Logitech Z625

Logitech Z625 versatile and good sound quality speaker for a desktop or we can say monitor setups,

Z625 is 2.1 configuration consists of two satellite speakers connected to a rather bulky subwoofer.

Logitech has always made some pretty decent stuff. Company always look for good material and sound quality in their speaker.

Logitech has various speakers and loudspeakers in a decent price range which delivers satisfactory audio quality.

Like most of the speakers, one from their series is the z625 .

Logitech Z625 which is also much awesome in its sound performance for me it become the most favorite speaker of Logitech speakers. 

For the time being it is their flagship or best 2.1 speaker system.

Logitech Z625 is power-packed with many features one of the great addition is Thx certification.

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Thx is the world's leading provider of premium entertainment experiences in the theatre, at home, and on the move, and they believe that people should have access to high-fidelity audio and video.

So ,This is a detailed review and my personal opinion about Logitech Z625, lets give a quick look at Logitech Z625 speakers.

Logitech Z625 Speaker

Do You Feel Reading Reviews Is So 90's Then Check The Video Review Of Logitech Z625 THX Speaker Below ?

                                      Z625 Design And Physical features

The Z625 fairly compact size and edges on it subwoofer guides the speaker’s design language.

Although its size and set-up which is 2.1 channel, it can be easily mounted either in the front of the tv or fit right next to your computer monitor.

There are simple cables to connect Logitech z625 speakers to a computer or tv.

Z625 has traditional left and right audio inputs. A three-and-a-half millimeter Jack optical input.

There is to connect your left and right speakers to these subwoofers. In this Logitech Z635, the right speaker has a fixed beefing VGA-like cable.

That goes directly to this subwoofer as the right speaker controls.

Everything you're adding off switches their vine and base level knobs is also on the right speaker as well the left speaker.

On the other hand, it doesn't connect to that right speaker it actually connects directly to the subwoofer on the setup.

Size of Speaker

Logitech Z625 Dimension Details
Logitech Z625 Dimension

Z625 is best suitable for music jamming, music listening, gaming , and speaker's can sit on either side of your TV as this all because of good quality sound .

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One of the best things of its audio clarity is that Z625 is THX certification.

Logitech Z625 sound

     Logitech Z625 Connection

The great feature of the Logitech Z625 2.1 speakers is optical wire input option. An optical input which is basically the biggest difference from any other Loudspeakers.
The optical port is given to transfer the best audio. This wire enables the user to connect the loudspeakers with a TV or monitor directly with an optical cable that can deliver a very ear-friendly sound and there is no background noise and the dialogue is crisp and concise without any interruption.
With the optical wire output of the Z625's, Users won't have to get complicated with the intricate process because of the straightforward connectivity.

Knobs and port

Logitech Thx Certified

The right satellite unit  carries all the knobs.

A volume and bass level knob and a power on/off button. 

The knobs would have had some sort of rubberized texture. There is a con or we can say that at least some kind of groove to help rotate the vine knobs a little bit easier.

There’s also an 3.5mm aux in on the side along with a 3.5mm headphone jack output.
In Speaker, headphone jack for private listening 

      Bass and Sound Performance

Logitech Z625 sound and Bass

It's adequate sound and balanced bass, that definitely complements the speaker's .

I was hoping for a bit more sub-bass ,considering that it does include a subwoofer here for the very low frequencies to be hit but what Logitech offers is very much a well-rounded bass signature hitting predominantly mid-range bass frequencies without distortion with lots of text THX certification.

Thx attempts to recreate that tonal balance of what the filmmakers find a production film sounds like those looking for deep sub-bass or something with more booming bass might need to look elsewhere now as for mins I very much enjoyed them being somewhat forward not necessarily bright but very clear and articulate although using flat files during testing and utilizing.

Logitech offers a very clean response that's suitable for most types of entertainment across the most types of genres where there be action movies to drama from playing games.

Performance with offering basic and good kinds of left and right audio channels.

For performance as for gaming, the subwoofer does help very much here with low frequencies being hit again from those explosions to musical scores.

To help you get immersed into the game left and right audio channel.

So very much apparent again which is great in distinguishing incoming audio yet the openness of that soundstage almost that 3d effect does good but having a bit more what happened great if you're a competitive gamer.

      Sound Performance With THX

Logitech Z625 Thx Certified


In the list for good audio loudspeaker industries, The Logitech loudspeakers range has perfect sound audio set-up that suit your sound performance expectations. As a comparison to its sound quality, Logitech's Z625 Speaker System is top-of-the-line when it comes to sound quality along with the other things when you purchase from Amazon.
Logitech audio industry is becoming more and more popular, As these are being THX certified loudspeakers.
THX certification provides a particular trying-out application focusing on audio-video professional and way of life products. These audio certification applications assure a high constancy listening enjoy that drives the emotional intensity texture and immediacy anticipated with the aid of using the artist. The engineers examine output levels frequency reaction signal-to-noise ratio distortion and base control to recreate high-effect cinema sound and best-in-elegance audio constancy the result a greater sensible listening enjoy.
THX certification is a quality certification that represents the assurance of the quality of both audio and video .THX certifies the audio system has some set of strict rules that an audio system has to follow for ultra-high-quality digital sound playback.
This mark is assurance for live entertainment and movie theaters and live entertainment sound performance that the quality of both audio and video.


  • THX is the global leader
  • Specific testing programs
  • Certification programs guarantee
  • More realistic listening experience
  • Highest quality playback in the consumer space
  • High fidelity listening experience
  • Get the best listening experience
Logitech Z625 Speaker


  • Good highs and mids
  • Clear sound quality
  • Normal and good design
  • Bass and volume control in front of satellite speaker
  • Good pricing
  • THX certification
  • Satisfying performance in gaming and movies
  • optical Input
  • 400w peak power Speaker
  • List Element
Logitech Z623 Speaker


  • No remote control
  • A little crispier and sharper mids and highs
  • Big size subwoofer
  • hardwire cable
  • Little heavy than other speakers
  • No Bluetooth connectivity

      My Verdict.

IF you are looking for speakers was need something that for watching content movies playing music or just kind of a basic computer speaker.

Then nothing can be good than Logitech Z625 for this price range Logitech still does a very good performance.

These honestly perform very well the highs are not pinging and ear ringing and there wasn't any listening fatigue presence from long-term listening. I really enjoyed them the bass isn't overpowering for my usage.

These are great loudspeakers z625. So far they've been great they're really good with the lows, mids, and even the high end.

It doesn't sound too muddy. I can hear kind of each level clearly.

It's great for listening to music and watching movies. Logitech has good bass that hits really hard and it's adjustable.

You'll feel the bass knob click into place.

They've been great for that as well just as kind of monitor speakers these aren't Bluetooth speakers.

So they have to be hooked indirectly plugged into the 3.5-millimeter jack.

You can also use the optical cable as well as the basic RCA cable is used in Logitech z625 that goes directly into your tv.

Overall performance is very good and decent.

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So I highly recommend these if you're looking for a basic 2.1 speaker set up to the kind of make your work from home life.

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