Acoustic Guitars with Indeed Low Action Height

The following list includes all acoustic guitars, which are an immediate produce of the factory setup, with a low action height, that is congenial for almost every guitar player, specifically the beginners.

The Low Action Guitars mentioned in this list are selected via our personal experience with the individual instrument.

However, The specification (particularly) of the guitars in this article are from the guitar manufacturer’s websites itself and reliant.

Each guitar that we shall cover in this article has an action height below 3/32(which is the median action height for an acoustic guitar) on the bass end.

The specifications for the article are as follows:

  • The action height is below 3/32 on the bass end.
  • Trustworthy source of information and are verified beforehand.
  • Renowned and premium quality brands have been included in the article.
  • An alternate option is also suggested in case of non-availability.

Best Low String Height Acoustic Guitars Worth Your Money

Ibanez AVM10 Artwood Vintage Thermo Aged Guitar

Ibanez AVM10 Low Action Height Guitar

This particular guitar brand is not that known other than for metal.

I was in no mood to include a Ibanez guitar in the list, but it seems that to be honest they actually have a considerably low action free of buzz.

And as discovered from its manual, the acoustics of it is 2.3/32.

I am well-acquainted with electrics that have greater actions too.

This guitar is suitable for the beginners as they can play for longer period of time without cramps or pain in their hands.

Besides this it also has an amazing warm tone to it, and in my opinion the guitar is actually affordable and within the budget of many.

I would be pleased to include other Ibanez options too in this list, however many of them did not qualify for it.


  • Resplendent concert
  • Sitka spruce top
  • Sides and back are of mahogany
  • Shiny body finishing
  • Rosewood fingerboard
  • Mahogany neck wood
  • Rosewood bridge
  • X-bracing

Ibanez AE245JR Acoustic Electric Guitar

Ibanez AE245JR Acoustic Electric Guitar

Again we are back to another Ibanez guitar, and this one is certainly not a random one.

It has dark and intense tone, with genuinely low acoustic action like the rest of the Ibanez guitars.

We can say that the guitar’s tone is simply stunning, and it totally amazed me.

As for my guesses, I am pretty much sure that the guitar would be in thousands, and to my surprise, it’s certainly way more affordable.


  • The back sides and neck are of mahogany
  • Chrome die cast tuners
  • Ibanez T-bar under saddle pickup
  • Ovangkol neck and bridge
  • X-bracing

Washburn Woodline 10 Series Acoustic WLD10S Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar Natural

Washburn Woodline 10 Series Acoustic WLD10S low action guitar

So, this is the guitar that I personally use. The tone of which is exemplary and while I was searching for a guitar which is comfortable to play and does not require much of hand strength.

It was this guitar that matched all of my parameters.

Describing the tone of the Washburn is a bit difficult task.

Basically it’s heavy instead of dark.

As the action is low-medium, this model is somewhat on the higher side than any Ibanez models and I totally adore this guitar and it’s really praise worthy.


  • Solid Sitka spruce top
  • Mahogany sides and back
  • X-bracing

Taylor 100 Series 2017 114e Grand Auditorium Acoustic-Electric Guitar

Taylor 100 Series 2017 114e Grand Auditorium

The Taylor 114E is the costliest guitar in our list as it has a high price and is a modified version of the populous guitar of Taylor that is the 114ce.

The only point of distinction between the two is that you have a cutaway in the 114ce.

The actions of these guitars are actually low, and the fact that Taylor in its words describes it as “exceptionally low”.

And with this action they have actually simplified things for the newbie players and the credit goes to Taylor.

These guitars are actually plain for me and when we talk about the tone of these guitars they are too bright in my personal opinion as per my taste.

Nonetheless, if you prefer a bright tone on your guitar, then this model is the ultimate one for you.


  • Solid Sitka spruce top
  • Rosewood back and sides

Taylor Academy Series Academy 10e Dreadnought Acoustic-Electric Guitar

Taylor Academy Series Academy 10e

So, in case you are in search of a low-priced guitar and also that provides immense ease to your fingers, then without any second thought this guitar is the one that shall provide you maximum justification.

