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Privia Pro PX-560 is not just a stage piano it’s a musical instrument that can make you rethink everything you know about Casio and Digital Pianos.

As we have already reviewed lots of Casio Keyboards From Privia Series, But Pro PX-560 is remarkably one of a kind in entire series.

Casio Privia PX Pro 560 Review Stage Digital Piano

However, I will not suggest beginners to go with Pro PX 560 as their are lots of technically advance features which may feels overwhelming and confuses entry level pianist.

Despite being released in early 2015, The piano is still selling like Hot Cake because of the Price/Features ratio it offers.

With that said, Lets look at the USP of PX 560 and what makes it stand out among its peers.

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Comparing Casio Privia PX 560 With Other Casio Bestseller Digital Pianos






Casio PX560BE 88-Key Digital Stage Piano

PX 560


Tri Sensor Scaled Hammer Action Keys

AiR Sound Technology

500+ Tones

Easy Touch Interface

15+ Track Recorder

Casio Privia PX-160BK 88-Key Full Size Digital Piano

PX 160


Best Model

Great Sound 

AiR Sound Technology

Hall Simulator, Reverb Effects

3 Year Warranty

Casio WK 245



Touch Response Keys

Lesson Mode

Tone - 600

Rhythms - 180

Bright Display


Casio LK-190 61-Key Premium Lighted Keyboard



Light Up Keys

Light Lesson Mode

Tone - 400

Rhythms - 150

Dance & Reverb Effect

Great Speaker

Casio CTK-2550 61-Key Portable Keyboard



Touch Response

Lesson Function

Tones - 400

Rhythms - 100

Chordana App 

Dance/Music Mode

Casio Privia PX-870 Digital Piano



Scaled Hammer Action Keys

Detailed Resonance

Sound Projection Speaker


Key Slider Cover

Reading Reviews Is So 90's, Instead Check The Video Review of Privia Pro PX 560 below 👇 (9:30)

Casio Privia PX 560 Digital Stage Piano Features

Tri Sensor - Scaled Hammer Action Keys

Tri Sensor Keys

The Privia PX-560 features Casio’s Tri-sensor II scaled hammer action piano keys.

These keys are heavier on the bottom and lighter up the top. The PX-560 has 88-fully weighted keys that use hammer action to reproduce the feel of a traditional grand piano.

The keys have an Ebony and Ivory texture on them. It’s a simulated texture that gives a confident grip on keys and helps to absorb moisture from fingers.

Speakers and Sound

AiR Technology Speakers

All of the Privia digital pianos features Casio’s AIR Sound Source. This feature helps to produce a beautiful stereo grand piano sound.

To cover a wide dynamic range of a grand piano, the AIR Sound Source uses 88-key multi-layered samples.

PRO PX-560 has very powerful built-in speakers of 8 watt on each side.

The sound of the speakers are quite good and the audio quality is simply superb, but you may feel a buzzing sound when you connect it to play songs via other smart devices such tablets or mobiles. (I felt the sound while using it with my iPhone)

"Check The Sound and Quick Review Of Casio PX 560"

This feature of the Privia PX-560 provides additional sense of realism with 256 polyphony that draws you into the instrument.

There is also a selection of hundreds of different built-in rhythms with full automatic accompaniment. Some of these are really good and realistic.

In addition, there are 220 accompaniment styles and 305 music presets to enhance the quality of your music.

Recording, Playback and Connectivity


You can record your play using a built-in 17 track recorder and after completing your work, you can mix it all down to a two-channel audio file.

There’s even an audio input where you can connect a microphone and sing along with your music. It gets recorded into the USB drive.

Touch Screen Display - Easy Navigation

Touch Display For Easy Navigation on PX 560

Privia PX-560 has a bright Touch Sensitive 5.3 inch color display, It also serves as a navigational interface of the keyboard. You can control the entire keyboard from the interface.

This touch screen makes it very easy to navigate and explore the PX-560.

Modes [Split, Duet,Layer]

The PX-560 also offers impressive mode of layering and splitting: Split, Dual and Duo (Duet play).

Splitting - The Split mode divides the piano into two parts and allows you to choose a different sound for each of them.

Layering -  The Layer mode of the Privia allows you to combine two different sounds which will play simultaneously when you press the key.

And the Duet play mode splits keyboard into two sections of the same pitch. Duet mode comes useful when playing along with a tutor or other student to see and learn.

My Experience With Casio Privia PX 560

My experience with Casio Privia Pro PX 560 Stage Digital Piano

I was trying from a long a time to get my hands of PX 560 but was not getting the opportunity.

Luckily one of my student (Carey, Thanks Carey) bought PX 560 from UK and finally got my hands on the keyboard for a whole week. So here are my experience with the keyboard.

In short I can say that Casio Privia PX 560 is a great stage piano. I can compare it with Casio PX 5S ( Casio PX 560 vs PX5S ) and PX S1000

However it is quite lightweight (26 pounds) and quite portable, The body is sleek but the dimension is is quite long which makes it a bit difficult to carry in public transport.

I am a big fan of battery powered keyboards but PX 560 lacks this.

As I said earlier that PX 560 has lots of features and tones which may looks overwhelming and confuses entry level players. And Also I am not happy with sustain pedal cause it only acts like a switch to turn on and off the effects.

The PX-560 was born to be used on stage and works very well with other instruments.

With tons of control options, Authentic Touch and Feel, Tri sensor keys, Split/Duet/Layer mode, Damper / String / Hammer resonance and wonderful sound quality and the genuine price point makes Casio Privia PX 560 one of the leading contender in mid range budget digital keyboards.

So have a look at it.

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      Daniel Cooper says:

      The sound of the inbuilt speaker of PX 560 is decent. They are good for small gatherings, rooms or small halls. But you may require amplification in bigger halls.

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