Roland RP 501 Digital Piano Review

Roland RP-501 digital piano offers nice touch and feel with quality built body, for those newbies who do not want to compromise on quality irrespective of the price tag.

Its well suited for an adult for that matter or even just an amateur that wants to grow their skill set on a perfectly balanced digital piano.

RP 501 Digital Piano from Roland, will pretty much do everything you want it to do and take you to even more advanced level if you desire such.

It comes with most of the modern features like :

  • Bluetooth
  • App connectivity (Piano Partner App)
  • 3D Ambiance headphone effect.

Roland RP 501 offers some great backings, you can jam along with as well.

But most important for those who are learning the piano, you certainly need a very good key action and an equally good sound options and the piano stands tall in these 2 features.

Apart from these 2 notable points there are bunch of other features too.

So lets see what Roland RP 501 has to offer to us

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Roland RP 501 Features

Superb Sound

The main piano sound of the RP-501 is really outstanding.

The basic reason behind the rich and living piano sound quality is the Roland’s Supernatural Technology. 

So you will be not just playing and hearing a piano that’s been sampled off a real piano, it’s a combination of some tricky stuff called physical modelling.

The piano behaves very much like a real good piano the one you have come across the HP and LX series. They are Roland’s range topping models and they utilize some similar technology and incredible sounds.

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On top of that you have got a whole bunch of sounds over 300 sounds in the instrument.

Roland RP 501 have the drumkits, electric pianos, guitars and rock piano etc. we can go on for ages as there are over 300 sounds, you can mix, layer sounds together, you can even split.

Authentic Feel and Keys

Roland RP 501 Digital Piano Keys and Feel

Another thing that is really important apart from having a good piano sound is the way the Keyboard feels.

The RP-501 from Roland uses a fully graded hammer mechanism, due to which it is heavier at the bottom and lighter at the top.

It even features escapement so you actually feel that responsive click like on a real piano.

501 has a synthetic ivory key top as well. Ivory key tops are very grippy and your fingers don’t slide even when played for long hours.

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Bluetooth and Piano Partner App

Roland RP 501 has inbuilt Bluetooth connectivity option too.

You can also connect the piano partner app which is free from the Apple store and is also available for android from the play store.

It allows you to control the piano and also a whole bunch of other features.

The app even gives you a bunch of extra rhythms which work via Bluetooth.

We have got the Roland RP-501, a really good piano action, we have got Bluetooth technology and we have got pretty much the tools required to either start learning or progress into piano and enjoy yourself with an instrument that gives you a very good quality feel and a quality of sound that is quite unsurpassed.

As you can see Bluetooth opens up a whole new world of possibilities whether be it for fun or for learning.

USB connectivity and Other Features

Roland RP 501 USB and other options

Apart from all these functions it also has a USB device port on the back, so you can put a USB memory stick in, you are able to play back a WAV file to play along with and also record MIDI file to the instrument.

There are various technical apps which you connect to and can utilize to help children and adults alike to learn.

It’s going to suit a beginner and intermediate player, anyone that wants to have fun, have a few little goodies that you can play with as well.

This is a segment of the market where you will find more things coming out as technology evolves and i-pad’s become more powerful, so it’s really the way of the future and Roland are right on that.

Technical Specifications Of Roland RP 501

  • 88 keys standard keyboard with escapement
  • 5 types of key touch
  • Keyboard mode - whole, split, twin piano
  • Supernatural piano sound
  • MIDI format- GM2, GS, XGlite
  • Maximum polyphony of 128 voices
  • 11 piano tones and 305 other tones
  • 2 types of stretched tuning
  • You can save the songs in standard MIDI files
  • Rhythms of 72 types * 2 variations
  • Approx. 30,000 notes are there
  • Slide type keyboard lid
  • Panel lock and auto off are some of the other functions

My Experience With Roland RP 501

Roland RP 501 price is $855

Reasons To Buy

  • Space saving cabinet design
  • Elegant Color choice among contemporary black, contemporary rosewood, or white finish
  • 3D headphone ambiance effect
  • 72 different rhythm styles with intelligent accompaniment
  • PHA-4 standard keyboard with Super natural piano sound 

Reasons To Avoid

  • Piano sound is quite good but can be improved

Overall I can say that RP 501 is a good mid ranged affordable digital piano for home use but is currently not available in lots of countries so kindly keep a closer look at the service before you buy it from Amazon or any other eCommerce sites.

Lets, have a quick look at some of the advantages and disadvantages I felt so far.

In spite of taking all the points into consideration, we derive to the conclusion that the Roland RP-501 is the ideal piano in all aspects for all categories of pianists.

It is one of the star performers of the Roland on all fronts and surely be an overall delight to the pianists. In my opinion you should definitely train your fingers on it.

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That's all from Our End. 

Till Then,

Keep playing and Spread Love.

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