5 Of The Best Schecter Guitars Review

The Schecter guitars were discovered during the 1970s in California, since then it has gained increased popularity over the years.

Majority of the guitarist prefers schecter guitars because of the metallic component, they have a huge appeal amongst the metal and hard rock musicians, and is also more budget friendly in comparison to its competitive brand ESP.

hands on schecter guitars

There are handful of music brands endorsing the company such as, Avenged Sevenfold, Black label society, Chris Poland, Cradle of Filth, Danzig and we also have The Cure in the list of hosts.

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A broad array of guitars and basses are extended by the company, all of which are apt for speedy and hefty playing.

Almost all of their guitar models feature the dual EMG humbuckers along with 3-way switching, proper spacious fret boards, besides the hardware which facilitates on the point tuning, irrespective of the aggression with which you are playing.

The guitar as one or the other thing for one and all like the appealing feature or the playability.

It has a basket of choices due to which it is tough to restrict to any one of them.

In case you feel deviated, we have enlisted the details of 5 such best alternatives for you to choose the best that suits your needs and all of which are available with ease in the market or from official web handle of schecter instruments.

BestSelling Schecter Guitars - Budget Edition

C-1 SGR by Schecter beginner electric guitar

C-1 SGR by Schecter Beginner Electric Guitar - Midnight Satin Black

Many experts miss out on including the concerns of the novice players. For instance, if you are just a beginner when it comes to a guitar, the Schecter C-1 SGR is a great choice to make.

To begin with, the model is a stunner and the credits go to the shiny black finishing.

There is even a convoluted inlay motif on the 12th fret, giving out pretty visuals that makes it stand apart amongst the other dot inlay designs worldwide.

Its a wish of most of the players to have something such preciously beautiful as their ready to start guitar. 

There are even 2 impressing humbucker pickups and also the 24 frets present on the C-1 SGR.

If you aim to play intense metal, then the above 2 features are really essential.

Most other guitars for the beginner provide with possibly just the maximum of 21 or 22 frets, and a solo humbucker, guess if you are that lucky.  

Schecter OMEN 6 6-string electric guitar, black 

Best Schecter Guitar OMEN-6 6-String Electric Guitar, Black

For a change from the C-1 SGR we now have the OMEN-6, that features the dual Schecter diamond humbucker pickups. 

Additional 24 jumbo frets, base wood body along with a pretty blend of rosewood and maple for the neck and fret board, on the whole one has every component of a superb sounding guitar, and that is amazing in terms of response. 

If one wishes to put the guitar through ringer they can do so and show aggressive playing too as the instrument shall hold up anyway.

For perfect tuning, the tune O Matric bridge as well as the schecter tuners, function in collaboration. 

There is no let down point with the OMEN-6 also being much like a looker.

There is an eccentric reflective gothic cross symbol, in addition to which the shiny black finishing compliments just so well along with the ivory binding, which is lining the complete front portion included in the body. 

Best Schecter Guitar OMEN-6 6-string electric guitar, vintage white 

Schecter OMEN-6 6-String Electric Guitar

The OMEN-6 vintage white guitar is just one of the other awesome Schecter Guitars.

The hardware segment of it similarly superb like the black version since both have it identical.

Many a times, the whole black idea just not suits the players style quotient anyway.

Maybe that you wish to play the metal, or rock and parallelly have a distinctive outlook and stand apart, then the vintage white guitar is the most suitable choice, as it shall completely justify your role. 

It is presented to us somewhere in between the matte and shiny or glossy finishing.

It encapsulates the light amazingly, instead of giving a dull outlook even though it lacks the actual gloss. 

Much alike the premium OMEN-6, there is a black binding in this guitar too, that defines the body a bit more.

A good segment of the guitarists, are very much impressed with the model, especially in regard to the mesmerizing sound, thick material which is very helpful in the wonderful ringing of each and every note.

Irrespective of your nutty play style, we can’t ignore the superb capability of sustaining the note for prolonged time period.

If you pair it with a pretty ERNIE ball string, the OMEN-6 provides premium feeling which serves so good. 

Schecter Stiletto Extreme-4 Bass Guitar

Schecter Stiletto Extreme-4 Bass Guitar (4 String, Black Cherry)

To be true, every guitar player doesn’t require a 6-string guitar in their assortment.

Like if you into recording lots of original material, or moreover engrossed into your Youtube channel, won’t it be amazing to possess a guitar with nice bass, for coverage of wider spread of sound. 

Well, there are chances that the bass may be your prime concern.

Opportunely, the premium quality and superb pricing of the guitar is well showcased when it comes to selection of the bases.

One such gem is Stiletto Extreme-4, with the cherry black finish being the top most choice. 

The base is too good to play, with many players reaching for the underneath P bass models in the price match, that permits the playing of fine and strong bass lines all of which are aptly suitable for the studios. 

There isn’t any major lacking in the features in this model, Schecter has incorporated 2 Diamond humbuckers, additional 24 big frets, for increased tone management with the 4 knobs.

If you are in the transition phase from regular guitars, then the C shape of the neck will be of great help. 

