Best Lightweight Bass Guitars

To a great extent we are aware that the bass guitars have more weight as compared to the usual electric guitars.

Most of the trained players are accustomed to the heavy weight when they opt for a bass guitar. But why do you need a lightweight bass guitar ?

Meanwhile, the change in weight may not go so well with the new or midway players.

For the ones who aren’t able to bear the heavy weight on the back or shoulders, the ultimate relief is in the form of lightweight bass guitar models.

And the good thing is that there are various models available in the market without compromising on the tonal quality.

Despite being used to playing on the heavy-weight guitars on a regular basis, still one can easily feel tired after playing for a couple of hours.

The standard of your performance does get affected due to the weight factor of the guitar.

It may be that you require some time to become habituated of heavy guitars, so it would be advisable for you to set your fingers on the lightweight options till you acquire the right amount of perseverance.

Here is a list of the 5 best lightweight bass guitars, with which you can kickstart your playing skills be it you’re a novice or an experienced player.

Cutting down on further delay, let’s take a closer look at the 5 choices of ours and then should take the final decision. 

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Lightweight Bass Guitars - Budget Order

electric bass guitar - Go Plus Full Size

Goplus Electric Bass Guitar Full Size 4 String with Strap Guitar Bag Amp Cord (Blue Bass 4 Straps)

The list begins with the four string Goplus electric guitar, that is available to you with some of the accessories like the gig bag, strap, amp cord and bass picks.

The lightweight guitar caters to the needs of both newcomers as well as forward players.

The guitar may give you the vibes of the Fender style guitar, if you go through its shape and material.

Though, its quality is nowhere near to the Fender style, the guitar is worth its value and within the budget too. 

The wooden body gives standard resonance, and the structure of the neck is easily reachable due to which playing the complex tones is now an easy affair. 

On the whole, this well-crafted electric guitar is perfectly suitable for the travelers or the ones who prefer a simple electric guitar which moreover won’t turn out to be a pain in your back even after long playing hours.

Bearing the budget of the guitar, its standard tones and steady tuning will surely amaze you.

Reasons To Buy

  • You get various accessories along with the guitar.
  • It isn’t that heavy weighted.
  • The price is also budget- friendly.
  • Standard performing tones.
  • Strong body composed of wood.
  • Feasible neck design.

Reasons To Avoid

  • times-circle
    Packaging is not up to the mark.

Squier Affinity Series Bronco Bass Guitar  Black

Squier Affinity Series Bronco Bass Guitar  Black

Second in the list is the Squier bass guitar, featuring single coil pickup along with die-cast tuners.

Despite it being a short-scale bass of 30-inches, the sound quality is amazing and the parts are also of good quality, like the ones on a proper bass guitar.

Moving ahead, the Squier Fender Bronco guitar has easier tuning, thus making it apt for midway players.

An essential fact regarding the bass features are the 2 saddle chrome bridges, present each for controlling the volume as well as the tunes.

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The strong body of the guitar is an addition to the longevity and supreme quality.

Not to forget the shiny polyurethane finishing that binds together. 

In case you are searching for a light-weight premium bass guitar, the Squier guitar may turn out to be a perfect choice.

The sound quality of the guitar is too good and similar to that of any full size bass guitar.

So, it’s undoubtedly a win-win situation for you with this option. 

Reasons To Buy

  • Easy tuning.
  • Sleek neck design.
  • Strong body.
  • Superb sound quality.
  • Shiny finishing.

Reasons To Avoid

  • The quality of the tuners aren’t that good.

Ibanez 4 string bass guitar

Ibanez 4 String Bass Guitar, Right, Walnut Flat

The next guitar in the list is the 4-string bass guitar exclusively brought to you by Ibanez, that features Maple neck design, enabling quick controls for the notes.

You would be astonished to know that the guitar is capable of producing similar bass outcomes like that of any other full scale guitar. 

The guitar also has attributes of full sound of Dynamix P pickup besides having, the identical standards of the GIO sequence of guitars.

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The individual point of distinction being that the scale of 4-string bass guitar is shorter and is of 28.6 inches.

Nevertheless, the size of the Ibanez 4 String Guitar classifies it as a special instrument.

The guitar permits you to display your musical skills all across without the fuss of carrying a heavy bass guitar.  

This guitar is light in weight and apt for carrying while travelling.

The noteworthy factor of this guitar is the sound quality of the tones which is way more perfect and the credit goes to the powerpack pickup and good quality strings.

