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hi I’m Kirk Roth room with select,receptions in Syracuse New York for disc,jockey news and this is the,electro-voice zlx 12 p it’s a thousand,watt two-way powered speaker with a 12,inch low frequency driver and some huge,surprises that you’ve never seen before,in this price range in fact it’s just,400 bucks street price and it’s from,electro-voice a name we all know and,trust I’m going to take a closer look,and see what’s the catch,first impressions are obviously visual,and the zlx 12p does not disappoint,it’s got a full grill with what they,refer to as a brick pattern but it’s,just a good-looking full grill beveled,edge speaker with some really modern,cuts as you can see it’s got a slanted,cut at the bottom slanted edges slanted,top which does disappoint me because the,speaker is not stackable for storage but,that’s something I’ll cover a little bit,later but a good-looking back panel with,some good functionality and features and,then obviously a wedge to use it as a,monitor but it’s a great looking speaker,and if you’re doing weddings I would,absolutely have no problem having this,you know at a wedding or any high-end,function where you know a first,impression or presentation makes a,difference speakers cannot be invisible,this is definitely the next best thing,there are three handles one at the top,rear one at the bottom rear and then,obviously one here in the monitor wedge,the handles are pretty convenient with,the exception of the top rear handle and,the fact is when you the way the speaker,is balanced when you pick it up by that,handle the bottom rear automatically,swings out so it’s somewhat awkwardly,balanced the front bottom of the speaker,touches the ground every time when you,pick it up or set it down so I can see,some potential for damage or scraping or,worse to the bottom firm of the speaker,that said not that big of a deal,if you’re careful but I think it’s,somewhat awkward to carry it with that,handle and the fact that it’s balanced,that way kind of eliminates the,convenience,of having a handle on top,this is the back panel as you can see,there are vents which were an oversight,in the live x-series,there’s some at the top and at the,bottom of the rear of the speaker the,connectivity is absolutely wonderful,no RCA inputs but there is a eighth inch,aux-in which is perfect for an iPod or,an iPhone through put inputs 1 & 2 which,are combo jacks both levels can be read,right there and then a master volume,obviously doesn’t have the full,connectivity that the QSC k12 has but I,don’t know if it’s a fair comparison,considering the speaker is less than,half the price one of the coolest,features of the zlx family without a,doubt is the DSP menu the speaker is not,only beautiful but it’s smart too now,I’ve dimmed the camera so you can see,what’s going on here so you won’t see my,hands but I’m going to go ahead and,click the master volume button in and,you enter the DSP menu a huge range of,options in here first being sound mode,which includes Music Live setting which,I believe is about a flat frequency,response speech and club music sounds,great to my ears location poll monitor,so when you’re using this speaker on the,ground it’s obviously the coupling with,the ground and creating more bass so,this has some EQ settings to offset that,and then bracket the speaker is flyable,treble bass sub you can use it obviously,with a sub and there are high-pass,filters here at 80 Hertz 100 Hertz 120,and then a setting for the electro-voice,live X 18 inch sub as well the elx 118 P,which is great for me cuz I have a,couple of those the led option for the,front of the speaker on limit or off,LCD dim which this just will dim after a,few minutes if it’s not used LCD,contrast reset info which includes the,firmware and then act one caveat to this,this is where the signal clip light is,and that isn’t that convenient to me one,of the things that I think is missing,off this back panel is a dedicated LED,that warns you when you are overloading,frankly you can’t really see this screen,from 15 feet away at an angle so it’s,not exactly ideal I think a bright red,LED it’s just dedicated for that purpose,there’s a lot more attention getting to,let you know that you pushing your,speaker’s a little too hard obviously it,doesn’t make sense for me to try to show,you what a speaker sounds like through,my lav mic and then through your,computer speakers but what I will do is,bang some beats through them and see if,we can’t trigger that limit warning on,the back of the DSP menu the speakers to,my ears are pristine clean powerful they,have nice deep bass punchy and the mids,and highs aren’t harsh at all I’d say,they’re very articulate great for,everything from modern music to lush,string arrangements,[Music],in a real-world situation that limit,warning in my opinion is nearly useless,I think it’s a clear oversight on Evie’s,part to not include a dedicated red LED,so the fair and logical question is,where did they cut the corners I haven’t,figured that one out yet but I’ve used,them in multiple events and they sound,great and they look great and at $400,they’re less than half the cost of their,nearest competitor which is the QSC k12,frankly to my ears they sound better,than the k-12 with more presence better,clarity better bass and more punch and,they’re 34 pounds they’re even lighter,than the k-12 I think the Evie has,raised the bar with the zlx family if,you have any questions don’t hesitate to,contact me,once again I’m Kirk broth from for disc,jockey news

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