Logitech Z623

In today’s review we will look at another great The Mid-range Budget Friendly Logitech Z623 Monitor Speaker.

Logitech is well known brand for electronic product .But in this article we are reviewing it's sound speaker.

This 2.1 Subwoofer Channel audio system delivers most accurate sound surrounding with 2 satellite speaker . You can hear high notes and deep beats with its incredible speaker setup as because of THX certification product which is amazing for audio system .

It can be used as monitor and even Logitech Z623 sound speaker is also work well as Gaming speaker system. This audio system is well-designed and delivers uncompromising sound is something to look forward for.

So ,let's drive into the Logitech Z623 review !!

Do You Feel Reading Reviews Is So 90's Then Check The Video Review Of Logitech Z623 ?

Features and Review of Logitech Z623

The Logitech Z623 is a mid-range monitor speaker.

Z623 2.1 channel is Designed to deliver power full sound for music listeners, game players, movie watching, etc.

Their are very few in the market that has impressive sound set-up like,
Z623 this is a 2.1 monitors speaker which is power-packed with a set ,which is of 2 standard 200-watt satellite speakers powered with a small subwoofer. The total power of this Z623 unit is 200 watts RMS and 400 watts as rated by the company which is also branded on the speaker box.

Besides all its features and other qualities can blow your mind, Why i am saying this ,lets take a look on its features.

Design and build quality

With an attractive black-finish and edges design, the Logitech speakers seems decent enough in terms of build quality.

As users know that Logitech 2.1 channel Z623 is a monitor speaker.

The design is simple yet stylish.

It has 2 small and attractive-looking satellite speaker that has to be plugged into its Logitech sub speakers woofers to get started.

Logitech Z623 has THX logo branded on speaker .When they take out of the speaker from the package box user will be greeted to see a speaker with THX branding on both the satellite Z623 speaker.

Despite from being good design and logo branded on it, Logitech is appropriate dimension.

If talking a deep look on body dimension then satellite speakers about 7.7 inches tall and 5 inches thick, and the sub speaker woofer is quite large and tall measuring 11.2 inches * 12 inches wide.
As per its size users usually don't move this kind of speaker on daily basis and also these speakers are a little bit harder to move around due to their weight and size, Z623 subwoofer is a bit whopping by its weight which is around 15.4 pounds. Even than Logitech monitor speakers can be a great addition to your home theater set up.

Logitech Z623 Design
Logitech Z623

Z623 Sound Performance

The sound performance of the Logitech Z623 is outstanding as it delivers a clean and crisp sound.

Logitech Z623 Features

Logitech speakers are doing very well in every product range like as their other product range as they make keyboard mouse along with the speakers.

Speakers are always looked for loudness and clarity with the various features.

So,Z623 has very good in that as both the satellites have 35-watt drivers which deliver outstanding audio performance.

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Subwoofers generate 130 watts the range power should give us an approximation regarding the loudness and clarity.
No doubt in performance as Z623 is THX certified which is extremely difficult to earn,

So if a speaker system is powered with this certification then the speaker is the absolute best speaker system.

THX Certification is a very known sound testing certification. This certification is only given to that speaker's which is a quality sound performing speaker.

THX-certified speakers are quality speakers and users can count these speakers as to best speakers because the speaker has met strict performance standards to achieve THX certification.

Logitech Z623 Moitor Speaker

Inputs and control

The subwoofer is having a multiple inputs and controls on its satellite speaker and subwoofer.

It has 2 3.5 mm ports on the subwoofer back, Rac for connecting other favorite devices like tv or monitor, and the ports are there for left and right satellite speaker connectivity.
it's 3.5 mm Headphone jack on the right speaker.

Many of them can think why there is headphone jack ,  which is especially for the private listening option and sometime it is very useful for private listening.

In company with inputs their are volume control, bass knob, and power switch in front of the right satellite speaker which is easily accessible and makes control easier .

Controls are well placed on speaker left side satellite speaker. 

logitech Z623 Connection
Logitech Z623 Inputs

Logitech Z623 as a Gaming Speakers

If you are looking for a decent gaming speaker then Logitech Z623 can be your gaming partner.
As many of you think that Are Logitech subwoofers good for gaming then ,

Yes ,We are saying this because there are some basic features that normally gamers look into the audio box.
Features for gaming speakers are like Detailed sound so you can clearly hear there is a little bit of obstacles and high and loud clear sound for an immersive gaming experience.
2.1 speakers are good for gaming as two stereo speakers are best suitable for gaming.

Two surround speaker is set along with a center subwoofer .These setup-like speakers gives the most realistic sound experience in gaming addition with home theater.

Logitech Z623 Controle And Knobs

Key Features

  • Z623 versatile Setup - As this supports multiple connectivity which are 3.5 mm and RAC Inputs.
  • Certification with THX -THX certification is a pre-determined set of performance rules which has to speaker has to go all through that standard performance.
  • Power full sound performance -200 watt RMS power delivers amped audio with 4000 watts of power peak.
  • Built-in headphone jack -For private listening this Logistic has separate audio listening their is a 3.5mm jack
  • 2.1 system-Power full 2.1 satellite subwoofer covers the large room with loud sound performance.
  • Compact size -Size with the height of 284 mm, the width of 305 mm, and depth of 266 m

What we like in this Z623 model .

  • THX-certified at this price point as many of the speaker are not giving this ,So this can be good point for speaker.Z623 has THX certificate as this is a quality tested product for best home speakers.
  • Powerful thundering bass with cinematic quality sound and audio details are also good. Clear audio even at the high volume levels 200 watts of power in the 2.1 channel.
  • Different input and output point to connect different devices. Trusted Logitech brand is name for good speaker ranges.


  • It has powerful and deep bass
  • Clear sound quality
  • Normal and good design
  • Bass and volume control in front of satellite speaker
  • Good pricing
  • THX certification
  • Satisfying performance in gaming and movies
Logitech Z623 Speaker


  • No remote control
  • A little crispier and sharper mids and highs
  • Big size subwoofer
  • hardwire cable
  • Weight

My Verdict

In my opinion, the subwoofer set-up is little heavy but very decent at this price range.

I really like the thx certified Z623's audio performance which is very clear and crisp and there is no distortion at high volume.

Mid - tones and low are also very good as this is THX certified. There is a good wire for connecting both left and right satellite speakers.

This Logitech Z623 setup is having different input points like 2 3.5 mm jack ports, RAC for connecting other devices, and a 3.5 headphone jack is also in satellite speakers.
3.5 mm headphone jack which is mostly used for private listening in my opinion this is a benefit for these kinds of 2.1 channel monitor speakers.

A little bit of disappointment as there is no Bluetooth connectivity or any kind of wireless connectivity ,so this can be a big con for these kind of audio set-up.
Easy controllable and conveniently placed power, volume, and brass knob which I like along with the easy connectivity option of which are 3.5mm inputs, RAC to connect your PC or monitor and game console, and other inputs option In some areas, it excels more areas and in somewhere it can be a sad little bit of cons like in wired part and in Logitech Z623 does not have Bluetooth feature .

But overall z623 is a good product to buy.

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