Reasons To Buy

  • Suitable size.
  • Comfortable for travelling.
  • Dynamix P pickup.
  • Light-weighted.
  • Good quality sound.

Reasons To Avoid

  • The body material is of poplar wood, and not the walnut wood.
  • pBone1B Jiggs uses a plastic mouthpiece which has no comparison to the one with metal

Dean Guitars custom zone bass

Dean Custom Zone Bass, Nuclear Green​​​Now we would like to introduce you the most special bass guitar that we have included in the list.

The guitar does have the audacity to grab attention once it appears on the stage.

The Dean Custom Zone Bass has an eccentric green outlook and honestly it brings the guitar into limelight.

Though the presentation is not only the strength of the guitar as it is absolutely light-weighted featuring the basswood body blended with maple neck and 20 frets along with fingerboard.

You have the advanced split pickup for quality sound resonance, besides the black die-cast tuners which enhances the color of the guitar all the more.

On the whole, the guitar does justice to its price and has the capacity of generating enriched sounds and explicit tones.

And the vital factor being the comfortability quotient as you can easily grab it and play smoothly for longer time period.

Reasons To Buy

  • Exemplary color and structure.
  • It isn’t heavy weighted.
  • Sleek neck design.
  • Split pickup is present for premium sound quality.

Reasons To Avoid

  • The guitar isn’t that suitable for professional purposes.
  • There are fair chances of the loosening of the cord jack.

stingray 4 bass guitar

Sterling by Music Man StingRay Ray4 Bass Guitar in Ruby Red Burst Satin

Despite being the last on the list, Stingray is an ultimate guitar and I can clearly classify it as one of the best among the five others present here in this category. 

The Sterling Bass, a unique product that belongs to the import line of the Ernie Ball Music Man Brand family.

In this guitar there is the candidly enduring Stingray design and also the immensely light-weighted basswood body structure.

The blend of body with maple neck and a complimenting fretboard.

Not to be ignored, the guitar has a ceramic pickup and a 2-band sporty preamp for accurate tone command.

The preamp permits you to have a command over the volume levels, treble and bass.

It’s essential to list that each and every Sterling Stingray guitar model passes via a stern dual-checking procedures ensuring that it’s absolutely in operating state and unflawed.

Hence, you must be convinced regarding the unharmed delivery of the guitar ordered by you.

The Stingray guitar is fairly tough and sturdy.

As all of its parts are entirely constructed within the U.S.A, we must not miss the exceptional 3+1 tuning key grouping, making the tuning of the guitar an effortless affair.

So you can say that you are always at an advantage by choosing this guitar.

Reasons To Buy

  • Distinctive Stingray design.
  • Basswood body along with maple elements.
  • Ceramic pickup for advanced sound quality.
  • All of the components are made within the U.S.A.
  • Proper inspection is done before dispatching.
  • 3+1 tuning groupings for effortless tuning.

Reasons To Avoid

  • The model basically has none shortcomings.

My Experience With Lightweight Bass Guitars

My Experience with lightweight bass guitars

The above mentioned five models of lightweight bass guitars are some of the best and top ones, that have distinction regarding the aspects like features, sizes, and price ranges.

You must bear in mind the conveniences derived from any lightweight guitar.

Moreover, every bass guitar is heavier than the commonly known electronic guitars and it may irritate you in case you have to play for longer hours.

Though the issue can be resolved with the help of a lightweight guitar.

You must know that since we have multiple types of lightweight bass guitars out there in the market, due to which the list has such distinctive variations. 

Few of them are short scale guitars, meaning they’re comparatively small in size than a full scale guitar.

Nevertheless, it’s the same factor that classifies them to be comparatively more comfortable for the travelling class people as well as for the beginners requiring greater control above the fingerboard.

Anyway, be it any category you opt for, the sound quality of these lightweight guitars will surely amaze you.

Hence you must read the review list with utmost care and make a thorough analysis of the pros and cons of each guitar and then take the final decision of choosing the most suitable guitar for you that shall best serve to all your needs and requirements. 

As the ultimate selection is done by you, it would be great of you to drop a comment in the box below for us, so that we get to know as to which light weight guitar was the best for you.

Your thoughts and opinions are of great concern to us, so please express them as they would be of great help for other viewers who may be confused regarding their choices. 

We expect that our list and the reviews in it has made it convenient for you to search for an appropriate alternative, in both aspects like features and price, as the budget is a vital factor in selecting an instrument, in the case of bass guitars also.

That's all from our end. Hope our review of lightweight bass guitars helped you in making a better decision.

Till Then,

Keep Playing and Spread Love.

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