10 Best Looper Pedal Rated and Reviews

In a live concert, many guitar players often find themselves too confined by the very physical limitation of having just two hands and one instrument.

But with the help of looper pedals for guitar, only one musician takes the place of a whole band by looping tones over other loops while on the play.

There are a lot of looper pedals in the market offered by well-respected manufactures.

But if you are serious about your guitar playing skill than a looper pedal is the must have instrument in your arsenal for sure.

So lets check some of the best models of looper pedal which are worth your hard earned money.

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What is a looper pedal for guitar and how it works?

Looper pedal is a simple device and the working principal behind it is also straight forward.

Looper pedal is essentially a device that records the desired segment of your performance and then puts it on a loop.

But that’s not where all the things end because you can put additional effects to that original music such as pitch adjustment, speed adjustment and more.

Check This Informative Video About Why You Need Looper Pedals

How we had chosen Best looper pedal for Beginners and for experts too

We have selected these pedals by keeping few things in mind like budget, features, durability.

In this guitar pedal review we will recommend some of the best selling pedals along with an alternative option.

So, lets begin this.

If You Are Passionate About Music And Specially In Guitars. We Have Crafted A Dedicated Category For Guitars Which Will Surely Help You To Learn A Couple Of New Things For Sure.

Best Guitar Looper Pedals Under $100

TC Electronic Guitar Ditto Looper Effect Pedal

TC Electronic Guitar Ditto Looper Effects Pedal

This pedal is also an extreme streamlined option. It has only one button to record your loops and one button to control the volume. Therefore, learning how to use this pedal is a gust.

TC Electronic Guitar Ditto Looper Effect Pedal is one of the most compact and easy to use looper pedal.

The great point of  Guitar Ditto Looper Effect Pedal offers s that it fits on any pedal board and is super easy to use then TC Electronics Guitar Ditto Looper Pedal is the perfect fit for your needs.

It has 5 minutes of loop time. It has only one knob for controlling the loop volume and only 1 switch which provides all the functionality that you need.

It has 24 bit audio qualities so the sound is simply excellent.

Harley Benton Guitars - The Masterpiece Guitar from Germany

Using the pedal is super easy, you just need to tap the foot switch once to start the recording. Step on the foot switch again to stop recording.

And double tap on the switch to stop the playback of the current loop. To erase a loop just step on the pedal and keep holding it for few seconds.

And again step on the switch and hold for few seconds to redo your last loop.

The other control the pedal has the volume knob which controls the volume. I personally liked the compact size of the Pedal and you will surely love it too.

The price is also very much affordable and it provides all the functionality you need for basic looping.

Reasons To Buy

  • Very Easy To Use.
  • Compact Size Takes Up Less Space On Your Pedalboard.
  • 3-Year Warranty.

Reasons To Avoid

  • Only 5 Minutes Of Recording Time Available.
  • No Power Supply Included, And It Cannot Perform On Battery Power.
TC Electronic Guitar Ditto Looper Effects Pedal functions

JMEXTV From Digitech

Digitech JMEXTV JamMan Express XT Compact Stereo Looper Pedal with JamSync

This is one of the bestseller looper pedal from Digitech.

Instead of the difficulty with other pedal, it has only 2 options, one offers recording for starting and stopping or erasing your created loops and other for managing the overall volume. 

The interface of the pedal is really simple and straight forward. which makes it easy to use even for the beginners.

Many musicians use it for their live performance, so you can understand the level of trust Digitech JMEXTV has earned in this music industry.

With 200 slots to record loop which are easily manageable from your computer provides a much needed feature in this tech savy world.

You should not confuse 200 memory slots and overall space it offers after all overall space is not too much.

It can only hold recordings upto 10 minutes. But 10 minutes / 200 memory slots is still more than enough space needed by any beginner or intermediate.

But the great point is that you can add an external memory card to increase the size upto 16 hours of recording so you don't need to worry about the space at all.

Another notable add on is the 10 pre recorded drum loops.

Reasons To Buy

  • Minimalist Interface.
  • Can Be Easily Carried Because Of Portable Size.

Reasons To Avoid

  • Low Inbuilt Memory.
  • Missing Power Supply.

NUX Loop Core Guitar Effect Pedal

NUX Loop Core Guitar Effect Pedal

The reason we included NUX Looper Pedal is because it is one of the most recommended Lopper Pedal in and is highly affordable.

Nux Loop Core Guitar Effect Pedal is far ahead of its competitor in the price range.

It can records up to 6 hours of 16 bit 44.1 khz quality audio which you gets from a CD.

You can even hook it up into your computer and you can either backup your loops or you can put them in a DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) and record a cd with them.

It gets even easier once you realize that it also has 40 different drum rhythms.

The features that makes this pedal really shine are when it finishes a loop (when you either double tap it into another loop with footswitch or you press it manually) there is no lag in between the loops.

It also has 3 different stop modes.

