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Why Roland F-140 R Is One Of The Best Digital Pianos For Intermediate Pianist

Roland F-140 R (CB) Review:  Till recent times Roland F-140R was considered as a very reasonably priced digital keyboard in the array from Roland.

Then the RP-102 model entered the market in the late 2017, and was the most recent (as of 2017) inclusion to entry-level home digital pianos range of the company.

As of now, Roland has 3 furniture cabinet digital pianos to offer to you in an affordable price range. They are namely

  • RP-102
  • F-140R
  • RP- 501R (which is very identical to the F-140R, except the traditional cabinet design and higher price range)

Now we shall discover the key points that makes the F-140R an amazing piece.

Initially we shall see the key specifications of the F-140R

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As of now, Roland has 3 furniture cabinet digital pianos to offer to you in an affordable price range. They are namely

  • RP-102
  • F-140R
  • RP- 501R (which is very identical to the F-140R, except the traditional cabinet design and higher price range)

Now we shall discover the key points that makes the F-140R an amazing piece.

Initially we shall see the key specifications of the F-140R

For More Digital Piano Reviews Check Our Homepage

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Key Specification Of F-140R

  • The keyboard has 88-fully weighted keys along with ivory facsimile.
  • There is the PHA-4 key action in accordance to the escapement feature.
  • The display has 3 LED with 7 segments.
  • Then you have the touch sensitivity feature too.
  • There is the 128- note polyphony which is enough for this keyboard.
  • Amazing sound quality due to the super natural piano sounds.
  • The keyboard features 316 types of instrument sounds.
  • The 189 in-built songs are further bifurcated into 69 piano, Czerny-100 and 20 Hanon.
  • There are 72 rhythm accompaniments.
  • Damper, resonance, string resonance, key off resonance are the main piano sound elements.
  • The different modes are the split, dual and twin piano.
  • You can even record your play with the 1 track MIDI recorder.
  • It supports the WAV and SMF format.
  • There are 2*12 W speakers.
  • The possible connectivity options are USB to Host, USB to device, Headphone jacks, audio in, audio out, Bluetooth.
  • Has a decent weight of 34.5 kg.

Roland F-140R Features


F-140R Design

Roland F-140R is a cabinet style digital piano with sleek design, being a suitable piece for ones running short of space and wish to fit it in a smaller sized room or hallway sort of places.

The keyboard makes itself comfortable even if provided little amount of space and has a great aesthetic appeal.

Its dimensions are notably, width-53.5”, depth-13.5”, and height-30.6”. So, it is certainly not one of such pianos that shall take up lots of space.

The piano is delivered to you with safe packaging in a cardboard box that includes the keyboard, pedal and base unit.

It’s just that you need to make little efforts in assembling the piano, and even if it’s the first time that you are doing anything such then also it is going to be an easy task for you, as there are clear cut instructions provided.

Since the weight of the entire unit is around 76lbs, it is advisable to seek help from someone for the assembling purpose.

Its folding key cover, keeps th dust particles away from the keyboard and even serving the purpose of a stand.

There is the headphone hook for you to hang the headphones.

F-140R has a 3-pedal unit, where all the three pedals that is soft, sustain and sostenuto of an acoustic piano can be found.

The pedals are composed of metal, giving it a naturalistic look and authentic feel.

Out of the three pedals, the soft and sustain pedal helps in controlling the effects, due to which you can have increased expressiveness.

Due to the prolonged sustainability and resonance of the notes, the piano sounds produced is of superior quality.

F-140R is brought to you in two shades- black and white.

There are decent and appreciable connectivity options available with the F-140R by Roland.

They allow to have a control over the features via the free app.

The 13 buttons present on the keyboard provides access to the various features of the keyboard and its sound options.

There are individually assigned buttons for the functions like the rhythm, split mode and metronome.

You have instinctive controls, with proper labelling done on the buttons, with some featuring the LED light indicator.

This makes easy identifying the function in use.

Coming to the display part, which may seem small, yet delivers great experiences to the user, keeping in mind the number of tones and songs that the instrument has onboard. 

Keys Of Roland F-140R (CB) 

F-140R presented by Roland possess 88 fully weighted hammer action keys along with the escapement feature and ivory tint.

The keyboard is referred to as a PHA-4 standard and claims to be a very affordable piece in Roland’s array of keyboards.

When we say that the keyboard is a best piece offered to you at this price range then, there is some evidence to the fact, as majority pianists shall feel the difference as it is even better than the GHS action of Yamaha.

