Z625 VS Z623

Logitech Z623 VS Z625

In today’s review we will look at another great Logitech Z623 Vs Z625 comparison .

In spite of fact that Logitech is one of the most preferred brand name in the range of foremost speaker, In order to tag Logitech a perfect choice ,as the reason that ,speaker is built to last and dependable along with satisfactory sound performance at an acceptable price range.
The Logitech Z623 and Z625 are the most demanding best speakers that meet all valuable speaker requirements.

Despite the fact that both of these product possess its pros and cons.
We will examine both the speaker's detail, pros and con, Then we will compare and my verdict.

Logitech Z623

Logitech Z623 is an attractive design, built with hard plastic material speaker set-up. This speaker is specially designed for the film fan in mind.
In the wide market of speaker set-up this Z623 2.1 channel speaker set-up is THX Certified which means basically for cinema audio sound and home theaters audio set-up.

Logitech Z623 Speaker

THX certification is a certification that is given only to a speaker who follows the strict rule of the quality test as per THX .

Next to the audio quality it Z623 has nice features.  

Now, if talking about the design and other Specification than,  
The Subwoofer is comparatively heavier than the other 2.1 speakers ,

If excluding the weight part then Z623 reasonably compact in size easy accessible control.
Power, volume, bass knobs are easily accessible which are well placed on the right satellite speaker.
While placing these knobs on the right satellite speaker which make easy to adjust the tune setting in no time.

Gaming Speaker 

Yes, it can be your gaming speaker, powerful subwoofer with 400w peak advantageous your gaming performance.
Every gaming beat can be felt with its prominent and blasting sound.

Sound and bass

Z623 is a 400w peak/200w RMS power speaker which is capable enough to deliver thundering quality sound with powerful bass.
Super quality audio because of THX-certified product.


​Logitech has a 3.5mm input jack which makes connectivity straightforward.
In addition to inputs, there is a 3.5 mm auxiliary inputs or we can say in simple that auxiliary for headphone.
This auxiliary can be used for private listening through your headphone or MP3 player.
As worth it for fill the room with Thx certified power full sound and bass.


  • Deep and Powerful bass
  • Sound quality is overall is good and descent
  • Attractive design
  • Affordable
  • Satisfactory Performance in both games and devices
  • THX certification


  • Subwoofer is heavy
  • Hard wired cables
  • No remote

Logitech Z625

The Logitech Z625 2.1 speaker set is full of potential that reverberates your room with dynamic audio sound.
Highs and mids are very crisp. You can feel the bass when the bass knob will be turned high.
Well this awesome sound of Logitech Z625 is worth it as this is also a Thx certified audio set-up.

Logitech Z625 Speaker

Thx Certification is a renowned certification for home speakers.
This certification is given only if the speaker is capable to deliver its sound to the aspect mark and

carry out uncompromising quality from the speaker.

Bass And Sound performance.

If you are looking for heart-thumping bass audio set-up then definitely go with this Z625 subwoofer system. You can experience stunning sound quality and bass.
Many users are very satisfied with its punchy bass and clear vocals like voice.
As this sound and bass quality can be incomparable to other 2.1 channel speakers. Before any decision thinks twice about feature and quality as this can become your awesome deal speaker for you.

Gaming Speaker

Besides normal listening from Z625 speakers, It can be addition that it can be avail as a gaming speaker.
In terms of Gaming speaker Z625 is appreciable.
While basic conditions for gaming are their like, it has a clear sound that can notify in gaming if the enemy is approaching you in-game.
Rather than the clear sound it also has punchy bass that can thrill your mood and enthusias your gaming mood.

Connection and Ports

Z625 comes with an optical cable. These cables are said to be best for sound.
Along with the Optical cable, there is an aux and headphone inputs of 3.5mm .
RAC input is very convenient in terms of connecting any device with the speaker.


  • It has powerful and deep bass
  • Optical Input wire
  • Fairly Loud
  • Good sound in both movie and game
  • THX certification


  • Lack of Bluetooth connectivity
  • A little crispier and sharper mids and highs
  • Big size subwoofer
  • hardwire cable
  • Remote control is missing

These both speakers of Logitech are multi-function speakers that can be used for both gaming and home theater use.
Logitech Z623 and Logitech Z625 both are 2.1 channel speakers. They are decent size and powerful performance speakers.
In comparison summary, Both Speakers deliver a fair level of audio quality which is very decent and surprisingly impressive in comparison to the price range. Both the 2.1 channel speaker is the good satisfactory product. However, the Logitech Z625 gets more points in comparison to Z623.
While selecting a 2.1 channel speaker or going through the buyer's guide there are some basic specifications that must be detailed look. We are saying all this because there is various thing to look into this matter. In-Home speaker, there is some information which can be beneficial for good listening and of course, there are cons also.

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Logitech Z Series come as a pair with all the amplification coming from the master speaker.

