Roland FP 30 Digital Grand Piano Review

Roland FP 30 Review

If you ever wanted a piano on your home and don’t have the space or budget for a full size instrument than FP 30 might be the Digital Piano you was looking for.

The affordable digital piano FP 30 from Roland acclaims superb sound, feel and modern features with the natural 88 graded hammer action quality keys.

The keyboard is quite sleek and portable and the futuristic minimalist design will sure compliment your home décor too.

Before entering the technical specs in detail here is an overall feature highlights :

  • Roland FP 30 is loaded with everything a regular high-end piano comes with.
  • It has a headphone jack on the rear end. You can connect a quarter or 8th inch input compatible device.
  • The front user interface is very simple it has power on/off button with volume up/down, Bluetooth button, tone select buttons, metronomes sections and recording function buttons. And that’s it.
  • It is very clean and has a very simple layout and almost everything in FP 30 is controlled by pressing and holding a button and then pressing the required key on the keyboard. Example – to change different piano sound you need to press the piano tone button and then need to press one of the first four keys of the keyboard.

Now lets dive in the detailed review.:

Design & Layout

Roland FP 30 design

The Roland FP 30 has a beautiful and authentic finished look for your home, featuring a slim and contemporary design. 

The FP 30 is among the most compact in its class, and at just 30 pounds, performers will love its portability. I think being light in weight with such amazing key action is an impressive feature. 

When we talk about the dimensions of the piano then FP 30 offers you a width of 50 ½ inches, a depth of 10.16 inches, and a height of 5 ½ inches. 

The Roland has four physical switches and the rest of the 88 keys that also act as a switch. 

Between the two of those, you can adjust the piano volume. Just hold it down till you get to the volume that you like. It also offers you a function button in the control panel. 

The most popular thing is, you would use a function and key switch, and a combination for all is present on the front panel and are displayed as label.

The Best Alternatives of Roland Fp-10

Detailed Look At Roland FP 30 Features


Roland fp 30 keys

Roland FP 30 features the 88 weighted note GHA (Graded Hammer Action) for standard keyboard, and Roland has triple sensors on the keys and authentic ivory touch. 

Graded action means the weight resistance of the keys is heavier on the lower sides of the keys and lighter on the top sides of the keyboard which feels like an acoustic piano. 

FP 30 does not need any tune up or anything else. You can start playing it right out of the box.

I suggest when purchasing Roland FP 30 keyboard opt for "Roland FP 30 bundle {complete bundle}" because the standard bundle does not come with keyboard stand or sustain pedals. 

Sound & Speakers

Roland  FP 30 speakers

The instrument sounds include some of the most popular acoustic piano sounds which only utilized Ronald's exclusive Supernatural technology

This technology provides an extremely natural and responsive piano sound experience. 

Roland FP-30 has 12 watts built-in speaker power with 6watts speakers on each side. 


The speakers are facing down that again might be an inconvenience to the audience.


Apart from this, Roland FP 30 provides you with 15 instruments sound, and if you use Roland's app, you will get 20 additional instrument sounds. 


A total of 35 instrument sounds are present in FP-30 digital piano. You get those with the piano free of cost with the piano partner to the app.


On the other hand, FP-30 offers you 17 present songs. In my opinion, 17 is a low song number compared to the price it offers, and it is one of the dark sides of this piano.


The FP offers the user a total of 96 notes of polyphony. 96 is an average number in any piano.



The Roland doesn't have any way of recording yourself except with the app. You can use their piano partner that will record you, but you don't have any way for exporting that to any place.



Roland FP 30 offers 2 of the most needed modes a pianist look for, and they are layering and split mode.



It has a twin piano mode or a dual-model where the piano student and the teacher can sit, and you have to equal pianos of forty-four notes each. 

To layer the sound you just need to press the two tones button simultaneously. And It's done. 

Split tone 

This feature allows you to put 2 different sounds on the left and right hand. A great way to use this feature is to put a piano on the right-hand side against an acoustic base with a right base on the left-hand side which is great for jazz. 

To split the keyboard you just need to press the split button.

To change the split position of the keyboard press and hold the split button while pressing the key that you want to set your split point.

roland rpu 3 fp 30

Portability & Looks

Since the Roland FP 30 is compact and lightweight it’s easy to pick up and go but it’s also great in the home as well.

It is also available in 2 wonderful colors - shining black and shining white finish.

Roland FP 30 shining black
Roland FP 30 Digital Keyboard In White Color

Overall the keyboard is also quite silent and smooth. These minor but effective add-on allows you to enjoy playing your devices to play whenever you want without disturbing others.


Roland FP 30 Connectivity Options

FP 30 also has USB capabilities making it easy to use in studios and in production environments.

As the price is quite affordable, you can also install FP 30 in your classroom to teach and keep your student updated with everything new.

When saying about class, the feature that most needed in the classrooms are the twin piano mode. Twin piano mode is a great option because it let student and teacher play side by side in the same octave ranges.

When using the twin mode the keyboard gets divided into left and right sections with middle C located at the center of each section.  



They have Bluetooth, except Roland FP-30 depends on what region or what country you're living. 


Well, I'm in the United States, so I have Bluetooth provided by Roland you better check before purchase.



FP-30 has the capability of doing a half-damper pedal, so with Roland you have the DP, a cheap little switch. 


You can upgrade that to Roland's DP 10, and now you have a much better piano

cattle for damping. 


My Experience with Roland FP-30 Digital Piano 

Piano players


The Roland FP-30 is perfect for beginners and not only that because this one is so good that you can work as a controller. 


However, if you're a serious musician, and you just need something else for a controller for virtual pianos running on your computer then you might be disappointed. 


But, if you are looking for something like ivory or Ravens-croft or any one of those then Roland FP-30 is a great choice. 


What I like about the Roland is as you play into, the closer you get to the fallboard it's going to require more pressure to hit the key. 


Apart from this, you've got wood balanced on a scrum. The closer you get to those, the harder it's going to be to press it down. The farther you get from that center point, the easier it is to press that wood dough. 


It's the same thing here, so the closer you get to the pivot point, the more pressure is required to put that key down. 


The speakers are facing down that again might be an inconvenience to the audience. But, overall it is a good piano for the starters. 

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