Schecter C-7 FR-S Electric Guitar Review

Schecter C-7 FR-S 7 String Electric Guitar

Bringing you an incredible guitar that features a remarkable function and is loved by many players & musicians but are still not got that much attention in the US. 

So, today we are going to have a look at the Schecter C-7 FR S Silver Mountain Electric Guitar.

This is an amazing artwork of South Korean artist who was 1st to manufacture this guitar.

Here are 5 of our favorite guitars from Schecter.

It comes with a package of seven string with a Floyd Rose, a Sustainiac switch, a slim neck, a slim body, and many more fantastic features that outshines the Schecter C-7 FR S and make it more demandable among others in the market.

As for the sound, this wild machine is capable of crunching with the best of them and produces a clear and rich sound.

So, let's just go with the flow and have a quick look at the features of the Schecter C-7 FR S.

Features of Schecter C7 FR-S Silver Mountain


Neck of C7 FR S Silver Mountain

Scale length – The Schecter C-7 FR S has a 26.5” (673 mm) scale length.

You need that because it's baritone that low B string needs some tension especially if you down tuned it to A.

Tuners - It has a Grover Rotomatic Tuner with a ratio of 18:1.

Frets – It has a 24 extra Jumbo stainless-steel frets on an ebony fretboard that has a 16” (406 mm) radius so it's nice, flat and fast.

The thickness at the 1st fret is 0.787” (20 mm) and at the 12th fret is 0.866” (22 mm).                                    

Width – Another cool thing about this neck is its width.

It is surprisingly not that wide even though it has seven strings.

In fact it is less than a quarter inch wider than its 6 strings sibling.

This indicates that when you make the transition from 6 to 7, it has a relative breeze.

Neck shape – One more thing that makes the Schecter C-7 FR S’s neck speedy and shred friendly is its thin ‘C’ shape.

Because of its really slim lines it's features pleasant and fast performance and comfortable feel.

Neck material – With the exception of its ebony fingerboard this guitar is 100% mahogany, which means the neck, the body, everything from top to bottom is mahogany.

It has Mahogany 3 pc with Carbon Fiber Reinforcement Rods offering a booming mix of warmth & sustain.

Featuring a set through construction which means there is no rebuild therefore, enabling you to get full access to the 24th frets, which is really cool.

Nuts – The locking nut is of Floyd Rose 1500 series tremolo bridge with a width of 1.874” (47.6 mm).

It features a 2-way adjustable truss rod with 5/32” (4 mm) Allen Nut.                                                             


C7 FR Pickup close look

Bridge pickup - In the bridge of the Schecter C-7 FR S you have the Schecter USA Sonic Seducer which is a high output ceramic pickup and has got a nice edge of its tune so it's really cutting especially for modern metal.

The Schecter C-7 features a vintage look of Floyd Rose tremolo bade with an upgradation of 1500 series tremolo bridge that allows you to stay at ease about your tuning stability.

They offer robust dependability, tight response required for precision playing, sensitive vibrato & extreme capability.

Neck pickup - In the neck, we have the Sustainiac pickup.

This is the on/off switch for the Sustainiac allowing your notes to ring indefinitely.

When the switch is turned up this indicates that it is off, which means that the pickup purely acts like a regular neck humbucker.

And when the switch goes down, it creates a magical sound that impresses the players.

As at this point, it ceases to be a pickup and becomes a very clever sustain inducing device.

It does it via crafty use of a driver and electromagnetism.

Modes Of Pickups in Schecter C7 FR-7

It has three pickup modes: Regular Mode, Harmonic Mode and Mix Mode.

Regular Mode – When it is in regular mode, it makes the note you are holding sustain for as long as you decide to hold it.

In this mode the tone will literally go on forever, in fact you can probably hear it picking up the momentum.

It's kind of like spinal tap which will ring continuously for indefinite time.

Harmonic Mode – The next is the harmonic mode, this mode is really cool because it finds a high harmonic, kind of a fifth or a seventh which is similar if you stood in the right place in front of a fully activated Marshall wall.

The harmonic mode features its function where you don't have to stand in front of a light amplifier, they could do it for you really quietly with headphones on even if you are in your bedroom Corral.                  

Mix Mode – Last but certainly not the least is mix mode.  

In this mode, it offers both the regular or fundamental and harmonic essence to your tone.

Therefore, it is kind of the best of both worlds and sounds like great device. 


The Silver Mountain Body Color of C7 Electric Guitar

Colour - The body of the guitar has a colour of silver mountain with a black hardware.

Hardware – The hardware of the Schecter C-7 FR S has an aggressive pitch dark black & attractive silver mountain polish.

Nevertheless, it has got some nice chrome pieces on both the Floyd and also the locking nut.

Contour – The contour of the Schecter C-7 FR S is arched at the top and is idle for right- handed players.

Construction – This guitar is constructed with a set beck along with an ultra-access.

Battery – The Schecter C-7 FR S features a 9- volt battery in its battery compartment


Knobs – The Schecter C-7 comes with a metal knurled with a definite set screw.

Strings – It has 7 strings of Ernie Ball which ranges from 0.009 to 0.062.

Case – The Schecter offers a bag for its guitar, SGR-1C which is often sold separately.

How is the Tonal Quality

The robust ceramic magnets of the Schecter C-7 FR S produce a violent, high output tone with immense richness and offers a lot of articulation.

Not only this but you will be able to experience an aggressive sound with loads of harmonic content, offering you a plenty of sound shaping potential, when you twist the knobs of the amplifier & pedals.

The Schecter C-7 FR S Silver Mountain offers the best of it.

The exceptional Sustainiac pickup at the neck provides a special sustain electrical path which is designed to allow the notes ring for long.

My Experience With Schecter C-7 FR S Electric Guitar

My Experience With Schecter C7 Electric Guitar

Reasons To Buy

  • It produces crunchy & clean sound.
  • Comfortable and convenient to hold the neck.
  • Superior clarity and build.
  • Versatile performance.

Reasons To Avoid

  • The appearance may not be much appealing to some players.
  • It is mostly ideal for right-handed players. Left hand model costs $50 more.

If you are planning to buy a guitar for yourself then treat yourself better with the astonishing features of the Schecter C-7 FR S Silver Mountain Electric Guitar.

So, here’s the brief recap of the c-7 features that will definitely induce you to have it in your music room.

A very guitarist friendly feature of the c7 is that it has the battery compartment for the 9-volt battery.

The sustainiac needs does not require a screwdriver to open it.

As you already know that the Schecter C-7 FR S has a crunchy and clean sound but the most fascinating thing about this guitar is that it has got almost piano like sound, trying to even on the low strings when you're playing with the clean sound.

It features 2 volume knob, 1 master tone, 2 mini toggle sustainiac switches, & 3 adjustable blade pickup switch.

The silver Mountain has several siblings: the sixth ring with a fixed bridge, a sixth string with a sustainiac and a Floyd, it also has an eight-string brother.

If you are into multiscale, a fan fret then the Schecter C-7 FR S Silver Mountain Electric Guitar is best for you.

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