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There are many options to learn piano online, but very few manage to combine a complete program, individually adjustable for different ages and musical goals.

As our readers know we have tried and tested lots of online lessons and filter some of the best and provide a honest review of them in this section of our blog. And No doubt PianoClass.Com has made it to the list.

At PianoClass.com you’ll find:

  • Real pianists committed to your musical development
  • Live or video-exchanged individual lessons (as you prefer)
  • Recorded material to support and optimize your individual lessons
  • Master classes, piano forums, rehearsals, concerts, interviews and much more special activities to learn and show your art in group activities
  • Easy to use online platforms and apps to keep in touch with your teacher and learn easier, better and faster.

“Beyond the basics of notes and keys,
learning piano here is an art.”

The Main Goal

PianoClass was founded on a simple but powerful idea:

“The only difference from amateurs to professional pianists should be just the amount and complexity of the repertoire. The artistic quality of it should always be the same.”

So, independently if you’re looking for someone to guide you to become a professional or to have the piano as a hobby, PianoClass promises to give you all the tools you need to achieve and go far beyond your initial goals.

Who is it for ?

Anyone who loves music, has a piano, internet and a smartphone/tablet/computer can learn at PianoClass.

Small kids will have a lot of fun playing with music, meeting the teacher and also learning from their family members on day-by-day joyful activities.

Children who can already deal with the digital devices can learn directly from our teachers: listening to great composers and musicians, singing, playing the piano, reading music (even if they can’t read books), drawing and composing.

Teens and adults will play their favorite songs and enlarge their musical knowledge and repertoire, building a path to independence and develop their unique musical identity.

Professionals and teachers will have opportunities to keep developing their artistry, refresh their knowledge and skills, update their learning and teaching resources and perspectives.

All of that it accomplished through the musical repertoire. Aural, reading, technique and interpretation are learned and developed using the unique resources presented in each musical text and context.

How Does A Lesson Look Like ?

The Approach of PianoClass is quite different from other classes. The piano teachers at PianoClass use the best technology available to deliver the best sound and image quality to you.

You’ll see your teacher on a live or video-exchange individual lessons through many different visual perspectives to assure an optimal experience and learning.

These are the real images taken live

Piano Classes Preview
Piano Class Teacher
Piano Class Teacher
Piano Class Preview

How do I start ?

First, you contact PianoClass.com to receive some initial information and have one of the teachers reply to schedule a live or video-exchange meeting to answer all your questions and make sure you’re all set to start.

Then, you choose how long (25/55/85min) and how often will be your lessons, plus the length of your contract (3/6/12-month) that will include:

  • Individual live or video-exchanged lessons (usually once or twice a week)
  • Special activities with recorded and live learning opportunities (master classes, piano forums, rehearsals, concerts, interviews, workshops, review classes, …)
  • Unlimited extra follow-up through online platforms and apps to support you between lessons with text, audio and video features.

Once you confirm your enrollment through PayPal or BitPay, your teacher will set the online platforms/apps and send you the first learning materials, even before your first individual lesson.

You can have all of that starting on $80/month (advanced 12-month contract, at least 80 learning opportunities: 22 live 25min lessons, minimum of 36 special activities, unlimited extra follow-up, zero loss program).

My Experience With PianoClass

They combine the in-person teacher experience, the comfort of learning from home, the opportunities usually offered only in renown brick-and-mortar music schools, and the special features only available through online learning, for a very fair price and great pedagogic and artistic quality.

What I like the most about PianoClass is the approach they take. Their user-friendly approach will greatly help you to learn piano at a great pace.

I personally interacted with both of their teachers (Fernanda and Julio) and they were super friendly and highly professional too. They know how to handle students either if you are a complete beginner, already know a thing or two, or is a professional. I can say that at PianoClass you are always in good hands for sure.

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