The response is better when compared to that of Tri-sensor of Casio.

It’s the Kawai digital pianos that may give higher satisfaction. So basically, the PHA-4 standard action keyboard is the best option at this price range. 

Keys of F-140 R -CB

As it has medium weighted action, you really got to feel awesome while playing the keys and is a complete joy.

Focusing more on the specifications, the keyboard of F-140R makes use of hammer system producing the feel like that when a real piano hammer hits the strings for an acoustic piano.

A notable point here is that, digital pianos, do not have strings and so there the hammers hit on the sensors, that utilizes the force of the key presses, and then the instrument produces sounds in proportion to the force applied by you to play.

This phenomenon is popularly called touch or velocity sensitivity. With the F-140R you can adjust the touch-sensitivity in between a range of 0-5.

There is also this setting called ‘fixed’ setting which makes your keyboard insensitive towards the force with which you are playing the keys.

Roland F-140R is equipped with the 3-sensor detection system so that you can precisely determine the elusiveness of the performance, particularly while playing the thrill as well as fast passages.

The next feature inculcated in the F-140R is the ‘escapement’ feature, which merely is the sensation felt by you while a key is halfway pressed down.

This feature is not offered by any other brand at this price point.

The keys of this keyboard are coated with a material that facilitates firm grip, and extracts the excessive moisture from the fingers while you play. 

Great Sound

You would certainly be wondering that how is such standard quality sound produced by the F-140R?

The reason behind this is the one and only Super natural sound engine, which you are acquainted of and moreover, all of the Roland pianos make use of it.

This sound technology has been modified in recently. 

The higher models like the FP-90, HP-601 and many such opt for the super natural piano modeling, that is the sound produced by them isn’t the one recorded from any acoustic piano rather it is a unique and sophisticated recreation.

But the F-140R does not has anything such to offer, instead it has the super natural piano sound that has multi-layered samples, wherein the source of the sound recordings is the 9-foot grand piano.

Sound of Roland F 140 CB

Besides the samples, F-140R has in addition physical modeling due to which the sounds are much more enriched and resonant.

Organic elements such as the string and damper resonance, and key off simulation further improves the sound.

The Roland digital keyboards are renowned because of the superb quality tones, which is loved by many people and are a real treat to hear them.

Another tendency that the sound of the F-140R has is that the sound gets a bit metallic as the keys are hit with an increased pressure.

There are about 11 in-built tones in this piano, and you are bound to get one that shall be soothing to you.

While you adjust the ‘brilliance’ that is within the 21 levels the sound brightness is simultaneously adjusted.

The factor that makes the F-140R stand apart from the competing keyboards is that it has a total of 316 in-built sounds present, whereas the other digital pianos in this range has barely 15-30 sound options which is absolutely okay if your prime concern is regarding the piano.

The loop hole here is that the number of sound effects aren’t that many, rather the only effect present on the F-140R is the ‘ambience’ effect. 


The very first question that arises here is that what is polyphony in a piano?

To be simple and concise, polyphony is nothing but the number of notes that a digital piano has the capability to produce at one go.

A majority of digital keyboards have a polyphony note like 64, 32, 128, 192 or 256 notes. Usually it is considered better to have at least a polyphony of 64 -notes. 

Coming to the F-140R that has a polyphony of 128 notes, is sufficient for the sound to be audible without any barriers.

This also permits you easy layering of the sound in addition to the pre=recorded tracks that too irrespective of the worries regarding shortage of polyphony.

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F-140R from Roland has 14W speaker system consisting of 2*12cm speakers situated on either ends of the piano.

Speakers of the F-140R are decent enough to cover a small to medium sized room, with the maximum sound being able to touch the benchmark that of an acoustic piano.

Going by the Roland’s claims, F-140R has the capacity to produce sounds up to 103dB.

The sound quality is amazing that starts right from the resonance bass and ends at fine treble notes.

The speakers are comparatively better than the other models of Roland.

A major thanks to its cabinet structure, which makes the speakers powerful and the sound produced a bit powerful too.


In F-140R one shall find all of the modes that are present in any of the modern- day digital piano.

Besides the ‘whole’ mode, there is the dual and split mode, wherein you two distinct sounds can be used at once, and the twin piano mode, for better practicing.

With the dual mode you can layer two individual sounds to generate a richer tone.

In the split mode, you can use two tones, as the keyboard gets split into two sections, and the shift point can be shifted as per your requirements.

