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Roland VR 730 The Live Performance Keyboard Redefined

Roland VR-730 Review : Roland has always been striving towards creating the ultimate electronic piano feel and sound and VR 730 is a perfect example of that. 

The VR-730 features a 73-note waterfall keyboard along with a superior quality electric, acoustic and synth piano sounds in a ready-to-go instrument, which is not a burden to carry.

Today we are here to scrutinize the Roland VR-730 performance keyboard.

This is a pretty nice piece again and the reason why so, is because I really like sort of organ sounds and this has put it all together in a really neat package.

Now let’s have a closer look at some of the key and standard features of the VR-730 from Roland.

Features Of Roland VR 730

73 note waterfall keyboard with vintage glance and feel

A waterfall action with a 73 note keyboard so basically it’s got a really nice fast feel and if you like playing organ, this type of action allows you to play and it also feels the click better.

It’s really faster as the waterfall keyboard gives you that tactility and response that you need when you are playing.

The Roland VR 730 on board organs give staunch response to the vintage techniques, simultaneously the electric pianos offering unblemished tone.

The smart user interface aid, gives you direct access to the controls, so that you can concentrate on playing the instrument rather than being worried about dainty adjustments and intricate settings.

It is an ideal instrument and a supremely mobile package for the pro pianists. It offers extended playing range and bigger zones for splits.

You can feel the smooth touch and elegant finish of the keyboard as you slide your fingers on the keys.

Minimal or negligent interruption while performing on stage

Roland VR-730 is designed keeping in view of the requirements of the live performing players.

The former part of the panel layout is smart and superbly organized.

There is a LCD screen and sound bifurcations.

This enables you to take over the access of all the vital sound needs and control on real time basis.

The player has the liberty to save all his settings in user memory locations for the purpose of prompt remembrance on stage.

Virtual tones technology

There is a whole bunch of different tones, all of different genres.

You have got the old classical and upright piano sounds, honkytonks, they are all in there so you have got to be able to play any type of music. Roland VR-730 enables you to take your performances to the next level altogether in terms of tonal effects.

Classic design for stage shows

VR-730 represents an exemplary streamlined mien with realistic wooden side panels, showcasing the honest-to-goodness aura of a combo organ.

Control panel’s matte finish conceals fingerprint sensing which provides a neat and clean look, eliminating the issues arising from stage light reflections which may diminish visibility.

Expansion of sound collection

Roland’s authenticated tone library can be accessed at it’s axial site. We can use it for expanding our sound collection so that you have lots and lots of ready-to-play notes catering to the needs of all types of pianists.

Features At a Glance

  • 73 keys, semi-weighted , water fall action keyboard
  • Whole, dual and split modes of the keyboard
  • Virtual tone wheel, supernatural and PCM synth
  • Approximately 268 sounds
  • Maximum polyphony of 128 voices
  • 20 types of multi effects, 6 types of delay and reverb effects, 3 types of rotary effects
  • There are 52 rhythm patterns
  • Graphic LCD display
  • Not to miss the USB flash memory
  • Accessories such as the owner’s manual, AC adaptor, power cord etc.

Roland VR 730 Alternate

The Best Alternative Of Roland VR 730 is Yamaha MODX8. The Price a bit more so don't forget to check it.

Roland VR 730 Alternate Yamaha MODX8

My Experience With Roland VR 730

Roland VR 730 Top View and My experience with it

At last in my opinion the VR-730 from Roland is a piano that shall deliver you a rich quality sound, amazing touch and the feel of a real acoustic piano. 

The i-pad editor gives you intuitive and powerful command over the piano.

Roland wireless connect enables you to have cable free connection.

Therefore whether it’s a novice or a pro, the VR-730  has something in store for all of them. But I wont recommend it to total novice as there are tons of features to get confused within.

It is perfect for intermediate piano players who demands for more options, more versatility and of course more control.

So definitely a big thumbs up for it.

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