KRK Rokit G4 Monitor Speaker Review

Today we're checking out the Rokit G4 family of Studio Monitors from KRK systems.

The Rokit monitors have been incredibly popular and with the G4 release they've been upgraded and enhanced to provide even better performance in the recording studio.

The Rokit Generation 4 (G4) has four different models in the family.

They are :

The Rokit RP5 G4 which has a 5-inch woofer and a one-inch tweeter.

The Rokit RP7 G4 which has a 7 inch woofer and 1 inch tweeter.

The Rokit RP8 G4 which is a bi-amp monitor with an 8 inch woofer and a 1 inch tweeter

And finally, The Rokit 10-3 G4 which is a 3-way monitor featuring a 10 inch woofer.

Rokit RP10-3 G4 is ideal for both near-field applications as well as midfield applications.

The new G4 series of Rokit monitors have been completely redesigned from the ground up.

Whether it’s the cabinet or the drivers or the on-board DSP everything is redesigned from the scratch.

Rokit G4 is incredibly powerful monitors that will work in pretty much any environment.

In fact KRK has also made available a free app (KRK Audio Tools) that allows you to easily align the speakers and set them up for ideal performance no matter where you place them.

There's lot of improvement and upgrades in these Generation 4 Audio Monitors, With that said lets start our detailed analysis of these advance studio monitors.

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What’s common between all of the Rokit G4 studio monitors?

Front Ported Cabinet Of Rokit G4

Before we look at the individual Rokit G4 monitors let's look at the features that they share in common.

Cabinet - 

We'll begin with the cabinet of the G4 series. The cabinet of the G4 series has been completely redesigned using fluid mechanics to maintain balanced performance.

Cabinets also have an all new front firing port to enhance the bass response.

The tweeter sits in a newly designed wave guide which enhances the dispersion and maximizes a sweet spot for monitoring.

For the past 30 years KRK speaker manufacturer has been using Kevlar drivers and those are used in these G4 series monitors as well.

Kevler Driver On G4 Series

Kevlar has a very high strength and rigidity ratio to weight. Which enhances the performance and makes them much more linear in the low frequencies.

It also enhances the detail in the clarity in the high frequencies.

In the Rokit monitors both the woofer and the tweeter are made from Kevlar drivers.

DSP driven room tuning

And all four models of the Rokit G4 monitors share the same DSP processing power.

This gives you access to 25 different graphical EQ curves and allows you to match the performance of the monitor to your specific room.

The free app KRK Audio Tools will help you dial in exactly which one you want to use in order to maximize performance in your studio space.


ROKIT 5 G4 5 Inch Powered Near-Field Studio Monitor
Rokit 5 G4 specs

Most compact Rokit G4 in the series is the Rokit 5 G4. Check this detailed KRK Rokit 5 G4 review here.

Rokit 5" G4 features 55 watts of Class D amplification for up to 104 dB SPL performance with frequency response from 43 Hertz to 40 kilohertz.


ROKIT 7 G4 7 inch Powered Near-Field Studio Monitor
Rokit 7 G4 specs

The Rokit 7" G4 which features 145 watts of power for up to 110 dB SPL.

Its frequency response is from 42 Hertz to 40 kilohertz.


ROKIT 8 G4 8 inch POwered Near-Field Studio Monitor
Rokit 8 G4 specs

Whereas the Rokit 8 G4 has an 8 inch woofer and Bi amplified power system.

Rokit 8 G4 have a total of 203 watts of power for 111 dB SPL.

It has the frequency response from 36 Hertz to 40 kilohertz.

ROKIT 10-3 G4

ROKIT 10-3 G4 10 inch 3 way Powered Mid-Field Studio Monitor
ROKIT 10-3 G4 specs

The largest member of the Rokit G4 family is the Rokit 10-3 G4.

It is Tri amplified 3-way monitor system with a total of 300 watts of power which can put out up to 112 dB SPL.

Rokit 10-3 G4 has the frequency responses from 26 Hertz to 40 kilohertz.

Control Panel of Rokit G4

Control Panel - 

The control panels of all four of the Rokit G4 monitors are identical and the feature set is the same as well.

The available input in the Rokit G4 series is either XLR or Balanced TRS.

The rear end also have an LCD display that allows you to access the room response EQ settings and other setup functions inside the monitor.

Control Panel of Rokit G4

By default on the home screen you can set the input sensitivity for each of the monitors by simply turning the volume knob.

When you press the volume control knob you can access two different menus that allows you manage different setup options.

The first option in the home menu is the EQ option.

The EQ settings allows the user to tune the response of the monitor to match your specific studio.

The EQ setting has two different sections one is in the low frequency and one is in the high frequency.

And now when you press the volume knob button (to enter the section) again you will enter the low EQ section.

Inside the low EQ section you have five different settings to tune according to your need.

EQ Setting

The different settings are flat with base cut, bass boost or with the bass cut and a Parametric EQ cut.

If you are familiar with these setting then you move ahead if not then let me explain this to you.