Schecter Hellraiser C-1 Electric Guitar, black cherry 

Schecter Hellraiser C-1 Electric Guitar (Black Cherry)

Ultimately, a Schecter guitar list is absolutely incomplete if there isn’t the Hellraiser C-1.

The cherry black model is just stunning and all the more with the combination of the quilted maple top and abalone binding.

The Gothic inlays are also constructed of the abalone.

There is no doubt that the sound factor is very much important for the long run, but we can neither reject the fact that any guitarist does wish for an instrument with a premium look.

So, does the Hellraiser justify this criteria and is gorgeous and impressive.  

To be honest, the model is beyond perfect as it is equally fantastic with the sounds, due to the combined humbucker EMG 81 and 89.

There are 2 volume knobs in the guitar, both of which provides you with higher control over the sound and also while you are switching among the pickups.

How to decide which is the perfect model for you?

Check The Video Of Nick Johnston Introducing The Newest Member In The Schecter Family

Undoubtedly, we have many more amazing models to select from in the Schecter acoustic guitar segment.

Though we completely understand your dilemma when it comes to choosing any one, as you have to think about your requirements in the role of a player as well the budget factor.

At par, almost all of the Schecter guitars function good in the case of metal and rock spectrum genres, hence the longevity of your playability is an important concern.

Likewise, if you at the very beginning state, the Amazing C-1 SGR model is a must try for you, as the instrument has good playing and in return you don’t even have to spend a good amount of money. 

At the end, there is no chance of hanging with the same instrument incessantly.

The midway players shall gel well with the OMEN- 6, and the pro guitarists are inclined in performing on the stage and also producing the good sound quality for studio purposes must target the Hellraiser. 

Taking care of your Schecter guitar 

maintaing schecter guitar quality

Nonetheless, it is quite essential to take immense care of the Schecter guitar after you acquire it.

As a basic, a bag must be there to keep it when you are not using it.

Next requirement is the guitar stand, and you must make sure that you place it in a spacious environment in order to avoid accidental damage.

If you are purchasing the case then it is a safe play for you, although getting it in a case and out of the case may be a cumbersome task, but that is the sole way to ensure that the guitar is away from damages. 

For the guitar to stay gorgeous as always, keep a chamois cloth and make sure to wipe the body parts of your instrument frequently.

What are the benefits of using the Schecter electric guitar?

schecter jazz guitar and relative use

At the very first instance, it’s necessary for you to know that why do want to opt for the Schecter.

The brand in itself is a great name, and as an evidence you can check out the list of classic artists that endorse the brand.

If you are talking about guitars, one can have access to multiple quality sounds, and the prices rise once you go for the other top most companies like the Fender, Jackson etc.

Schecter is one such brand, that presents an equilibrium among the uniting elements such as the build quality, hardware, essential features, sleek look, and all of this for a super affordable price match that doesn’t give you horrific nightmares!

To cut short, you are for sure going to feel comfortable in picking and playing any of Schecter guitars, as they are always the best ready-to-go choice. It’s performance in a studio is also exemplary.

Bearing all this in mind, we advice to have a detailed look at the 5 above mentioned models of Schecter guitars.

My Experience With The Schecter Guitars

schecter stiletto stealth

Q. While talking of the Schecter guitars a question that pops up very often is if other than metallic music do they sound equally good for other music styles?

No doubt, that there is maximum bias towards the former genre when it comes to guitars from Schecter, yet you are at complete ease to play any other music on your guitar as per your wish.

In case you cherish the looks of Schecter, but you are an admirer of the pop punk or indie rock player, you will easily have some amazing sounds of your choice in your basket, that shall go with your taste too.

Q. Where to buy Schecter Guitar and From Where To Buy Used One ?

For New Probably on Amazon, and Official Website This one --> www.schecterguitars.com

And For Used Schecter Guitar --> Guitar Centre and Ebay 

Q. Who is the owner of Schecter Brand ?

Schecter Guitar Research - Hisatake Shibuya

Q. Where are These Guitars Made ?

Most of them are manufactured in South Korea.

Verdict and My Pick

Finally moving towards the end we would like to conclude by suggesting that if you are looking out in the market for a Schecter guitar, then it’s wise to make the final choice among the C-1, OMEN-6, Vintage white OMEN-6, and the other best 5 models mentioned in the list.

The premium guitars, serve the varying purposes wholly, have stunning sound and are budget-friendly.

Irrespective of your choice of the guitar, you are surely going to have a sense of satisfaction and also feel proud to play the guitar. 

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  1. I own an Omen Extreme and a Damien. The Omen is by far the best guitar I have ever played. The possibilities are endless with it. The Damien is also one awesomely sick guitar with which I can rip notes into the stratosphere!

    • Oh my god that’s a hell of a mistake from my end how can I miss the Omen Extreme, I have not used Damien guitar but never heard anything bad about it. Thanks for reminding me about the Omen.. Keep playing sand spread love…

  2. What’s the comparison if you bring in the Apocalypse? I have a small collection 3 Acoutics,Martin,Tayler PRS and then my electrics PRS CE 24, that’s the American made, the my Fender American Elite HSS Shawbucker. Where does the Apocalypse compare to the PRS and Fender electrics?


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