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The telecaster is widely popular for the features that enables it to produce brilliant resonance that has much more edge to its tone.,

Surprisingly they Also produces soft and smooth sound that gives a perfect match to melancholy and jazz.

No matter what you select in accordance with the pickup stand, you can always force on any two of them.

Well, in order to have that emotional jazzy sound you can prioritize or to say, you must prioritize the features of the neck pickup.

The comprehensive range of sound quality singles out the Tele from the rest of the other guitars making it an outstanding pickup among all.

The most important standard you must be seek to have while hunting down the finest TELECASTER Neck Pickup is :

The capability to of this pickup to supply natural tone and to deliver the single attack of the Telecaster.

So, this mainly tells us that the rare, organic and intonation feel of the Telecaster helps in acquiring a well-regulated tone in a fine fettle way.

That ultimately helps in handling any variety of sound ranging from jazz and emotional to rap and rock.

So, here are some of our recommendations when it comes to best Tele Neck Pickups available in the market, which we would like you to have a look on.

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Teleneck Pickups - The Budget List

Greenten Guitar Parts Single Coil Neck Pickup Humbucker

Humbucker For Fender TL Tele Guitar

The Greenten Telecaster Alnico V Neck Tele Pickup Humbucker is shaped like hotdog or shoe whose appearance is attractive and feature is eccentric.

It produces sound which is strong & clear, having the finest transparency in the sound quality hence making it sound mild and ambiguous which is akin to other dated pickups.

The topmost portion of this pickup is made up of copper which also includes rust coil & Alnico V Porcelain Magnet.

It has an inclination to resist, which is more likely to be around 7.5k.

Moreover, it takes into account the linking cords & two bolts, where the cord stretches up to 11 inches (approx.) i.e. 28cm in general.

The pickups shows its actual color or to say, specification when it is put down with all those hot jazz & blues.

Most importantly, it should be noted that this Tele pickup is more comfortably else way, specifically applied by the use of Telecaster.

Fender Vintage Reissue '62 Telecaster Neck Pickup

Fender Vintage Reissue '62 Telecaster Neck Pickup

The Vintage Reissue ’62 allows to dress up your guitar with its bold Tele pickup.

This pickup really lives up to its name and immerse you in its wistful piece of affection as written on its container.

This set provides the actual JLH & Muddy Aquatic sensation, along with the feel of early rock which perfectly fits the pickup’s feature.

If you are in love with the typical accent of Tele, then try to consider this model as it stands up on your expectation by luring you into its clear and superior sound quality.

Looking for some fascinating intonation?

Then, the Reissue ’62 which acts as a portion of Fender Vintage set, provides the same for you to experience & bring home the high quality Tele tone.

The model so planned, tries to fulfill the requirement & resources equivalent to those of vintage ’50 Tele pickup.

Implying that, Vintage Reissue ’62 has identical specifications with that of Alnico III magnets & enamel dusted magnet wire.

Due to the copper coating bridge pickup with a base of steel plate, this pickup produces the mild and enhancing tone which is anticipated from the brilliant Fender Tele pickup.

So, if you really wants to experience the classic ‘50s vibe, none other than the Fender Vintage ’62 Telecaster Neck Pickup combined using bridge pickup can make you feel that vibe.

Additionally, this pickup can also be used by combining further different bridge attached sections.

It definitely will make you feel magical and is the finest pickups among those available in the market.

Seymour Duncan STL-1/STR-3 Quarter Pound Neck Pickup for Tele

Seymour Duncan STL-1 Best Teleneck Pickups

When it comes to the Seymour Duncan STR-3, it has no underlying enemies for its strong and heavy sound.

Try not to be deceived by the mild and gentle look of this pickup as it has the strength to stand out among all and turn the table on its favor, when the time comes.

It has an equivalent ability to that of humbuckers and fierce P-90s pickups.

The Telecaster comes with a copper based alloy protection coated with chromium.

The pole pieces are measures around 3/16 inch of the length of Alnico V Rods and employ the distinctive single coil cutting.

The above arrangement makes it possible to have an extraordinary appearance and hence a step closer to the humbuckers and fierce P-90s.

Although it is not heavy like the humbucker but can be said to be gentler when compared to the P-90s.

The quality of sound produced by the STR-3 has decent and rich piece as well as full, dense medium range tone.

But when used excessively it shows its actual deal.

This pickup is certainly made for you & the Tele of yours provided you are a huge fan of a classic 70's hard core rock and heavy hearted sensations.

Not only this, but it also performs brilliantly when performed in a blend of jazz-rock style unfortunately it does not stands out much with an old-style jazz tone.

DiMarzio DP172C Pick-up

DiMarzio DP172C Telecaster Pick-up

For those who are looking for skilled and all-rounder pickup, here’s the deal which may influence your choice, that is – the DiMarzio DP172 Twang King Tele Neck Pickup.

This pickup enables you to escalate the tone of your guitar providing it with a classic Tele sound with an individual records having strong weightage and revealing the chord’s specifics & proportions.

If you are seeking an absence of vibration or resonance and presence of lump or chunk this pickup will provide you the said content as it perfectly sets with the bridge of Chopper T and is quick to respond to the dynamics or change.

Now, if we talk about its specification, it is plated with the chromium along with single coil, organized tension covering made up from hand measured lodestones, specific cords and dual wax sealing.

This little yet excellent pickup is praised by its peers and receives an ovation for its great functioning.

As the name sounds – Twang King, it actually performs like a king in the field.

It has the potential to immerse you with its strong and heavy tone in the memories of the vintage jazz and premature rock style.

Therefore, need not delay your practice session and play it like a magician that fears nothing and explore the capabilities of this pickup to master it efficiently.

Bragging nothing, this is considered most desirable Tele Neck Pickup in the market.

How To Purchase The Best Telecaster Pickup ?

How To Purchase The Best Telecaster Pickup

It was earlier indicated that the tone of Tele pickup is brilliant & vibrant.

And is essential to point its strengths & weaknesses, highs & low note.

Therefore, it is equally essential for you to select such Neck Pickup which carries all this features and can be easily enriched.

Furthermore, with subject to your preference of playing style there exist few alternatives that you might like to see.

  • Looking for a pickup with slick and smooth twang as well as sturdy medium range, whose performance makes you feel like a cakewalk? “Seymour Duncan STR-3” is what you must seek. Because, this pickup will immerse you in the blues & hard rock of olden period as soon as you start playing the Tele.
  • Looking for a pickup with slick and smooth twang as well as sturdy medium range, whose performance makes you feel like a cakewalk? “Seymour Duncan STR-3” is what you must seek. Because, this pickup will immerse you in the blues & hard rock of olden period as soon as you start playing the Tele. 
  • Looking for some trendy normative rock feel or blues, then DiMarzio twang king perfectly fits your specification.
  • But if you prefer to go downhill your memory track then you can go with the Fender Vintage Reissue ’62 Telecaster Neck.
  • At last, if you wants to have a pickup which sounds like a bluesy jazz, then what you need is Greenten Humbucker.

All these pickups are good in their own aspects and has the caliber to stands out among other pickups, all they need is a perfect platform to show their true color and shine brightly.

All the Best, for selecting one, of your kind.

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