Roland FP-10 Review

Roland FP 10 Review : Roland's quality range of products and its premium performance is well known to all, and the FP line of digital keyboards adds an extra star to the Roland brand. 

The latest installment (January 2019) in the FP line of keyboards from Roland is the great new compact and portable entry-level digital piano Roland FP 10.

Their are currently four keyboards in the FP series so far, they are :

  • FP 10
  • FP 30
  • FP 60
  • FP 90
Roland FP 10 Review

FP series is focused on providing a greater musical experience along with keeping portability and affordability in viable zones too.

When inspiration strikes, take a seat at the latest model in Roland FP-piano series, by opting for the FP-10.

This review shall guide you through the features, specifications, pros and cons of the model and by the end give you all major reasons as to why to opt for the FP-10, being one of the best choice in this price point.

It is but a bit heavy 27 Lbs and is only available in Black color for now.

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✪ Roland FP 10 Digital Piano Features and Specs ✪

Reading Reviews Is So 90's, Instead Check The Video Review of FP 10 above ☝️

Compact Design And Layout

The overall design of FP 10 is really impressive and looks elegent.

If your desire is a full-size 88 note piano but space is an issue?

Then, The Roland FP-10 might be one of the perfect fit digital piano for your home or studio.

Considered as the most compact 88-key digital piano in its range at this price point from Roland.

Roland FP 10 Front View and Design

The FP-10’s subtle 1284 * 258 mm dimensions allows you to place it anywhere and is easily movable as your needs change.

The compact body with rounded edge corners makes it quite portable and is sleek enough to sit in any corner of your house.

Together with the optional stand and pedal FP 10 (DP-10) will surely increase the decor of your surrounding.

It is but a bit heavy 27 Lbs and is only available in Black color for now.

The layout is also quite minimalist which really cuts the jargon around learning and allows you to be more focused on what matters the most.

The front layout has only four buttons. They are -

  • 1 function keys 
  • 2 Volume Buttons Up and Down and
  • 1 On/Off button​​​​​

That's all.

The minimalist interface may look a bit difficult to use for a beginner but it is quite easy to use.

To use any function of the keyboard you need to press the function key once and then the respective key on the keyboard. 

The very bulky interface like those of arranger keyboard creates a sense of trepidation for beginners.

Expressive PHA 4 Keyboard - Progressive Hammer Action

Expressive PHA-4 keyboard structure

Expression accounts a major portion in playing piano.

The FP-10’S PHA-4 standard keyboard delivers the same PHA for ivory feel action with escapement due to which the keyboard for fast key repetition faithfully translates into sound the subtlest differences in dynamics and tone.

This PHA 4 keyboard takes the overall authenticity of digital piano to much closer to the acoustic experience.

It also facilitates you with responsive feel of a fine acoustic piano irrespective of the fact whether you play hard or soft detected by Roland’s touch detection technology.

It also allows you to control the touch responsiveness up-to 5 levels or you can turn it completely off.

The sensitivity level helps in creating more dynamic and natural sound.

At this price point I have seen only 3 level sensitivity keyboards, so this is a great add-on for sure.

Incredible Sound To Captivate The Novice And Incline Professionals

Check The Superb Audio Quality Of Roland FP 10 !!!

Roland FP 10 uses the supernatural piano sound engine that delivers authentic piano tone which in turn is expressive and lively.

However the sound are sampled and modeled from Roland High End Grand Pianos but they lack a bit of tonal quality when compared with other high end models like Roland HP 601, 501 or 140R CB.

Be it a beginner mastering the core techniques or a professional player who requires detailed articulation and response, FP-10 serves to both categories.

The powerful onboard speakers are an extra delight for the pianists playing it and is not offered by any other digital model at this price.

Modes, and Rolands Piano Partner App

Roland Piano Partner 2 app in FP 10

Apps are one of the most useful and innovative part now a days and when combined with musical instrument it totally transforms into a game changer element.

And the Roland's Piano Partner 2 app which is completely free and is simply extraordinary. 

With the app you can :

  • Control and Change the Roland FP 10 Digital Piano options completely from your device.
  • The App also supports Split Mode which split your keyboard in 2 halves, so each half can play an individual instrument in its own, the best part is you can also change the split point.
  • FP 10 along with the app also provides an option to mix couple of sounds, and even remotely.
  • The inbuilt Twin modes comes handy to divide the keyboard in 2 equal halves of 44 notes on each halves.
  • The inbuilt score generator helps in understanding and learning the piano and speeds up your learning time-frame.

Flaunting the modern digital features, the FP-10 ensures that your playing sessions are full of fun, enjoyment and equally productive.

Here you can restrict your timing with the onboard metronome and learn briskly with the twin piano mode.

With Bluetooth and MIDI connectivity, you are at liberty to connect with a world of digital audio workstations and apps ranging from apple to Roland’s piano partner platforms. 

Specifications Of Roland FP 10 at a Glance

  • Rich, Responsive tone from Roland’s
    well- known SuperNatural sound engine
  • 88-key Hammer Action
  • PHA-4 standard keyboard providing
    authentic touch
  • Powerful onboard speakers
  • Built-in Bluetooth MIDI/ USB MIDI
    interface for connecting to DAW software
  • Twin piano mode for ideal learning
    of teacher and student side-by-side
  • Touch sensitivity: key touch- 5 types,
    fixed touch
  • Keyboard mode: whole, twin and dual
  • Damper optional pedal DP-10
  • 96 note maximum polyphony
  • Tones: piano- 4 tones, E. piano- 2
    tones, other- 9 tones
  • Stretched tuning is always on
  • Tempo: quarter note- 10-500
  • Volume is up to 10 levels
  • MIDI Bluetooth version- 4.0
  • Listening – 17 internal songs, tone
    demo – 15 songs
  • 6W * 2 rated power output and AC
  • 12cm * 2 speakers
  • Bundle Accessories: KSFCP10 stand, carrying bag, headphones

Roland FP 10 Alternate

The Best Alternative Of Roland FP 10 is Casio Privia PX 160. The Price is almost same so don't forget to check it. (Check Detailed Review Here)

Roland FP 10 Alternative Option - PX 160

My Experience With Roland FP 10 Digital Keyboard

roland fp 10 specs price and front look

Reasons To Buy

  • Highly Affordable Price Tag.
  • Compact and sleek design and available in white and black.
  • Amazing keyboard with ivory feel and escapement feature.
  • Bluetooth connectivity.
  • Can access digital sheet music.
  • Transpose function to shift the pitch.

Reasons To Avoid

  • Line out jacks are missing.
  • All the ports are on the back side.
  • A level less in regard to speakers.
  • No 3- pedal action for the FP-10.

To have all these features in a really lightweight portable piano for not a whole lot of money is actually promising and might be a game changer for those of you who may be in search of a starter digital piano.

This will be the right piano for you to choose if you are after some pretty cool features and lastly, I got to say that no wonder it is a great piano.

That's all from our end Hope of review of Roland FP 10 helped you in making a better decision.

Till then,

Keep Playing and Spread Love

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