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Why We Love Roland HP 601 

ROLAND HP 601 Review : Do you wish to bridge the gap and get into a lower entry price keyboard but no compromises in terms of features and benefits??

To your immediate solution in such a case you have the brand new, Roland HP-601. This is a new addition to the HP- series. 

The HP-series is a premiere lineup of digital pianos from Roland featuring pretty superior quality sounds and touch and price point that some of you may want to go to and if wish to spend less initially, Roland has the RP- series.

You have essentially got the same basic structure of the HP- series, the most expensive models we have the HP- 603, 605 and then the CX- series.

The HP-601 is loaded with premium sound and modern features to enhance and inspire your musical journey and in a way you can say that the next ideal step, providing authentic grand piano sound and true hammer- action touch with ivory feel keys to support maturing skills and more enriched playing expressions.

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Highly eloquent piano sound to escalate your development

How your expressions influence the sound, is an essential part of your playing.

The problem arises when your instrument isn’t capable of faithfully reproducing them and is a major hindrance in the evaluation process of your progress.

The HP-601’s supernatural piano engine with 288-note polyphony delivers the affluent, expressive tone of an acoustic grand piano in every way, with complex, dynamic sound that changes in response to the way you play. I found the same tonal quality sound on Roland FP 90 too.

You have the same famous PH, a 50 key, mechanism with escapement.

There are 300 sounds on board. Sound is a combination of sampling including supernatural and also modeling for harmonics and resonance.

Flagship keyboard and upgraded pedals for an authentic piano experience

The HP-601 further supports the sound/touch interaction with ultra-responsive sensing.

It is well equipped with Roland’s flagship PHA-50 keyboard. The keyboard embraces wood sides with durable molded materials, displaying a traditional grand piano outlook and the feel of ebony and ivory.

It comes with progressive damper action pedal which is capable of continuous detection and soft, Sostenuto pedal

Another Roland Piano worth having a look is Roland HP 702 it is a premium digital piano with best feel so far from perspective.

Integrated features for advanced practice and enriched learning

The HP-601 comes loaded with variety of onboard features for practice and musical enhancement. There is over 350 ready-to-play songs including the traditional music, and famous piano etudes.

The convenient onboard metronome facilitates in developing your sense of timing.

The onboard recorder records your playing to USB flash media which in turn gives you the liberty to check your progress and share music with friends and family.

You have the option to activate the Twin piano mode and split the keyboard into two 44-note pianos and play simultaneously along with your tutor.

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Bluetooth connectivity and music apps

With the HP-601’s advanced onboard Bluetooth technology, you can wirelessly connect with your iOS as well as android device for instant enjoyment.

Roland’s unique piano partner 2 app is a step ahead by augmenting and enhancing the HP-601’s multiple onboard features. 

With the app’s super cool diary feature you are at liberty to track your practice progress with stat logs and daily notes.

Some of the additional features that you get with the Roland HP-601 are

  • Piano designer function gives you the power to personalize grand piano tones
  • It’s possible to fine-tune each note by individually adjusting tuning, volume and tone for all 88 keys
  • HP-601 includes sounds like electric piano, organ, strings, woodwinds and more
  • The innovative headphones 3D ambience technology in the HP-601 optimizes the audio to give you a Realistic feel
  • AC adaptor, power cord and headphone hook
  • Graphic LCD display
  • Panel lock and auto off
  • Speaker auto mute switch function
  • Metronome and transpose
  • Speaker volume and headphone volume automatically select function
  • Standard MIDI files and Bluetooth version 3.0

Roland HP 601 Alternate

The Best Alternative Of Roland HP 601 is Yamaha YDP 144. The Price is almost same so don't forget to check it. (Check Detailed Review Here)

Roland HP 601 alternate option Yamaha YDP 144

My Experience With Roland HP 601

My Experience With Roland HP 601

HP-601 dilutes all the downsides of owing an acoustic piano. Proving this point some of the major advantages are:

  • You have the prime advantage to play quietly with headphones enabling you to practice for extended periods of time
  • 288 maximum polyphony notes
  • Total of 319 notes

You have the choice of contemporary rosewood, contemporary black, and white finishes to choose from and make a perfect match.

The HP-601 stimulates maturing skills and let the budding and aspiring musical talents to blossom to it’s fullest potential.

So this is the wisest choice one can make in this range. If you are looking for something in budget I would suggest to go through this list or under Roland Brand you can go with Roland FP 30 as it is one of the best budget piano.

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