These different setting basically helps you to tune your monitor speaker when you're against a wall or against any surface that might be causing resonances.

So you can use these settings to tame the DSP processing inside the monitors according to your requirement.

The other option on the EQ setting is High Frequency EQ setting.

The High EQ frequency functions is in the same way. The setting options on the High EQ menu are :

High EQ Option

High shelving EQ for increasing or decreasing the amount of high-end response. The other setting is the Upper Mid-Range Parametric EQ band for taming resonances.

With five different selections on the high end and five different selections on the low end you have got a total of 25 different combinations of EQ curves to match the speakers exactly to your studio requirement.

That’s all was EQ menu setting option. Moving on to the next menu.

Setup Menu

setup menu

The other menu is the “Setup” menu which allows you to access the setup or the preferences functions of the Rokit G4 studio monitors.

On this menu you can setup back-lighting and contrast for the LCD display.

Also you can set the standby mode.

The standby mode will switch the monitors to go sleep when there's no audio present for 30 minutes.

The setup menu also allows you to perform a factory reset of all the settings.

Setting up the monitor takes time and what will happen when someone accidentally changes the setting of the speaker?

To save you from this mishap the Setup menu provides a lock option.

The lock option will lock the setting so that the settings don't get inadvertently changed.

The KRK Rokit G4 monitors even feature built-in acoustic isolation to help separate them from resonances that might develop from surfaces or a stand that they're sitting upon.

The Rokit G4 monitors are designed to perform optimally when they're positioned vertically.

But the great add-on in the midfield Rokit 10-3 G4 is that it has a rotatable plate for the mid-range and treble drivers.

The plate can be rotated when you position the monitors on their side so you can still get optimal performance on the side position too.

Setting up the monitors requires expertise but you can set up the Rokit G4 monitors on your own.

KRK Audio Tools App

To setup and match the response to your room you can download the free KRK Audio Tools App for Android or iOS.

Let’s have a look at some of the highlights of the app that help in setting up the speakers.

The Audio Tools app offers a number of features and functions like RTA or so called Spectrum Analyser in simple terms.

The Spectrum Analyzer allows you to see the frequency response of the speakers.

Level meter which allows you to match the volume level of multiple monitors to one another.

Monitor Align allows to setup the angle of the speakers.

To setup monitor align place the device on top of the monitor then you rotate the monitor at its angle so that the two are perfectly matched.

The app can even tell you which EQ curve is probably going to be best for your room.

There is an on-board signal generator in the app.

Generate the signal from the app then feed that signal into the monitors and then the app will respond to what's coming in and tell you how to set the EQ settings to match them to your room.

With multiple monitors or a surround setup setting the delay time to match on all those monitors can be an important function.

And that function is built right into the app as well.

And lastly you can check the polarity of the monitors to ensure that they're all operating in the same direction.

Rokit 5 G4 vs Rokit 7 G4 vs Rokit 8 G4 vs Rokit 10 G4 (Specs Comparison)

Rokit 5 G4 vs 7 G4 vs 8 G4 vs 10 G4 at Namm 2019
Rokit 5 G4Rokit 7 G4Rokit 8 G4Rokit 10 G4
Power ConfigurationBi-ampedBi-ampedBi-ampedTri-amped
LF Driver Size5" woofer7" woofer8" woofer10"
LF Driver TypeKevlar cone with rubber surroundKevlar cone with rubber surroundKevlar cone with rubber surroundKevlar cone with rubber surround
MF Driver Size   4.5"
MF Driver Type   Kevlar
HF Driver Size1" tweeter1" tweeter1" tweeter1" tweeter
HF Driver TypeKevlar domeKevlar dome with rubber surroundKevlar dome with rubber surroundKevlar dome
Total Power55W Class D145W Class D203W Class D300W Class D
Frequency Response43Hz-40kHz42Hz-40kHz36Hz-40kHz26Hz-40kHz
Maximum Peak SPL104 dB SPL110 dB SPL111 dB SPL112 dB SPL
Input Types1 x XLR-1/4 combo1 x XLR-1/4" combo1 x XLR-1/4" combo1 x XLR-1/4" combo
SoftwareKRK Audio Tools AppKRK Audio Tools AppKRK Audio Tools AppKRK Audio Tools App
Enclosure TypePortedPortedPortedPorted
Weight10.69 lbs.16.76 lbs.22.6 lbs.35 lbs.

My Experience With Rokit G4 Monitor Speakers

my exeperience with krk rokit 5 g4 pair

The all new Rokit G4 family of studio monitors from KRK systems are very versatile.

They'll handle any style of music whether you're doing EDM, acoustic music, orchestral , classic rock or film scores.

No matter what style you're working in the G4 speaker provide outstanding dynamics clarity and response that'll give you a true picture of the music that you're working on.

With their on-board DSP power and the free audio tools app you can customize their performance to exactly match your studio. Rokit G4 family monitors are a great choice that comes in at a great price.

That’s all from our end, I hope my review of Rokit G4 monitors has helped you in making a better decision.

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