The guitar was designed and produced by Taylor to make playing for beginners a really easy affair besides giving the priority to the needs of people with sensitive hands who are into playing guitars.

Its action is exceptionally low, and to amplify the ease of playing of this guitar the brand has light string gauges on its guitar among the other things for the same.

Lastly, I would like to conclude saying that the guitar is the most suitable for beginners in all aspects.


  • Sapele back and sides
  • Solid Sitka Spruce top

AEG 24 From Ibanez

Ibanez AEG24II Electro-Acoustic Guitar

To be true, this particular guitar is just awesome.

Exceptionally economical, and super low action just like rest of the Ibanez guitars, the tone of this is totally to its own.

The sounds of it are much like the Fender guitars.

Simultaneously, the guitar has lots and lots of electric features and reviewing it is all pleasures.


  • Slim body and neck for comfortable playing
  • Rosewood fretboard and bridge
  • Mahogany neck back and sides
  • Maple top
  • Fishman Sonicore pickup

Washburn WD20 Series WD20SCE Acoustic Electric Guitar

Washburn WD20 Series WD20SCE

No wonder I am a great fun of Washburns, as I myself own one of its guitars, due to which I could not resist myself from mentioning one more on the list.

Washburn WD20sce sounds amazing and has beautiful looks along with low action.

The guitar has a touch of country twang to it.


  • Sitka spruce top
  • Rosewood sides and back
  • Rosewood fingerboard and bridge
  • Fishman isys + pre amp system

Why do we not have much options when it comes to low action guitars?

Disarmingly, the guitar manufacturers are aware of the fact that maximum people prefer medium guitar actions, and for those who do not, it’s easy for them to raise their actions to a higher level.

List of guitar brands that have better performance, but to be avoided if you prefer low action guitars:


ovation guitars

The particular brand mostly sets it at 3/32, which is medium yet when it comes to the lighter gauge strings.

It seems easy to play them in the form of a really low action guitar, you can say like an Ibanez.

Anyway if you are a beginner, then in my suggestion you must try one in a store.

Besides, in case you play electric guitars that frequently then also I would like to give the same recommendation.

Majority of the guitars present in the market deliver the same feel, despite the fact that guitars can actually be so distinctive.

Anyway the manufacturer of this brand presents some guitar styles that are pretty awkward to play.

These guitars are perfectly spectacular and sound great. So they are worth considering and you must give a try.


fender brand

The guitars of the brand has medium action, yet similar to the Ovation.

I realised that if you play it with a lighter gauge string then it’s just like as if the action was set low.


takamine low action guitar brand to avoid

To be true, I actually have not played Takamine guitars recently, and it being the first guitar I genuinely fell in awe with.

In case you cross check on various sites on the internet, you get to know that people classify the guitar as medium-low action to medium action.

Which basically is dependent on the model itself and despite searching their website and manual thoroughly I wasn’t able to find the accurate measurements.

So there isn’t any use of including about it, though I am pretty sure that it has low to medium action.

Apart from everything this guitar is certainly one that I would purchase and if I am shopping it online, then surely personally ask regarding the details of the model.

Gibson & Epiphone

gibson guitar

As you may know, that saying this doesn’t surprise me at all, though in case you are in search of a low action guitar straight from the manufacturer’s end, then at all costs do avoid both of them.

Gibson’s setup is at medium high, whereas Epiphone surely has a high setup with 7/32 on the bass end.

Our Verdict

In my opinion the guitar manufacturers must add the above information in their specifications.

While you buy a guitar, such informations are a core element of playing to possess a setup with which you are completely at ease besides all these.

The action height also plays a major role in providing the required comfort to your hands during the playing sessions.

It really makes me wonder the way most of the manufacturers have missed on this information and its non-availability on their respective websites, and for the ones who have included actually deserve a round of applause for such great work.

This article has actually required a good amount of hard work mainly in gathering the relevant and reliable information from verified sources.

My intention behind all these efforts is to help you in finding the most suitable guitar for you.

All sorts of questions, comments and suggestions are welcomed in the comment box provided below, so feel free to express your views and queries.

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