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While searching for Piano Courses that would benefit our users one site that caught my attention was Practicing The Piano. 

It is similar to other courses we reviewed here but at the same time totally different from other courses too. 

The beautiful site is the result of experience and hard work of Graham Fitch and it totally reflects that.

They offer such useful resources that are hard to beat in this competitive market.

So lets see what Practicing The Piano offers to us.

Practicing The Piano Features

As I said above that Practicing the piano is different because they does not offer One On One Coaching like other classes. Instead of class the offers a ton of useful videos resources.

Demo Content

The videos are made by keeping new learner in mind. All of the videos are nicely organized as a step by step guide and is perfect whether you are a beginner or a music veteran, There is something for everyone.

Their business model is subscription based. The cost of one month subscription is around $10.48 (You can save up to 15% if you choose the full year plan costing $105)

Check All Of The Products They Offer

Another great option is to pay just a small amount of $25 add-on over the annual subscription fee and you will get everything they offer. (Detailed multimedia ebooks, Access to all of the videos [it is a part of the Annual subscription fee], Annotated Bundle with constant updates). 

These extra stuff are way more costly than the tip of $25 and almost all of the contents are unique and hard to find anywhere else.

If you are serious about your musical journey specially pianos than Practicing the piano is a good option to learn comfortably at your own pace.

This great useful resource for pianist is simply awesome. It is perfect if you want to master the piano.

Graham Fitch

Graham Fitch

Every videos, articles and other materials are originally based on Graham Fitch’s work and now include contents created by Top Pianist Expert from all around the globe.

Graham Fitch is one of the most renowned and award winning pianist in London. (to know his popularity just type his name on Google)

My Experience With Practising The Piano

Overall I can say that Practising The Piano is one of the best place to learn and enhance your keyboard experience. The resources are regularly updated and materials are definitely of the highest quality possible but this does not make them complex to learn. They are also very simple and easily understandable even by beginners.

The only drawback as a reviewer I can count is the vast amount of resources. There are resources for teachers, students, trainings and lots more, trust me this is wonderful but can be overwhelming, difficult to find and confusing if you don't know what you are looking for.

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From my point of view the charge of the subscription is more than genuine. If you are serious about your music learning experience than it is definitely worth your money. A Big Big Kudos to Practising The Piano team.

That's all from our end. Hope our unbiased review helped you to make a better decision if you are looking for Online Piano Lessons.

Till Than

Keep Playing and Spread Love.

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