Roland RP 102 Review

Roland RP 102 Review - Roland Digital Piano

Why We Love Roland RP 102 Digital Piano

Roland RP 102 Review : The brand new RP-102 is a new addition to the range. It’s an entry-level model so if you are after a piano that you can get started on, that sounds great, that feels good to play, this is definitely a model u want to check out.

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Is it your first time learning the piano and you want a great sounding piano on a budget that’s not too expensive, then this is definitely a piano need to check out.

It’s got all the good Roland attributes to super natural sound, the graded hammer mechanism and then you have all these cool things like the Bluetooth functionality as well as being a great piano.

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Roland RP 102 Digital Piano Features


No Doubt, Roland RP 102 is also a nice piece of furniture, and is available in the satin black finish, it’s a tradition piano style cabinet bringing you timber cabinet with the legs. 

You have got all the three pedals on the bottom. You have also got a slide down key lid to keep the dust off.

The Keys are weighted and graded hammer action with escapement and ivory feel as well and has got this grip texture on the keys.

Hammer Action Keys means the heavy the keys are heavier at the bottom than they are at the top and gives you a very authentic piano feel and enhance your learning experience too.

Superb Sound Of Roland RP 102 Digital Piano

Check This Awesome Sound Of Roland RP 102 Digital Piano !!!

Roland RP 102 has a very good piano sound, and a very good touch so for those of you that are starting to learn all that already play mean they are the most important thing.

The piano sounds using Roland’s supernatural technology so it’s a very rich sound.

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You have got classical pianos, beautiful string sounds as well in here, even things like flute.

All these sounds come from the piano, the app is controlling them and you can play all these sounds without the app. You don’t have to have the app connected.

Piano Partner App

Roland RP 102 piano partner 2 app

With free piano partner app on Roland RP 102 you can control the piano from your i-pad, i-phone or android tabs as well. You can also use the piano just with the buttons.

We have got a whole bunch of songs inside the piano as well and with the app the notation comes up for those songs, you can learn to play them.

It stores the music for you so, all in all you have got a simple yet very effective tool for
learning to play the piano.

Bluetooth Connectivity

Roland RP 102 Bluetooth Connectivity Option

Normally, a piano in this price range doesn’t tend to always have that many features but with the RP-102 they have gone and put the Bluetooth function so that is how the piano partner app is connected wirelessly via Bluetooth.

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Quick Glance At Roland RP 102 Specifications

  • 88 keys standard keyboard with escapement and ivory feel.
  • 5 types of fixed key touch.
  • Supernatural piano sound with maximum of 128 polyphony voices.
  • 4 piano tones and 11 other tones.
  • Stretched tuning is of 1 type and is always on.
  • Master tuning – 415.3 HZ – 466.2 Hz.
  • Key transpose: -6 to +5.
  • Ambience and brilliance effects, for piano tones:- damper, string and key off resonance.
  • Speakers - 12cm * 2
  • Rated power output is 6W*2
  • Twin piano and dual mode functions are also available.

My Experience With Roland RP 102 Digital Piano

Roland RP 102 price is $999

Roland RP 102 is a wonderful Digital Piano but some of the limitations and advantages I found as a reviewer are as follows.

Reasons To Buy

  • Authentic piano performance and on board practice features
  • Acquires less space in your living room
  • Bluetooth connectivity for wireless connection with the apps
  • Piano partner app facilitates access to piano controls and numerous features
  • Supernatural piano technology delivering tone of an acoustic grand piano
  • PHA-4 standard keyboard for expressive playing
  • You are provided with over 200 on board songs
  • Handsome black cabinet is a major point of attraction
  • Reasons To Avoid

    • Lack of built-in MIDI recorder
    • Labels under the keys are missing
    • There isn’t many instrument sounds on board
    • Lastly, the sound system is not out of the world

    RP-102 satisfies you in all aspects, blending authentic piano performance and the on board assisting features in a compact and minimalist design.

    Modern, luxurious and affordable, the RP-102 has everything you need for the perfect home piano. In my suggestion this is the best piano you can opt for in this price range so must go and check it out.

    That's All from our end hope of review of Roland RP 102 Digital Piano helped you in making a better decision for choosing your next digital piano.

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