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Why We Love Korg LP 380 Digital Piano ?

Hi my name is Daniel Cooper I'm a team member here with DoomSquadMusic and today I am here with the Korg LP 380 digital home piano.

The LP 380 is most commonly available in this black and white finish but apart from this color you can also opt for other 4 color-pattern to choose your style.

We have reviewed the other version of LP series the LP 180 which was quite good piano as well but was not near the LP 380 model. 

LP 380 costs a couple of $$ more than LP 180 but offers tons of extra features and the premium feel that you get from this model.

Even the main punch line of the model is "Premium Japan Quality". Check the production video of the digital piano.

Features and Specs of Korg LP 380

Let's get right into this instrument in audition some of the sounds


Keys of LP 380

The LP 380 has 88 hammer weighted graded keys so they feel just like a real piano and they are a little heavier on the left and they gradually become lighter as you move up to the right just like you'd have on a real grand piano

there are a variety of sounds in the LP 380 in addition to the grand pianos you're also going to find some electric pianos organs strings vibraphone harpsichords clavinets and a few others there's 30 tones in total

the LP 380 has a built-in metronome to help with your timekeeping during practice

there's also a transposition feature built into the piano.

Connection Options

 if you know the song real well in the key of C but the singer you're accompanying sings in b-flat you can transpose the piano play it and see like you know it but you'll hear it in that b-flat

 there's quite a bit of connectivity on the LP 380 first of all there is a place to connect your stereo headphones and once you do the on-board speakers will automatically turn off allowing you to practice in private

there's also an eighth inch stereo line output on the piano which you'll use when connecting to a PA system an amplifier or doing any direct recording

on the back of the LP 380 you're going to find MIDI ports these connections allow you to integrate with your home computer for use with educational software recording software or notation software

My Experience With LP 380 Digital Piano

My Experience With Korg LP 380

From my 2 weeks experience I can proudly say that LP 380 is wonderful digital piano replicating the magic of acoustic piano.

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