  • Bass : Starting with the bass always select the speaker that suits your requirement or has a low frequency and doesn't exceed the comfort listening.
  • Price : Some buyers are specific for their budget. So first gets your budget ready then start searching for your master price model that falls in your budget criteria.
  • Connectivity : Always look for you convenient connectivity like the most user wants simple wire connectivity. as they deliver a more clear and reputed frequency.
  • Size : As per the multi-device setup size matter a lot. Compact size can easily fit even in the monitor setup or the room speaker setup and can fit and simple setups.
  • Weight : Weight some buyers think of why we talking about weight. Weight matter as in the portability and easy change setup and movable.
  • Quality productioN : Somehow there is some product that is good enough but they don't give certification. Logitech 2.1 channel comes with the THX certification which is a quality product testing certification that makes speakers the best speakers.
  • Music can change the mind as it can raise the mood because Music is an integral part of anybody's life. 
  • Music can Flight the soul into heaven and help in relaxing the mind.

Before owing to the 2.1 channel or a satellite Speaker and subwoofer, the User must have a little knowledge of the product as they are the best speakers are or not.

Although both the Z623 and Z625 Logitech speaker are of a new generation altogether, you got a similar feeling from both speakers if you listen them for several weeks of daily use, since they are both decent desktop speakers.

And the second point is a that for this speaker setup was that ,speakers were just connected by a regular thick speaker cable.

However, the construction is mostly fiberboard and plastic material with a black color body.

And from my experience I think the power is more than enough for near-field close up monitoring.

Logitech Z623 Speaker
Logitech Z625 Speaker

let's find out what the differences are.

                                              Logitech Z623 vs Z625 Design and Build Quality

In look comparison, both Logitech speaker is identical to each other at first glance.
The basic difference comes in the size and weight section. Let's have a quick look at both Z625 Vs Z623.


Hight of Logitech Z623 is 11.1 inches tall,11.9 inches wide, and 10.4 inches deep.

Hight of Logitech Z625 is &.7 inches tall,4.6 inches wide, and 5.0 inches deep.


Wight of Logitech Z623 is 18.3 lbs

Wight of Logitech Z625 is 19.7 lbs

while comparing both the Logitech Z625 Vs Z623, Logitech Z623 is lighter than the Z625 with a few extra inches on the subwoofer.
The size matters the difference in the sound while listening to lower frequencies.

                                                                         Power supply

Logitech Z623
Speaker total watt (RMS):200 watts Peak RMS
Speaker subwoofer: 130 watt
Separately subwoofer: 2x35 watt
As they are basic power-rated products.

Logitech Z625
Speaker total Watt (RMS): 400 Watts Peak/200 watts RMS.
Separately subwoofer: 260 Watts Peak/130 watts RMS.
2 channel or Satellites: 2 x 70 Watts Peak/2 x 35 Watts RMS

Both speakers have come with the standard power supply.

                                                                 Material And Look

2.1 channel subwoofer and satellite speaker are well crafted.
The speaker comes with the curve and edges look ,which is a classy look in these kind of 2.1 home speakers.

Medium-Density fiberboard and plastic material combination are used in the making of Logitech Z625 and on other hand Logitech Z623, which is all plastic used in the body part.

Logitech's both 2.1 channel speakers come with a simple look, also we say that both are very compatible looks that easily fit into the monitor or home office setup.
Perfect finish in volume and bass control knobs which are perfectly set on the right speaker.
In this price range, both speakers are well designed and have a sleek black finish.

                                             Features And Connectivity

The Logitech Z625 vs Z623 both are having similar features. As they both having same knob and volume controller.


The Logitech Z623 and Z625 offer similar connectivity.

Both Z625 and Z623 are having wired connectivity.
Both the speakers comes with two wired connection satellite speaker and a subwoofer.
Rather than wire connectivity both have 2 inputs which are analog and 3.5 mm aux ports, along with a headphone jack output of 3.5 mm for which is for private listening.

In Comparison with Logitech Z623 ,a difference added to the Logitech Z625 is a digital optical input along with the all connectivity above.

Users may get disappointed as both Logitech 2.1 channel speakers are not having some other features, As they don't have any kind of USB connectivity, remote control and the thing that is missing in these speakers are Bluetooth and Airplay also, So these might be cons part for both the speaker.

Logitech Z623 VS Z625 Comparison

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My Verdict

In my view both are impressive and more than I expected when both are compared. In comparison of Logitech Z623 vs Z625 both are great sound for that kind of money very very impressive hardware indeed and thoroughly recommend it. Logitech is the good in design with good neutral quality of the sound, we can say not too loud and noisy, although the bass is good enough to rock.
While comparing side by side z623 and z625 these are identical

and also there are some small form factor which make both speaker identical from each other . As visually Logitech z623 Logitech z625 it looks not so different the shape /dimension is also the same.
The colors of z623 and Z625 are both black and glossy but not too dark and the bass are not too glossy as like other 2.1 channel speakers.
The difference is in the digital input. The z625 has an optical input
Besides this Z623 doesn't have optical inputs.

While the Logitech Z623 didn't has optical input there  is a digital optical cable to the mainboard/sound card to connect with the input.
So the conclusion is as visually there are no differences. The difference is z625 has digital input. I am satisfied with both, but for longer durability, I would recommend the Z625 due to a newer production.

So above are my comparison and opinion on both the monitor set.

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