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15 Cheap Pianos and Keyboards That Won’t Sound Cheap

Cheap Digital Pianos and Keyboards

Scoring a good digital piano (,keyboard) requires 2 things:Understanding of what is considered good for you.Decent Budget.Messing with any of the 2 parts may end up in bad experience.Generally cheap piano won’t sound good and does not much offer much to enhance your skills and its applicable on the other way round too.So, coming straight[read more]

Yamaha Arius YDP 143 Digital Piano

Yamaha YDP 143 Digital Piano Review

Digital Pianos are always something that needs to be in a clear zone before making your investment. As these instruments are quite expensive (as Yamaha YDP 143 is priced near $1500) and the kick of buyers remorse makes the situation worst.  Luckily, there’s few brands that prefer customer satisfaction at its priority rather then some quick bucks. One[read more]