Roland HP 702 Digital Piano – The Sound of Excellence

Roland HP 702 Review : Another masterpiece of the new range of HP pianos is the HP 702 digital piano.

You can say that the HP-702 is the little brother of the HP-704.

It brings the supernatural sound engine and pretty much the entire feature set of 704 at a lower price

The piano ensures that the young pianists thrive for inspiration of their creativity. The headphone facility helps in maintaining the concentration too.

Roland HP 702 Digital Piano review

You need not have to press the power button as it is simple to operate. You have the liberty to track your progress and daily playing.

With the timeline feature you can check the tunes played by you.

Hence the Roland’s HP-702 reinforces your aspirations with captivating piano sound, trailblazing styling and beneficent features that shall cope you to upturn for more.

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Roland HP 702 Features & Specs

The key standard features are:

  • Supernatural Piano Modeling Technology.
  • PHA-4 Standard Keyboard And Progressive Damper Action Pedal.
  • Headphones With The 3D Ambience Feature To Give Realistic Experience.
  • Large Basket Of Non-Piano Sounds.
  • Bluetooth Connection And Compatible With The Piano Everyday App.
  • Modern And Luxurious Yet Simple Cabinet Design With Sophisticated Curves.

Detailed Analysis Of Roland HP 702 Digital Piano

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This model brings the supernatural modeling technology and pretty much the entire feature set of Roland 704 at a lower price.

You have got unlimited polyphony and all the general MIDI sounds on board as well.

You get another 300 plus notes of polyphony so you are never going to run out of action.

The sounds are really good, the symphonic strings, the concert piano is always really nice.

HP 702


In terms of speaker, the speaker output is different.

It’s 28 Watts, that’s a two way channel speaker system pumping out 14 Watts aside the HP-704 is a 60 Watts system from memory with a four channel speaker system.

Functions And Digital Modes Of Roland HP 702

Nevertheless they have got all the usual features on the HP-702.

We have got the layering, we have got split, Bluetooth audio streaming and also a Bluetooth MIDI so you can use the Roland piano everyday app with it and even stream music from your phone.

They have your mobile device line in there is a USB recorder, put a USB device and record WAV file or MIDI file.

It plays back WAV file but doesn’t record MP3 which really is not a matter of concern because you can convert it (but it would have been nice if it had in the first place). It plays back MP3, WAV of a USB device.

You have also got memory registers on here so you can mix and match your two favorite sounds whether it’s with a split or a layer, adjust all the settings and you can save them in those memory registers.

Roland HP 702 Alternate

The Best Alternative Of Roland H 702 is Yamaha YDP 164R. The Price is almost same so don't forget to check it.

Roland HP 702 Alternate - Yamaha YDP 164

My Experience With Roland HP 702

Roland HP 702

Here you may be missing out on a couple of things, such as the PHA-50 hybrid action with timber components in it and you are using the PHA for standard action so it’s the same action you find on the Roland RP-501, FP-140 and even FP 30.

So it’s a really good action though it’s not quite as responsive and tactile as the more expensive PHA-50 but in saying that it still responds really well, it’s fast and certainly will cater to starting out pianist and intermediate pianist absolutely.

Let’s recap again, this is the HP-702, it’s new in the HP-series in which there is 704 and 702. Functionality, sounds, features are identical, cabinets a little bit shorter.

New finishes from Roland as charcoal, rosewood all in all a really good piano with great features definitely need to check it out.

With Roland’s exquisite supernatural piano modeling, the HP-702 gives you high-end sound without the high-end price tag.

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