Korg LP 180 Review – The Marvellous Digital Piano

Japan is one of the finest nation when it comes to quality musical instruments, and this cultural quality can be easily spotted on the home grown brand "Korg".

We have listed lots of latest keyboards/digital pianos from Korg, but Korg LP 180 is a bit different, though it was launched 6 years ago but music and quality do not age and so does the Quality.

Korg LP 180 Review- The Affordable Quality Digital Piano

The Korg LP 180 is the ideal budget choice if you're looking for a stylish slimline digital piano with realistic feel.

With minimalist design and Natural beautiful sound is what made it one of the coolest digital piano when it was launched (2014).

The LP 180 is the one of the finest keyboard from Korg which in reality a bit dated as of now but still getting love like other member of Korg's growing family of digital pianos.

Even the variant version LP 380 was launched back at 2013, but is still getting tons of love from its userbase.

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Korg LP 180 Specs and Features

Reading Reviews Is So 90's, Instead Check The Video Review of Korg LP 180 below 👇

Design :

It features a slim compact yet elegant design with an included wooden stand and a hinged key cover.

Overall look of LP 180 is very Minimalistic, Sleek and Luxurious.

With the depth of just 27 centimeters and a lift up keyboard cover the LP 180 elegantly blends into any room and is the perfect solution where space is limited.

It is available in two rich colors shiny black and elegant white.

Design Lp 180 in white

The Simple Design keyboard with Simple furniture stand looks quite elegant and complements the surrounding.

Portability of console type pianos is a big NO-NO but that's not the case with this. 

You just need to remove the side screws from the stand and the keyboard will come out effortlessly.

It's outstanding features and rich piano tone make it superb for beginners and more advanced pianist as well.

The opening and closing key covers (lid) protect the keyboard from dust and increases the overall look. The lid also serves as the music rest.

[simple design and simple stand, can also be dismounted from the board by just removing the two side screws, only two connection on back for power and cables, the opening lid also serves as music rest, full size keys,]

Keys of Korg LP 180 :

Natural Weighted Hammer Action Keys Of lp 180

The LP 180 features a 88 full-size touch sensitive natural weighted hammer action keys.

As you know weighted hammer action keys the keys gradually feels lighter as you move up the keyboard to accurately recreate the feel and response of a traditional piano.

Touch sensitive keys are also termed as velocity sensitive keys.

In touch sensitive keys the impact of the key-press determines the intensity of the sound. Giving you more room to play your music in a much more expressive way.

Layout :

Simple layout Of the korg piano of LP series

The top panel has a very clean easy to understand layout.

There's a power button, the volume control and a piano play button.

So no matter where you are if you push piano play you'll be presented with the best piano sound.

There's also a sound button that lets you cycle through 10 different sounds including electric pianos, harpsichord, vibraphone, organs and so on.

Sound and Speaker System :

Sound of Korg LP 180 is very natural and beautiful.

It does not offers too many voices and effects but the natural pianos sounds are simply outstanding.

When you play the piano you will actually hear the sound of a real piano digitally sampled and stored in the instrument.

As I mentioned above in addition to the acoustic pianos other sounds are also available like organs, harpsichord, organs and etc.

You can use the piano for any type of music from classical jazz to rock and so on.

And when you want to go back to your grand piano simply press the piano play button and its done.

The LP 180 also features a powerful detailed speaker system which is aimed downward to envelop the player and the audience in sound.

In conjunction with the advanced stereo speaker system the rich expressive sound encountered ground is recreated in meticulous detail.

Connectivity Options :

Pedals of LP 180

LP 180 also features all three pedals that you would find on a grand piano soft, sostenuto and sustain.

So you can have a very accurate classical music performance.

A matching standard of three paddle unit are included to give you a complete home digital piano solution.

Overall the back side of the digital piano looks quite clean as it only has two wires on the back 1 for power and 1 for pedal connectivity.

The audio output lets you practice in silence with headphones or connect to a sound system for performing in larger venues.

It also has two separate headphone jacks so a teacher and student can be seated at the piano at the same time without disturbing others once again.

The LP 180 features a MIDI out which lets you interact with computers or other musical gears easily.

Korg LP 180  vs Korg LP 380

My Experience With Korg LP 180

korg lp 180 digital piano

Korg is one of the world's largest musical instrument manufacturers it's renowned digital keyboards pianos and other music products are used onstage in studios and homes around the world.

I used the LP 180 in late 2015 for just a couple of weeks.

The sound really impressed me but when I used LP 380 later my love was shifted to LP 380.

It feels much more authentic and a bit closer to acoustic piano when I compare it with 180.

One big drawback which needs to mentioned is the absence of Layer and Split functionality.

These are one of the most basic feature that even a $100 keyboard comes with but Korg somehow or intentionally does not give even a second thought about it. Which is really disappointing.

The elegant and compact body make it fit even in the smallest corner of your home and still able to stand out and leaves a luxurious look.

As I mentioned earlier the piano is now quite dated but the natural feel and awesome sound are the reason it made its place in heart of pianist.

So that’s all from our end hope this Korg LP 180 review helped you in making an informed decision.

Till then,

Keep Playing and Spread Love.

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