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There are many piano companies that made their name in the early 90's but the one that still in demand and quite famous among professional pianist or say who care about vintage pianos are the Baldwin Piano Company.

Baldwin was the only piano manufacturer and distributor in the US in 1862. The founder Dwight Hamilton Baldwin has the vision to make unparalleled Grand and Upright piano with perfect sound and they did so for long decades.

But after the death of the founder Dwight Hamilton Baldwin the brand thought of bringing the same top notch pianos but with a different name and "Acrosonic Piano" was born.

So in short Acrosonic Pianos are the product of Baldwin Piano Company.

Acrosonic Pianos are available in two forms spinet and console with unmatched quality, sound and touch and are very durable too. You can say that it is state of the art pianos developed by the company.

The Acrosonic Pianos are one of the heaviest small pianos with a well built body. You wont see something fancy, something overselling when it comes to look. Its simple sweet but outstanding.

Spinet Acrosonic height is approx 35 inches and the console one stands at the height of 5-6 inch more. The repetition rate of the piano is also quite high more than 20% but it also depends upon the dynamics.

Today its quite hard to find a Acrosonic piano in its mint condition but you can find a good piano tuners who can bring it back to its glory days. But remember it may cost you a lot more than you have bargained for.

Baldwin Acrosonic Piano Serial Number

Each Acrosonic piano model whether its spinet or console has its unique serial number and can be found on one of the 6 common places.

The places are - near Key Action Mechanism, near Tuning Pins, near Plates, near Treble Bridge, near Bass Bridge, near Sound Board. If the piano has been previously restored then the serial number may have been removed. So deal with your sue diligence before buying one.

It does not matter whichever model you are going to buy you will surely get a outstanding piano sound.

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      Daniel Cooper says:

      Yes you can find it on sites like ebay or alomomusic but make sure you confirm the baldwin acrosonic piano serial number before finalizing your decesion.😉

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