Schecter C-1 Silver Mountain Electric Guitar Review

On Namm 2020 Schecter introduced a new series of Electric Guitar termed as "Silver Mountain"

The Silver Mountain Series Guitars from Schecter are Pro level Electric Guitars who does not want to compromise when it comes to music.

The Series has total of 5 Guitars with eye-catching finish and sound. These are :

  • Schecter C1
  • Schecter C7 FR S
  • Schecter C8 Multiscale
  • Schecter C1 FR S
  • SChecter C7 Multiscale

If you are a musician and love to play hefty and crunchy sound then what you must need, is that one wild machine which tells you, yes, this is it!! This is what I longed for!  

And guess what, the Schecter C-1 Silver Mountain Electric Guitar is the one which fulfils that desire of yours and brings out your passion and love for music from its stunning vibrating strings.

It plays how you want them to play, no noise, no creeks.

The Schecter C-1 Silver Mountain is a sleek sixth ring. You are exposed to its brilliant crunches and are induced to have one in your hand.

Now, without wasting anymore time and space lets quickly move to the features that made the Schecter C-1 Silver Mountain the latest installment from Schecter Guitars.

Features Of Schecter C 1

Let’s start with the topmost part of this remarkable electric guitar, that is, the Neck.


Schecter C1 Electric Guitar Neck

​​Scale Length – The Schecter C-1 has a 25.5” (647.7 mm) scale length.

Tuners - It comes with a Schecter locking tuners.

Frets – It features a 24 stainless steel jumbo frets on an ebony fretboard material with superb line inlays that has a radius of 16” (406 mm) so it's nice, flat and fast.                          

Neck Shape –. Another thing that makes Schecter C-1 more unique is that neck shape of this guitar is really thin and sleek and features a thin “C” shape which offer pleasant sound and fast performance and comfortable feel.

Neck Material – The guitar wood of C-1 is all Mahogany which means mahogany neck, mahogany body offering a resonant mix of warmth and sustain.

Its construction is set neck indicating that you don't have a heel which means you can get all the way up to the contours of the double cutaway giving you full access so that you can get right away to the 24th fret, which is really impeccable.

Hardware – The hardware of the Schecter C-1 has a stealth black hardware which is pretty much everywhere so silver black and none more black.

The locking checks the machine head's a nice touch.

And the sturdy looking bridge features a Hipshot Ibby HM that guarantees supreme sustain and rock solid pitch & has an attractive black polish.

Nuts – The locking nut material is of GraphTech Tusq XL with a width of 1.653” (41.98 mm).

Moving to the next, we have the pickup.


Pickups Of Schecter C1 Electric Guitar

Well, in the pickup section, there are two Schecter USA sonic seduces high output ceramic humbuckers pickups.

But there's a bonus, the tone pot is a push-pull when you pull it up it splits the coils giving you that snappy punchy single coil sound in both the bridge and the neck.

That is when the switch is turned up the pickup purely acts like a regular neck & bridge humbucker.

So, even though this guitar is clearly aimed at hard rockers, metal heads and shredders by having a single hole option it's pretty versatile.

Now if we talk about the control function, we have…


Control Options In The Silver Mountain from Schecter

The C-1 Silver Mountain electric guitar features many controlling options that helps the players to play efficiently.

It consists of 2 volume control for each pickup, the neck pickup & the bridge pickup, 1 master tone and push & pull coil split so you can go from humbucker to single coil and the 3-way blade selector for both bridge & neck.

Moving on, we have strings,


The strings of the C-1 range from .010 to .046. The amp is with katana artist 100-watt combo, incidentally this axe is also available as a six string with the Floyd rose and the Sustainiac.

It is also available as a seven string and eight string and also as a multi scale or fan fret.

The most important thing that every player must check before picking any instrument is the sound.

So, now, we will look upon the tonal quality of the Schecter C-1.

Schecter C1 Tone Quality

The C-1 Silver Mountain is not just a one or two trick pony there's lots of tones in it and there were a few sounds for you which will have an ever-lasting effect on you.

The robust ceramic magnets of the Schecter C-1 produce a violent, high output tone with immense richness and offers a lot of articulation.

Nevertheless, you are exposed to the push and pull control that grants you access to the full scope of single coil tunes.

You will be able to experience an aggressive sound with loads of harmonic content, offering you a plenty of sound shaping potential, when you twist the knobs of the amplifier & pedals.

My Experience With Schecter C1 Electric Guitar

My Experience With Schecter C1 Electric Guitar

Reasons To Buy

  • Attractive finish and body.
  • It produces crunchy & clean sound.
  • Versatile performance.
  • Hipshot Ibby HM provides max retention.

Reasons To Avoid

  • Expensive.

The Schecter C-1 is widely famous among those players who are into speed boosting, aggressive playing and the crunchy sound.

If you are among them then you got hands on the proper machine that will definitely satisfy your hunger for best electric guitar.

If you like this finish there's one out there for everyone including right-handed people's because this is obviously a lefty.

Featuring a solid mahogany body that is perfect of modern playing style and its slim body & sleek neck adds to its uniqueness.

So, if you are going to buy some top-notch electric guitar then why waste your money over something worthless and unsatisfying, invest in the Schecter C-1 and you will never regret.

That's all from our end

Hope this Schecter C1 Silver Mountain Electric Guitar review helped you in making an informed decision.

Till Then,

Keep Playing and Spread Love

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