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Why we Love Yamaha CP4 Digital Stage Piano

First of all Yamaha CP4 digital stage piano was first launched in 2013.

So, its a bit outdated but don't let the numbers fool you. It is still Top Notch Stage Piano and is worth of your hard earned money.

Yamaha CP4 stage piano had set a new standard in stage pianos when it was launched.

It has improved the stage piano standard in every possible way. It is one of the finest stage piano ever created (2013).

The Yamaha brand has chosen to improve the 3 most important feature a musician is looking for.

One of them is great sound which is important, another one is great to feel and it truly has the best action that you won't find in other pianos in this price range.

And the last one is great and easy User Interface.

It is super easy to learn the things, super easy to change sounds and super easy to balance sounds.

And the last thing is that it only weighs 27.6 pounds so its easy to take it wherever you wanted without hurting your back.

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Comparing Yamaha CP 4 With Yamaha's Other Best Selling Digital Pianos






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Yamaha PSR-EW300 SA 76-Key Portable Keyboard

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PSR E363


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Yamaha Education Suite For Easy Learning

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PC, Mobile Connectivity

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The Sound Of Yamaha CP 4

Most digital pianos only give provides a single grand piano sound, maybe another piano with a couple of variations of that.

But Yamaha CP4 gives you three distinctly different concert grand pianos.

The first one is CFX, the second one is CF 3S two nine-foot concert grands and then the six-foot eleven S6.

The CFX was a concert grand that was designed to be powerful enough to project over a symphony orchestra acoustically but also has the ability to play extremely soft and expressive beautiful passages as well.

The sounds are very big in the middle with high and low ranges on the sides. The great part is that at the same time you can play very subtle and beautiful passages too.

The next grand piano sound is the CF 3S, I can say it is a little darker (sorry for musician terminology) by this I mean it does not have that big, big, big sound but it is still has a nice big low and high end. In short, it is still a wonderful sound piano.

Top Look Of Yamaha CP4

You can use this in a solo or even with a musical ensemble

The third piano it has is S6. It is a 6 foot 11 inch grand piano and it is the darkest of all the above. (here is the perfect example of dark music scary right..)

S6 is truly a nice sounding piano that better suits in small cocktail parties, get together, especially wherever you need a more intimate darker sounding piano.

Many students and beginners ask me which is the best piano of all three?

And my answer is always the same "all of them" but you need to understand that which one suits better on which theme.

All three of them is very different and very usable in different applications.

For example you may like to use CFX when playing with rock band, country band. The CF 3S best suits with Jazz style sounds. And S6 can be used when playing solo piano.

What CP4 Offers ?

One thing on Yamaha CP4 Stage Digital Piano that caught my attention is the keys action.

It is a natural wood graded hammer action that features on exclusive GH3 triple strike sensors.

So, Basically it's heavier in the low end and lighter in the high end that simulates the grand piano and different sizes in the hammers.

Action Keys Of Yamaha CP4

It has a synthetic ivory key top on it and it feels really great.

The grand piano hammer action makes you feel that it is much quicker, more responsive and allows you to really be exceptionally expressive while playing.

In short I can say from my personal experience that it is the best action keyboard piano from Yamaha that I ever used. (relatively) [My new favorite stage piano from Yamaha is this]

Yamaha CP4 also offers some of the best renditions of the vintage time piano sounds, like 71 RD1, 73 RD1, 75 RD1, 78 RD1 and the DINO (it has much nicer bell like quality), 69 WR, 77 WR.

The next sound is CP 80, CP 70 electric grand sound.

Another great part is that you can turn off/on the reverb with just a push of the button at top.

You don't have to dig on menu to control reverb anymore on Yamaha CP4 keyboard.

On the rear end it offers 4 input jacks to assign pedals.

The Simple User Interface Of Yamaha CP4

The design of CP4 is completely redesigned the best part part is everything you need to control is present at the front of you.

When you will hit electric piano button the display at front (display highlights the option that's currently running) will show "Electric Piano" on the display.

Yamaha Cp4 display screen in front

Likewise when you press electric piano 2 it going to highlight the "reed piano".

Yamaha CP4 is also totally customizable according to your need.

By using the shift button on the front you can define/save your favorite mode/sound so it makes simple to switch sounds with just a single button.

It looks like the feature list of Yamaha CP4 not going to end soon.

Because it also offers a magnificent feature that most of the musicians surely will love and it is "Panel Lock Switch".

The function of Panel Lock Switch is that it locks out the complete piano with only one sound theme. It comes very useful while performing live so to save you from accidental clicks on the keyboard.

Another cool feature is layering, it is one of the most needed feature for every pianist.

To start layering you just need to press the layer button on top of the keyboard and it will turn out layers immediately.

Yamaha CP4 options on front

While playing if you think that your layer is too loud and needs to be slowed down then you just need to press the fader button.

You should have to keep pressing the fader button until you find your prefect match sound.

Another way to lower the layer sound is to increase the volume of the piano.

You can also split the keyboard by just pressing the split button on the top.  

Splinting feature is useful if you are a music teacher and you want to teach your student side by side with you.

This makes learning piano easy for a newbie. It can also be used while playing solo so that you can get two sounds according to your music.

Another addition in CP4 is the modulation wheel. Modulation offers to speed up and slow down the sound like a real thing.

It also has 400 additional sounds, as well in every possible category. Like strings, choir, pad.

Yamaha CP4  Alternate

The Best Alternative Of Yamaha CP4 Stage Piano is Yamaha CP 73 and Yamaha CP 88. The Price is almost same so don't forget to check it. (Check Detailed Review Here)

Yamaha CP 4 Stage Piano Alternative Option - Yamaha CP 73 and CP 88

My Experience With Yamaha CP4 Digital Stage Piano

Yamaha CP4 Functions

Yamaha CP4 is one of the top model from Yamaha in high end priced stage pianos.

Yamaha has taken care of every function a musician needed.

In simple words I can say that CP4 is a great piano with great sound and great touch.

The graded hammer with natural wood action with the triple sensor keys makes it a perfect piano for those who know what they are doing.

On the rear end you will get lots of option for connectivity. It has "line out" port and XLR output port which eliminates the needs of direct boxes on the stage.

The Simple user interface is loaded with faders, split, layers and lots of other features packed in a well organized structure which makes the CP4 the perfect piano for professionals and intermediate pianist as well.

With only 27.6 pounds it is easy to carry Yamaha CP4 wherever you want to go without hurting your back.

So, If you are looking for a stage piano that offers a ton of features and total control then Yamaha CP4 might be a good option to consider.

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That's all from our end. Do you find this Yamaha CP 4 review useful? Did we missed anything ? Or do you have other opinion about it. Then let us know in the comments below.

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