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Yamaha PSR E273 Review – The Beginner Keyboard ReInvented

Yamaha PSR E273 Review and Detailed Anlysis of The Keyboard

Yamaha always keeps re-inventing its product and for all the good reasons. This time they did this with their famous entry level keyboard PSR E263 and pushed it one step above which resulted in the new PSR E273. Without a doubt the price tag is quite affordable providing a better options for the budding pianist. In my opinion[read more]

5 Of The Best Schecter Guitars Review

Best Schecter Guitars Reviews

What makes Schecter Guitars Different From Others ? The Schecter guitars were discovered during the 1970s in California, since then it has gained increased popularity over the years. Majority of the users select schecter guitars due to the metallic component, they have a huge appeal amongst the metal and hard rock musicians, and is also more[read more]

10 Best Beginners Keyboard For Learning Piano – 2020

Best Digital Pianos For Beginner

Lots of people and children dreams of living a life of a musician and being a pianist or a guitarist are one of the most common line of thinking that strikes them. But pianos are a bit complicated to pick up specially when you are buying your first digital piano. This is why we have handpicked[read more]

Presonus Eris HD10BT Review Professional Headphones

Presonus Eris HD10 BT Review

Check Offer Price Hey Readers the headphone we will review today is one of the latest Professional Studio headphone from Presonus and its Presonus Eris HD10BT. The headphone is loaded with some of the most required features today like active noise cancellation and Bluetooth 5.0 and most importantly studio level detailed sound wherever you move. The Eris[read more]