Micca MB42 – The Holy Grail Of Budget Speakers

If you’re in the market for a bookshelf speaker you may be surprised to find that there’s a lot of options available in the market under $100 or less.

But you must be aware that these sounds good but you can’t compare them with higher end models like this and this. After all - "You will get what you pay for"

But that does not mean that these budget speakers don’t sound good.

To my surprise some of them has really wonderful sound and can be compared with brands who believes to expense more on ads rather than the product.

I know its quite late to review the Micca MB42 bookshelf speakers as these were launch a decade ago.

But that does not stop people from buying it and MB 42 is still selling like hot cakes.

So how we can miss this opportunity to inform our readers about this wonderful budget speakers.

So do you think that after a decade is it relevant ?

Can a $60 speaker really give a tough fight to bigger brands like JBL

So, let’s find out what Micca MB42 offers ?

Do You Feel Reading Reviews Is So 90's Then Check The Video Review Micca MB42 Below ?

What Micca MB42 Offers - Features and Specs

MB 42 -Looks Smooth edges and fine looking

What really sets Micca MB 42 apart from other budget speakers is its minimalistic design.

The speaker is built pretty solid with the rounded edges on the sides part of cabinet.

And I am pretty sure if you don’t abuse them they are going to last longer then expected.

It comes in faux wood grain finish and even the build quality feels pretty solid in your hand.

That surprising level of quality also carries over to the binding post speaker connectors on the back.

micca pb42x back look

The connectors are build solid too with high quality Rather than the cheap spring clips found on other budget price speakers.

it’s also much smaller than other popular speakers in this price range. (except JBL 104)

According to the size of Micca MB42 these must be used in specific listening space like small to medium rooms to get the most out of it.

Because of the small and compact body they can be easily placed on any size of bookshelf or counter top.

So basically they can adjust in any solid flat surface that are available to you.

The size make them a better option when you compare it with much larger speakers like these EV ZLX 12P loud-speakers.

Because to install bigger speakers you need to adjust your entire room and furniture accordingly.

Of-course bigger speakers offers many features and sound better with better quality, You can opt them if you are not concerned about budget. But in budget section we know who the winner is.

Reasons To Avoid MB42

Bluettoth and Ibuilt Apmplifier missing

As I said earlier it’s a universal truth that you will always get what you paid for.

There’s are some drawbacks too.

As MB 42 does not offer wireless connectivity options like Bluetooth, airplay , WiFi and so.

The biggest drawback is that it does not have any built in amplification system.

Which means you generally a individual amplifier for MB 42.

But luckily market is flooded with decently priced amplifiers like our budget favorite amplifier Lepai 2020a which costs under $25.

My Experience Micca MB42 Book-Shelf Speakers

My Experience With Micca MB42 bookshelf speakers

Only catch with the Micca MB 42 is that they don’t sound quite as good as some larger bookshelf speakers in same segment.

I don’t mean to say that MB 42 doesn’t sound well, they sound pretty good on their own but heads ahead you do notice they’re a little less detailed and the sound is a little thinner.

And when played for a long time in higher volume range you may hear little string noises from the speaker.

It’s not surprising that the bigger speaker sound better but you should be aware that you can’t get better sound quality for the same price if that’s what you’re looking for.

But that doesn’t mean you should totally dismiss the MB 42.

If style, size and just decent quality sound is all what you need then sure Micca MB 42 easily win over other more shining budget speakers competitors.

You need to understand your purpose and what’s your need are.

If you are looking for professional editing or mixing or for parties then MB-42 is not a right fit at all.

But if you are a beginner or looking for something for your small to mid-sized room without spending much $$$ then sure Micca MB42 is a decent proven successful model to opt for.

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