The first one will stop it abruptly

Second one will let it finish the loop and then stop

And the third one will let it fade out over a 10 second time frame.

The interface is simple but feature rich and is easily understandable by any music student.

Reasons To Buy

  • Can Record Upto 5-6 Hours.
  • Inbuilt 40 Loop Effects Sounding.

Reasons To Avoid

  • Power Supply Missing.

Looper Pedals Under $200

DigiTech JMSXT JamMan Stereo Sampler

Digitech JMSXT Jamman Solo XT Stereo Looper Phrase Sampler Pedal

This Digitech looper pedal in this list derives from one of the pioneers of live looping, DigiTech.

It provides 200 memory slots onboard for you to record your loops and you can manage the loops with your PC with JamManager XT, a free software download.

The inbuilt memory supports recording up to 30+ minutes, but if you use an SD card into the expansion slot and your recording time will increase to 15+ hours.

At last, it provides 10 pre-loaded drum loops recorded by Pat Mastelotto of the bands King Crimson and Mr. Mister.

Reasons To Buy

  • It has 200 memory slots for your loops.
  • It has up to 16 hours of recording time if you insert an external SD card.
  • It manages your loops with JamManager XT on your PC.

Reasons To Avoid

  • Small Storage space .

Multi Effect VOX VLL1

Best Looper Pedal

Vox has designed VLL1 by keeping affordability in mind. It also allows you to combine the lopper with a variety of classic guitar effects.

VLL1 offers lots of additional sound effects (12). From Chorus to distortion and every in between.

The microphone input is also one of the cool features VOX VLL1 offers.

VOX VLL1 Guitar Looper Multi Effect Pedal is very straight forward nice and simple looper pedal.
It’s basically a 2 channel looper in the simplest form.

What makes this looper pedal a different is the lots of pre recorded effects which makes it the multi effect pedal in the affordable price range.

You can plugin microphones also for adding some cool stuff like beatboxing when performing or practicing. The Tap Metronome is also a essential part for any high quality loopers in this competitive market.

The different effects like compression, chorus, acoustic, crunch, phaser, bass, overdrive, stutter, radio and lots of other effects makes your work as a musician quite easy.

There is nothing much to offer by VOX VLL1 but is still loaded with most of the features required a musicians looks for.

Reasons To Buy

  • 2 independent loop channels.
  • 12 inbuilt effects.
  • microphone input.

Reasons To Avoid

  • Can’t record more than 3 minutes.

BOSS RC-3 Loop Station Pedal

BOSS Audio RC-3 Loop Station Pedal

This loop pedal derives from another best manufacturer, BOSS. It provides 99 memory slots with an amazing 3 hours of recording time using the inbuilt storage. It comes with 10 music patterns can also be connected to your PC via USB to your loops.

The BOSS RC-3 loop station pedals is a feature pack looper and one of the most recommended looper pedal for all level of musicians.

It got 3 hours of loop time, 99 preset and an USB out which helps you to save your loops on the computer. Or you can upload other WAV format audio to load in the pedal.

You can also plugin an iPad, mp3 players and other to make it part of your loop as well.

It is really simple to record and easy to use on the fly.

It also has an external foot switch option that breaks out some of the features so you can do it on one click instantly.

Reasons To Buy

  • 3 Hours Inbuilt Memory.
  • 5-Year Manufacturer Warranty.

Reasons To Avoid

  • No Power Supply Included.
  • More Expensive Than Other Equivalent Products.

Affordable Looper Pedals Under $300

Electro Harmonix

Electro-Harmonix 720 Stereo Looper Pedal

The Amazing Electro-Harmonix 720 Stereo Looper Pedal is a awesome looper pedal from elecro harmonix.

Electro-Harmonix 720 Stereo Looper Pedal has a whopping 720 seconds (12 minutes) of stereo looping time. It has a lots of features like you can store up to 10 different loops, It has reverse and Half speed effect mode, fade out effects, super easy operation and non-latching switches with very silent operation.

Electro-Harmonix 720 Stereo Looper Pedal is distinguished because it provides a dedicated jazz pedal to “STOP’ which is not available in other pedals reviewed here.

Stop pedal surely add a lot of control on your music.

44.1 khz, 24-bit operation with 9 volt center negative so you don’t need a ridiculous power supply for it to operate.

Features like true stereo operations, extra pedal attachment port for more effect and easy operation makes it a good option to consider in budget looper pedal category.

The different color LED for Record, Play and Memory mode makes the interface easy to read.

So overall I can say this is a decent looper pedal. There is nothing out of the world feature but it still offers a decent functionality in affordable price range and worth your consideration.

Reasons To Buy

  • Dedicated Stomp Pedal With STOP Function.

Reasons To Avoid

  • Low Recording Time (12 Min).
  • Low Memory Slot (10 Loop).

DigiTech Stereo Looper Delay Pedal

Best Budget Looper Pedal

This pedal is the higher version of JMSXT by DigiTech.

