really can’t beat the quality of sound that comes right out of the speakers.

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If you want them to practice in silence, there is a headphone input on the back of the keyboard, so no one else in the house gets distracted.

It features “graded soft touch keyboard” and is not so but quite natural and highly expressive when it comes to tones and voices.

You can absolutely start to learn on this keyboard for sure.

The Design

Yamaha NP 12 A Detailed Review

Going across the front of the keyboard we have got the volume knob, power on and off button, the demo and metronome buttons, the voice buttons and then the record and play buttons. The overall look is minimalist and looks good.

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The record button lets you easily record your practice sessions as your performances or your original compositions so that you can later listen back to yourself or share with your friends and family.

The Yamaha NP-12 is your Ready To go and ready to play partner

I would say that the keyboard is great for anyone needing something portable, as it weighs 9 pounds and has 10 sounds and USB capabilities.

So, if you need to use it as some type of controller it can definitely keep up with whatever you need it to do.

key specialties

  • 61 - 76 keys keyboard To Choose Accordingly
  • AWM stereo sampling tone generation technology
  • Maximum of 64 number of polyphony
  • 4 types of reverb effects
  • Dual and Layer Modes
  • Nearly 7,000 notes
  • Touch Response Keys
  • Numbers Of Recording track - 1

My Experience with Yamaha NP 12 Digital Piano

Yamaha NP12 61-Key Lightweight Portable Digital Piano - Keyboard

Reasons To Buy

  • Quite easy to use for beginners
  • Perfect choice at this price point as it is fairly priced
  • Light weight due to which easy to carry wherever you go

Reasons To Avoid

  • It has non-weighted keys
  • Lacks light up keys
  • Only one built-in recording track 

Overall I can say that Yamaha NP 12 might be a great option for entry level pianist. The price is highly affordable and is quite good keyboard to start with.

Right out of the box, the NP-12 is ready to play. You will need either a 12 Volt power supply or 6 double-A batteries as it doesn’t come with either.

The connectivity option is also handy, you can connect your NP-12 to your iOS devices for even more fun and features.

Yamaha offers a bunch of apps like a digital piano controller, metronome and notestar for use with the piaggero series. You can connect those via the USB port on the back of the keyboard.

Where people are just starting to play the piano, I normally prefer to recommend something that has 88 weighted keys and the NP-12 has only 61 unweighted keys but if there were ever an exception to the rule, this would be it.

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