Roland FP 30 Digital Grand Piano Review

Roland FP 30 Digital Piano Review

If you ever wanted a piano on your home and don’t have the space or budget for a full size instrument than this is the review you was looking for.

The affordable Fp 30 from rolands accalims sound feel and modern features with a top quality 88

Notes instruments that fits in any space with ease.

Before entering the technical specs let me tell you something about its overall simple and sleek interface of Roland FP 30.

Roland FP 30 is loaded with everything a regular high end piano comes with. It has a headphone jack on the rear end. You can connect a quarter or 8th inch input compatible device. The front user interface is very simple it has power on/off button with volume up/down, Bluetooth  button, tone select buttons, metronomes sections and recording function buttons. And that’s it. It is very clean and very simple layout and almost everything in FP 30 is controlled by pressing and holding a button and then pressing the required key on the keyboard. Example – to change different piano sound you need to press the piano tone button and then need to press one of the first four keys of the keyboard.

Now let’s look at the features

FP 30 features the 88 weighted note PHA for standard keyboard and it has a very authentic piano touch with ivory feel keys.

FP 30 does not need any tune up or anything else. You can start playing it right out of the box.

I suggest when purchasing Roland FP 30 keyboard opt for complete bundle because the standard bundle does not comes with keyboard stand or sustain pedals.

FP 30 uses the Roland’s latest supernatural piano modelling technology which is used instead of piano sampling for creating much more full crispy warm detailed piano sound.

The pianos sounds of FP 30 is very authentic and realistic but as we all know that not only needs pianos sound we need a lot more. This is why FP 30 comes with nice selection of sounds of electric pianos, strings, organs, choirs, synth & pad sound and lots more. Giving you a lot of sound option to play nearly any style of music.

You can also Layout and Split the keyboard. To layer the sound you just need to press the two tones button simultaneously. To adjust the volume of any particular part of your layer you need to press and hold the tone button and then press the F5 key to turn the volume down or G5 key to turn the volume up.

To split the keyboard you just need to press the split button. To change the split position of the keyboard press and hold the split button while pressing the key that you want to be your new split point.

Since the FP 30 is compact and lightweight it’s easy to pick up and go but it’s also great in the home as well. It is also available in 2 wonderful colors of shining black and shining white finish.

The powerful onboards speakers give it a very clear and impressive sound. However if you don’t want to disturb your family members or you are playing the keyboard in the most creative hour (3 A.M) than the headphone option is the thing you need. Overall the keyboard is also quite silent and smooth. These minor but effective details allows you to enjoy playing your devices to play whenever you want without disturbing others.

FP 30 also has USB capabilities making it easy to use in studios and in production environments.

When looking at the price I can say you can also install FP 30 in your classroom to teach and keep your student updated with everything new.

When saying about class. The feature that most needed in the classrooms are the twin piano mode. Twin piano mode is a great option because it let student and teacher play side by side in the same octave ranges. When using the twin mode the keyboard gets divided into left and right sections with middle C located at the center of each section.  

This post was most recently updated on April 17th, 2019

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