It provides several (loop up, loop down, stop/ clear, etc) which allow you much greater control during your live concert. It also provides XLR input for a microphone, so you’re not limited to only looping your instrument.

What makes Digitech Stereo Looper Delay Pedal unique are features such as the fully stereo, recording option upto 30+ minutes of CD quality loops in 99 internal memory location.

To increase the memory all you need is a memory card to extend the memory which also allows you with up to 16 hours of CD quality loops.

It has reverse playback, microphone input, aux input to import to import CD or mp3 tracks.

It also has USB to connect the jam and stereo to your PC to manage it with the free Jam manager software to manage your loops.

My favorite feature which is hard to find in other loopers is the auto quantize loops and time stretch loops.

You can add or extend any of your recorded loop whenever you want with just the tap of the REC/PLAY overdub button. Long pressing the button deletes the particular loop.

So all in all I can say that Digitech Stereo Looper Delay pedal is great it’s very easy to create loops, work with ID’s for song recording and is a great pedal to jam and stereo.

Reasons To Buy

  • Additional Stomp Pedals Allow Greater Control.
  • Microphone Input.
  • 99 Memory Slots Available For Loops.
  • JamManager XT For Your Computer.
  • Power Supply Included.

Reasons To Avoid

  • Storage Is Quite Limited (30-35 Minutes).

Guitar Looper Pedals Above $400

Pigtronix SPL Infinity Looper

Pigtronix SPL Infinity Looper

The Brand "Pigtronix" is one of the most famous lopper pedal manufacturer among Guitar lovers.

This looper is known as the "world’s most musical looper pedal” aside from the latest model "Infinity 2".

One of the notable feature is “SYNC MULTI” mode which allows you to record loops of different length between channel 1 and 2. It also offers MIDI connectivity so you can sync it with your favorite music production software.

Pigtronics Infinity looper is the most musical looping pedal ever created. It features two independent stereo loops the infinity looper has over two hours of recording time.

One of the coolest feature in Pigtronix SPL Infinity Looper is that the two loops can be synchronized, where the second loop is a number of times longer than the first loop.

This lets you have much more interesting melodic development of chord progressions or rhythms on top of your original riff.

Another notable feature is the fading stop. It automatically fades the loop whenever you are press the switch creating a linear fade out till the end.

Pigtronix Infinity looper also offers series mode (jump loop record) so you can make a full song with only three foot switches.

It also offers other interesting features such as midi synchronization which works flawlessly when you run a midi beat clock in to the Infinity Looper. It also recognizes the MIDI signal and will synchronize all of its actions to the measure.

Pigtronix Infinity looper has near zero latency. It is so fast that it never has to quantize or nudge you audio at all.

The Input split mode allows you to record music from input one and loop two records input from the second loop.

This allows you to loop multiple musicians on their own independent loop at the same time. You can also loop multiple instruments on different loops on the machine.

You will also get different stop modes and fading mode. You will get a choice between arm and all mode. When hitting the all mode it will stop everything. Whereas in arm mode hitting stop stops only the selected loop.

Another cool feature that knocks down all of the competitor is that you can upload loops via USB in any audio format.

Reasons To Buy

  • 2 Independent loop channels.
  • Sync with MIDI.
  • 2 Hours of recording duration with stock memory card.

Reasons To Avoid

  • A bit expensive

BOSS RC-300 loop station

Boss RC-300 Loop Station

This multi effect pedal board offers lots of great new features and nice tones.

What I really like about the ME series is how usable they are. If you are on stage or you’re in studio and you need to make a change than just reach down and tweak the knob.

You have got different sections for different effects. Like delay section, override distortion section and a compressor effect secion so you can easily reach down and tweak those according to your need.

Boss RC-3 Loop Station also offers an amp emulation built-in those are cazzo amps and the me-80 has a brand new Kazem amps in it.

The other notable sections are EQ section and an effects section. along with eight foot switches that allows you to move between the patches and the bands as well as turning effects on and off if you’re if you are in manual mode.

You can also use the foot pedal as a volume pedal or for a wah pedal or as a continuous controller for different effects that you might be running.

The USB port on the rear of the device allows you to connect it with your Laptops or PC, so you can record straight through the pedal to your PC. You can also install certain software to edit the patches and save it in your library.

You can also download patches from bosses tones central website.
While working manually you can change and tweaks the setting as per your need.

The first switch has overdrive sounding the second has delay, switch three is the modulation section for intense modulation effect when needed.

It is simply like using couple of looper pedals but in one board.

So, In conclusion I can say that if you are looking for a multi effect pedal board than just grab it. It offers great sounding effects, lots of versatility and lots of flexibility than ME-80 is a great solution with an affordable price tag.

Wrapping it Up

When it comes to respecting your money and looking for a looper pedal in the budget, from lots of +ve reviews NUX loop core guitar effect pedal is a great option to consider. 

It has an impressive 5+ hours of recording time and also has 35+ unique patterns enhance the glory of your live concert.

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