Now, with the twin piano mode, the piano is bifurcated into two equal halves with identical pitch ranges.

Roland DIgital Piano 140 R

Recording and Playback

With the F-140R from Roland you get a 1-track MIDI recorder, with the help of which you have the option to record your session, and playback them whenever you wish to.

This feature is very helpful in identification and rectification of your mistakes.

Up to 10 songs can be easily stored in the internal memory of the instrument, and the rest can be saved to the flash drive for future purposes. 

The F-140R can playback WAV files of the flash drive, and of SMF format too, which is very handy while practicing a particular track, or for the insertion of backing tracks in the performance.

Music Library

One more plus point for the F-140 is that it has a huge music library, onboard consisting of 69 piano masterpieces, 100 Carl Czerny songs and 20 Charles Hanon songs that can be listened and played together. 

Now, individually for each song you get to choose the parts you wish to be played and the ones to be muted, for you to play. 

Additionally, there are 72 accompaniment rhythms present, covering a great range of genres.

There are two variations for each rhythm including not only the drum part but other such as the string, piano, guitar also that gives a complete feel of a band.

The choice of standard chord recognition and intelligent chord recognition is a better option for the new learners.

Other Features

The metronome feature is a useful tool for practicing the rhythms and keeping a track of the time.

The beat and tempo can also be changed with the sad part being that sound of the metronome can’t be changed.

Functions like transpose and master tuning are also there on this keyboard and the all- round pitch of the instrument can also be adjusted in semitone and 0.1 Hz steps.


In Roland pianos one gets a handsome number of connectivity options that is the ports and jacks for easier connection to other devices, and the F-140R is included in this.

There are 2 headphone jacks in the keyboard and a USB type A port for the flash drive to be plugged in.

The 3D ambience technology of the headphone is supported by the F-140R which gives you enthralling experience while playing the piano with the headphones.

You can find the remaining ports on the rear panel of the instrument, including the USB type B port that is used to connect to the PC and use the instrument as a MIDI-controller.

You are required to purchase an A to B USB cable for connecting the computer with the keyboard.

Another feature is that if you possess a laptop with the Bluetooth support then your F-140R can be connected to it and MIDI files can be easily transferred.

Piano partner 2 app designed by Roland can be put to various uses.

With the remote controller feature you can choose tones and manage the functions of the F-140R like the metronome, modes, recording, etc.

The output mini jack shall connect the piano to an amplifier and you only require a 1/8” to ¼” adapter.

To connect the mobile with the F-140R, there is the input mini jack so that you can play music from the onboard speakers of the keyboard.


Choosing the right headphone is really a cumbersome and confusing task to perform.

Headphones play a vital role in making the private practice sessions a successful one, as the prime focus is on the playing part without causing any disturbance to the people present around.

If you choose the best headphone for yourself, you get clear sound and every minute details of the sound are audible, which can’t be offered by the onboard speakers.

Roland F-104R Alternate

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My Experience with Roland F-140 R [CB]

My Experience With Roland F-140-R (CB)

Roland F-140 R is a wonderful digital piano with natural sound and authentic touch and feel. But their are couple disadvantages too in my experience. So lets have a look at some of the reasons to buy and avoid.

Reasons To Buy

  • Versatile instrument with sleek look.
  • Realistic action and PHA-4 standard action keyboard.
  • Excellent tone similar to that of a grand piano.
  • Super Natural sound sampling.
  • A huge collection of around 316 in-built songs are present.
  • There are 189 preset songs.
  • 72 rhythms and accompaniments.
  • 2*12cm onboard speakers are also present.
  • Wireless connectivity is possible.

Reasons To Avoid

  • Multi-track recording is not possible.
  • Very less sound optimization options are available.
  • Quite Basic Display

F-140R model is a real success from the Roland, and deserves a huge round of applause from the users end.

Though in the recent years a number of new digital pianos have been launched in the market, yet, the F-140R manages to be one of the most desirable option at this price range. 

The versatile keyboard has much in store for you to explore, and it even provides its players with many sound options.

The Bluetooth support option is a rare thing to find nowadays especially when it comes to the Yamaha and Casio keyboards.

Next factor is the design, as the traditional pianos are a total misfit in rooms with smaller space, whereas the F-140R has sleek design making it a compact instrument.

Therefore, the Roland F-140R even if it has some competitors, is unbeatable when it comes to the sound quality and price range. 

So that’s all from our end hope this review helped you guys to make a better decision.

Till than,

Keep Playing and Spread Love.

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