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Best Piano Dehumidifier

Best Piano Dehumidifier Reviews

Why do you need a Piano Dehumidifier ? Pianos are quite costly musical instrument and you don't want it to get broken just because of the moisture in your room.

Piano dehumidifier serves as a life savor for pianos. And lets find out how it does so.

High End Pianos parts are construed with real woods. Now a days most of the part are replaced with significant materials but still many brands prefer wood over other as the quality of wood is still unmatched.

Wood produces unmatched sound with specific tones the pianos are known for.

But wood also have some drawbacks as they have the property to soak up moisture present in the air and later releases them when the atmosphere becomes hot or so called dry again.

As you also know woods are also vulnerable to expansion and contraction when the temperature around it changes this repetitive process can cause minor and sometime major fissures. Which is just the beginning of all the problem and can't be resolved until the piano is restored.

One of the most important part of the piano known as "crown" which is responsible for the tone of the piano gets also damaged due to repetitive contraction and expansion and starts making uneven tones. Don't take these small issues lightly as I said above it can totally damage functional parts of the piano and the only solution you might get left with is restoration (which is also quite costly) or replacement.

So now you can understand that humidity is one of the biggest enemy for your piano. 

So how can you fight with Humidity ?

You cannot fight with it you need to deal with it. The most moderate relative humudity as said by piano experts should be between 52% to 62% which is achievable. 

So we are back to our issue again what if the humidity falls below 52% than what will be the dehumidifier useful for in that situation ? And Do we need a humidifier too ? And you are right too much of humidity is also a thing to worry about and vice versa.

So the answer lies that we need both of them depending upon the seasons and your geographical location where you live.

You may require a piano humidifier when the season is too dry or the room where your piano is placed and a piano dehumidifier in the alternate case.

But the good news is that today's piano dehumidifier can observe the humidity level of the surrounding and will automatically get started whenever the threshold level of humidity reaches.

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