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Rode TF 5 Review : “Are you thinking of starting a musical carrier?” or “Gifting someone, who is yet to start a musical carrier?” or “Just thinking about launching a person to the musical industry?” or “Just wanting to expand you band or the instruments you use, for the recordings?”. 

These may be the questions arising in your mind while searching for a mic or in particular a perfect mic; keeping this in mind we would like to present you the Rode TF-5 small-diaphragm condenser microphone.

What Makes Rode TF 5 Different From Other Condenser Microphones

Check this Rode TF 5 Mic Launching Video - The Hype is Real

This is a very high-performance microphone, with outstanding audio quality and outstanding specs.

It works extremely well for all types of acoustic recording as well as drum overhead.

A spot mic is really a versatile microphone that can shine in a lot of situations.

The TF-5 is available in a stereo pair, so you can have two microphones.

It includes two chips, a very versatile stereo mounting bar as well as two windscreens, so it’s a complete package that get’s you going right out of the box.

Features Of Rode TF 5

Frequency and Power Range

Unique Warmth and Crystal clear sound of RØDE small diaphragm mics

The frequency range of Rode TF-5 microphone is 20HZ-20kHz, which is the range of human hearing range; which is also coupled with a frequency range of 30Hz-20kHz ±3db or 20Hz-20kHz ±4db, which is a great combination to have and also a master piece while recording.

The power requirements of Rode TF-5 is, 7mA, which is quite a subtle amount of power, and doesn’t required a whole new power cord or any type of battery installation.

The weight of Rode TF-5 is around 11.4g, for one microphone and around 22g, for two microphones; which is not less and just require a hand to lift it up and to be placed at concerned/desired location.

Also, the dimensions are 98.7mm, in length and 20mm in diameter, which can easily fit in your hand, if you are not willing to have a supportive stand or any kind of support.

What is TF-5

The TF-5 features the hallmark clarity and airiness of other RODE small diaphragm mics, and also adds a unique warmth of tone, which is often lacking in the mics of other brands, especially in this price range.

The ultra-low noise, also help to cancel the outside noise, and the microphone to doesn’t produce any kind of noise in particular while recording.

The warm, accurate sound to couples this noise feature and adds a touch of professionality to the recorded piece, thus impressing the audience or maybe be the clients.

Tony Faulkner The man behind Rode TF 5

The ultra-low noise feature is also a hallmark of the Rode, The brand also collaborated with Tony Faulkner an award-winning classical music engineer, and that’s the name TF comes from. 

He too had very specific concerns, about this that it be very transparent that it be very low noise and that the off-axis response be very consistent they’ve achieved all those parameters with a brand-new capsule.

The capsule is actually manufactured to submicron tolerances, so it’s very consistent when you get the stereo pair.

Rode TF 5 Vs Rode TF and Effects

sonic pairing and beautiful tone of the TF-5

The difference between the two microphones, the TF and the TF5, is just going to be a fraction of a dB; which can be noticed while listening the recorded piece of their respective recordings.

Rode TF-5 microphones go in the depth of almost 40Hz, which can also be used for better capturing of the ups and down of the musical piece being recorded.

Also, the proximity effect can also give a touch of depth to the recordings, which can be noticed while listening to the musical pieces.

As it gives the effect that the music is coming from a distance and can lure the alien tot hire you or the audiences to listen to you more.

The proximity effect is also very well controlled, so that it works great as a spot mic, but it’s on the top end where things really open up a small.

Diaphragm microphones have a distinct peak in the 8k-68k range, and this can sometimes translate into harshness.

But not with the TF-5, as there’s a very gentle lift about 2 DB starting at around 10 kilohertz and this just opens up the top-end detail, and adds a little bit more air into the sound it’s a very pleasant very warm very open sounding microphone.

Looks -

The finishing of the Rode TF-5 is done with a proprietary matte black ceramic finish.

This makes it very unobtrusive visually and makes it look good on the camera, especially when the recording is done on a live performance.

The stereo bar can be setup for a wide range of different stereo making techniques everything from XY to RTF and everything in between for the recording of instruments ranging from a giant piano to small handheld guitar.

The TF 5 comes in around the top of the line for Rode microphones. ​

It’s an outstanding microphone that offers performance that, definitely is the equivalent of any microphone in the same price range delivers lower noise higher output, that nice open top end as well as full low-end that really gives you a great sound no matter what you’re recording.

My Experience With The Microphone

My experience with Rode TF 5 mic

The Rode TF-5 small-diaphragm condenser microphone, offers a lot is such a narrow price range, as compared to the other brands or even the other microphones, especially.

The Rode TF-5 microphone is built for beginners as well as professionals, who are just taking a small step towards the betterment of their respective recording.

The Rode TF-5 can be coupled with other mics, which can in turn enhance the quality of recording, and thus enhancing the listening experience of the audiences as well as clients, who are in a mood to hire anyone, but professionals.

Rode, as a company, is going a he way in creating something new and creative such as the above-mentioned Rode TF-5 microphone.

It’s creativity can be felt in the recorded pieces, which are recorded with TF-5 mics and can also, change the minds of the masses about the musical pieces which are produced by you, thus changing the mind set of the masses about you on a whole.

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