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RJ561 Electronics Keyboard - Is It Worth It ?

RockJam Keyboard Review [RJ561] : RockJam Keyboard is one of the most sold piano on Amazon. With thousands of sells on Amazon and other E-Commerce sites its hard that we don't review it on our site.

RockJam makes lost of musical instruments like drums, guitars, pedals and other musical accessories like stands and stools. RJ561 is highly affordable and comes with loads of free accessories like piano stand, stool, piano stand and headphone. 

In this post we will review RockJam RJ561 keyboard piano and lets see what it offers and for whom the keyboard is designed for.

A Detailed Look At RockJam Keyboard RJ561

The keyboard is good for kids or if you just want to taste the water in this musical world.

I said so because the keys of the RockJam RJ561 are not touch sensitive.

By touch sensitive I mean to say that you can’t play loud and soft sound so it doesn’t really matter whether you hit the keys gently or hard its going to have the exact same volume to it.

And they keys are also not weighted keys like piano keys. If you want something digital to play loud and soft sounds that resembles a real piano than I recommend Casio Privia Digital Piano and if you are in budget check these cheap and best piano.

But as I said above the Keyboard is fine for people who are just starting out or want to play for fun and does not want to dig deep.

RockJam RJ561 can also be considered as a great gift for kids or adult who just needs the keyboard for fun.

It is nice and compact and does not take up a lot of space and can be easily adjusted.

What RockJam RJ561 Offers ?

RJ561 tones and songs keys

It comes with 100 inbuilt tones, 100 rhythms and 50 demo songs.

To choose a particular tone just find the number mentioned before the name and type it in the number pad on right of the board make sure you press the “Tone Select” button before pressing the numbers.

The process of selecting the Rhythm is also same press the “Rhythm Select” and then enter the desired song number in the number pad and then hit the “Play” button to start the song.

You can fast/slow the tempo of the song just by pressing the respective button. And everything will be displayed on the Display board. Which makes it quite easy to understand what’s running in behind the settings.

Also to play the demo song you just need to press the “Demo” button and select the number.

Rockjam RJ561 display

The great thing which I personally liked about RockJam RJ561 is that when you play the demo songs the display teach you how to play the song by highlighting the keys layout in the display.

It becomes quite easy to learn and understand when the display shows you which keys you need to press to play the song.

It also offers metronome function, which is very handy for people taking lessons to have a metronome so they can play at the right speed.

The keyboard also offers to record the sounds you play which is really a good add-on. And you can also see what buttons was used to play the song while recording in the LCD display.

RockJam RJ561 Alternate

The Best Alternative Of RockJam RJ561 is Hamzer 61 Digital piano. The Price is almost same so don't forget to check it.

Rockjam RJ-561 Alternate Option - Hamzer 61-Key Portable Electronic Keyboard

Quick Summary and Why you choose RJ561 ?

Rockjam RJ561 is a great deal because it comes with a stand, stool, headphones, and power supply everything with a highly affordable price tag.

The stand is sturdy and adjustable. The keyboard is fairly light so if you want to travel with it. Then it’s really not going to be an issue.

The stool is also heavily padded which is great for long practice as composing new songs requires a lot of time and at this price point it is something really good. However the stool is not adjustable.

Headphones are also great and perfect for practicing without getting distracted and disturbing peoples in your surroundings.

So overall I can say that if you are not serious and just looking for fun then RockJam RJ561 Keyboard might be a good option to begin with.

It can also be a good option to gift your kids or someone who like to try their hands on something basic.

But if you are serious about learning music than this not going to be a perfect option for long run. Otherwise for fun 

That's all from our end. Do you found this useful? Or do you have any question or have any experience kindly let us know in the comments below. 

Till then,

Keep Playing and Spread Love

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21 thoughts on “Rockjam Keyboard Review – RockJam 61-Key Electronic Keyboard

    • Avatar
      Daniel Cooper says:

      Both of the keyboards are quite good for beginners but If I were you I would have chosen RJ561 over 2550. I would also suggest having a look at E363 too before taking any decision.

  1. Avatar
    Lane Amert says:

    Is Hamzer 61 a good piano to buy instead of RJ561 ? Are the keys weighted? Does it come with any warranty? Thanks in advance.

    • Avatar
      Daniel Cooper says:

      Hello Amert, Yup Hamzer 61 is the adjacent competitor of RJ561, both of the keyboards provide decent entry-level features and sound to explore your passion toward keyboard playing. However, both of the keyboards has 61 keys and are velocity sensitive not weighted.

    • Avatar
      Daniel Cooper says:

      Hey Sylvan, When it comes to the number of features then RJ561 is a good option but when you are IN for a long run than you must choose the professional-grade instrument over feature-filled product from 3rd world country.

  2. Avatar
    Emory says:

    I bought it for my son and expected that it has velocity-sensitive keys. But I was wrong. After purchase, I read it here that this rock-jam keyboard does not have such keys. I wished if I would have reached your site earlier then I would not end up with this.

    • Avatar
      Daniel Cooper says:

      Emory, Don’t worry S#!t happens and it’s part of the learning experience. The good thing is you do not made a high financial mistake. Look at the bright side, If your son really gets into piano playing then you can go ahead and get the better one. And if he didn’t then it’s just wonderful that you saved some big buck by mistake.

  3. Avatar
    Anesh says:

    Daniel, can I buy this Model or the RJ 761 ? Are both models pretty much the same/ which is better ? Also, I would like to sink deep into music and get a piano in future, so isn’t it better to buy this and find out if I can work on keys and learn chords etc first ? I can decently play the guitar so looking to learn keys so I can write and Compose songs

    • Avatar
      Daniel Cooper says:

      Anesh, Unluckily I didn’t used the Rockjam RJ 761, so commenting without experience will be not fair.
      However, as far I know RJ 761 is a bit, updated model.
      As you are confident and serious regarding music, I suggest going with
      a weighted keys keyboard over RJ561.
      The cheapest option will be “RockJam 88-Key Beginner Digital Piano”. It costs around $220 and has a better feel and touch than both of the models.

  4. Avatar
    Anesh says:

    Hi Daniel, I also see RJ 761 in the market. Is that model better than this ? Also, I understand this is not for prof musicians but is this good to get started with to understand if I can work on keys and later move to an 88 keys ?

  5. Avatar
    Anesh says:

    Thanks Daniel, to be honest, budget is not much of an issue. But I don’t want to spend a lot before finding out if I can actually play the keyboard. Would you say buying the rockjam kit with the stand and seat etc, trying it out and then later upgrading to something like the yamaha p45 or the likes be the best bet for now ? I would still have a stand and seat to use the prof piano right 🙂 ?

    • Avatar
      Daniel Cooper says:

      Glad you found it useful.
      I won’t suggest opting for Rockjam stand and seat when starting out.(For the same reason why you are not going with priced piano)
      Instead, get a Double Braced X-Style stand or this Plixio Piano Keyboard Stand.
      My best bet for the upgrade will be PX S1000 digital piano without a doubt.
      Feel Free to ping me up in case of any query Anesh

  6. Avatar
    Anesh says:

    Daniel, That one is not available to my location as of now 🙁 How about Casio WK-6600? I see it is cheaper and I am thinking of trying that instead of the RJ76. I see it has some sort of sensitivity and 76 keys, also a workstation to do some extra tech bit.

    • Avatar
      Daniel Cooper says:

      Great Choice Anesh, WK 6600 is really a wonderful keyboard, It has most of the feature you need to grow your experience.

  7. Avatar
    Biyu says:

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts about this low priced keyboard, I didn’t found about RJ keyboard in any site though. Keep up the good work.

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