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The Sony SS B-1000 speakers has been introduced a few years ago (2010) which is loaded with strong specialties with budget price tag to attract audiophiles.

Sony isn’t generally viewed as a bargain brand, yet with regards to the company’s SS-B1000 Bookshelf speakers, it is difficult to criticize that they are too expensive.

Note - As of Now, SS B1000 is not Available on Amazon , All Product Links On This Page Redirects To Polk T-15, which is also a wonderful speaker with similar specs under $80.

All the Sony Bookshelf speakers are ranked high in terms of the quality and sound volume.

But it has been a long time since this particular model has seen any update from the brand.

But despite this huge time gap the Sony SS B-1000 and its variant are still selling out like hot cakes in budget section like Polk T 15.

So let's give a quick look at SS B 1000 speakers.

Do You Feel Reading Reviews Is So 90's Then Check The Video Review Of Sony SS-B1000 Below 👇

Sony SS B 1000 Features and Specs

Design and Build Quality

With an artificial wood-finish and removable speaker grilles, the Sony SS-B 1000 speakers seems decent enough in terms of build quality.

The design is simple yet modish.

It is 13*18.8*9.7 inches in measure and weighs up to 6 pounds.

Sound and Frequency

sony ss-b3000 alternate option

It has 5.25’’ woofer and a front port which permits the speaker to reach down to 80Hz easily.

Try not to let the size of these speakers fool you like JBL 104.

Compact and minimized, these Sony SS-B1000 two way speakers can yield excellent sound in an ideally sized bundle.

These speakers can exude 120 watts of intensity, which makes it an excellent support to any home theater framework.

The woofer of this speaker offers profound bass tones that can be balanced with the melodious notes originating from the 1 inch Nano fine.

The Sony SS-B1000 has 2 separate units implies that stereo division is possible by placing the speaker on each corner of the room.

Whenever you increase the volume, you will realize their presence as each notes originated are flawless with a frequency response of 80 to 50,000Hz.

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The impedance of this speaker is 8 ohms and its sensitivity is 87db.

The low end frequency can be expanded with the help of bass reflex enclosure by improving augmentation and reaction.

Placement and Connectivity - Sony SS B 1000 Speakers

You can connect this pair of speaker with an amplifier or receiver, as it has an additional speaker wire.

One can put these speakers on a bookshelf or work area depending on the requirement.

The Sony SS-B1000 comes in black color and can utilize high quality features to produce a full range of sound with almost no distortion.

These speakers can produce low range sounds and solid-bass with the help of HOP (highly oriented polyolefin) cone woofer.

Placement Options of ss b 1000

Simultaneously, the balanced arch tweeter can deal with the high frequency sounds easily.

This results in a decent listening experience for expanded delight.

The comprehensive sound-stage can provide full audio to the listeners that is precise and sharp.

Song played in these speakers can sound clear, crisp and pleasant.

This Sony bookshelf speakers can be an extraordinary way to accomplish quality sound in a small space.

However they can also be matched with extra speakers to constitute a full frame sound system.

These speakers can work well as backs and can also be utilized as a front mains.

These will also perform well when set on the stand.

The Sony SS-B1000 bookshelf speakers can be a great addition to your home theater set up.

If someone wants an overall sound with balance and beat then, paring this speaker with a subwoofer is necessary.

These speakers can be paired with TVs, amplifier to deliver excellent sound for motion pictures, and also with DVD players, and with various other video alternatives.

They can function well at any tallness and adjust into a current entertainment center.

Sound from the TV will have more profundity and excellent quality when one use this pair of speakers, which supplies an extraordinary sound related experience specially when budget is concerned.

My Experience With Sony SS B-1000 Speakers

sony ss-b1000 frequency response

Reasons To Buy

  • Minimalist Design.
  • check-circle
    Affordable Price Tag
  • check-circle
    Good Sound For Smaller Space

Reasons To Avoid

  • times-circle
    Not For Professional Use Though.

I would like to conclude by suggesting that this Sony SS-B1000 bookshelf speaker is a good option to consider for the once who are tight on budget and looking for something with proved result.

The remarkable engineering and authentic manufacturing of Sony makes us realise that superb sound is the result of the combination of both.

These factors also help in neutralizing the cons of the SS-B1000.

This Sony speaker gives the perfect yield as per the cost and is therefore one of the best-selling speakers that you must try.

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