Kawai KDP 90/110 Digital Piano Review

The Kawai KDP 90 digital piano was considered as one of most successful instrument under the Kawai brand, and recently it got a facelift as KDP 110.

KDP 110 is the upgraded version of KDP-90 with upgradation on every possible aspect the older model offers. (So in this review, I will keep reviewing both of the variants simultaneously.)

Apart from this, it has lots of features that will help future pianists enjoy their time on.

Kawai KDP 90 Digital Piano Review

The Kawai KDP 90/110 in particular, has been introduced with remarkable quality in performance and features.

I think that innovation and performance are two things that are the key highlights when it comes to KDP Series.

The number of features and clarity for high-quality performance is something that a lots of brands try to offers but the end result comes quite opposite.

Luckily, KDP 110 / 90 digital pianos were able to live up to the hypes, in this highly competitive musical instrument market.

Features of KDP 90/110

Design & Structure

Design and Look KDP Series

The KDP 90 has a small footprint that will fit in about any living environment with the dimensions of 40 cm depth x 135.5 cm width x 58 cm height, and it weights only 83.6 lbs.

Apart from this, the rosewood cabinet offers you to feels the authenticity of the piano while playing. 

With the exceptional features, including sound quality, keyboard action, and the design you get an impressive price that will fit in your pocket.

Complementing the rich effects, the KDP 90 has a sliding keyboards in order to protect the keys from getting dusty.

Meanwhile, the keys textured with simulated ivory touch giving you are a confident feel in any playing condition.

With 40 Concert magic songs, and 15 Demo songs at the offered price, KDP 90 becomes a super saver packer. 

With that said, let's discover an in-depth view of each feature and assets that the Kawai KDP 90  has to offer the pianists. 


For the piano to meet with the high-quality sound of a grand acoustic piano, the fully-weighted graded 88 keys are merged with Harmonic Imaging Technology, which creates a realistic sound and feeling to it overall. 


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The KDP 90 is a fully-weighted and is a graded 88 keys keyboard with graded hammer action.

Because of the graded hammer action of the keys, it feels like an acoustic piano while playing.

As you hit the keys hard, you receive a loud sound, and touch them softly you get a quieter sound. 

However, it's not an actual hammer on the back of the keys as it is in an acoustic piano.

They are using the thought with an actual hammer to create the digital sound, so it has more a lot more of a realistic sound, and it gives you more realistic bounce back on the keys.

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The tone of the piano matters here because the instrument needs to have a vibrant feeling to it.

Although, this helps in creating a perfect harmony and another feature is the AHAIV-F Graded-Hammer Action which offers a sprung action with more resistance.

It gives a brilliant feeling when you perform and is quite impressive. It delivers consistent upward and downward motion for a smooth, natural, and highly authentic piano playing experience.  

Apart from this, it also has 15 instrumental sounds to experiment while playing. 

You have various options to select from which include options like the Concert Grand, Concert Grand 2, Studio Grand, Modern Piano, Classic E. Piano, Modern E. Piano, Jazz Organ, Church Organ, Harpsichord, Vibraphone, String Ensemble, Slow Strings, Choir, New Age Pad, and Atmosphere.

The ‘concert grand’ option will be selected automatically at first, but you can adjust it by pressing the select button constantly which will then show you all the options. 

YDP 143 Pedals


The grand feel pedal system features three pedals which are Soft, Sostenuto, and Damper.

These pedals have a different effect on each sound.

This creates a digital effect and more authentic sound when the piano is being played. 

This helps in the overall sound quality while performing.


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Dual and four hands mode feature helps for two sounds to be gradually layered together. 

For example, a piano sound being layered with strings, and the four hands model is extremely beneficial to a person who is probably trying to learn the piano faster and easier.

This will divide the keyboard into two sections in which both sides can be played individually. The part which I appreciate the most is that it becomes so much easier for you to learn with a teacher.

Along with this, you can also perform piano duets which comes in handy. 


The Alfred lessons songs are built-in and cater to a student or a person willing to learn with these lessons.

This aspect is really good to know your potential and learning progresses much faster.  

Practicing a song at home with someone who teaches you for free is pretty cool when all you have to do is create the habit of practicing it every day.

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The KDP 90 piano also has a built-in digital metronome which provides one constant beat while practicing the piano.

There are also a variety of time signatures for this. You can also adjust the tempo according to your convenience.

This really is the best thing to start off with when you want to practice songs to get to perfection.

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When I used this feature for the first time, it made me feel like I'm performing on stage.

However, the thrill of just hearing how grand the piano sounds are exceptional.

Now, you can even use this feature without actually knowing the piano notes as it automatically grabs your attention to the depth and sound of the piano.


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You can also record songs as it has a built-in song recorder. Apart from this, it helps you check on errors that were made initially and gives you critical pointers to improve your performance.

This feature helps me rectify my mistakes and gives me insights on how to improve. Apart from this, there is a built-in stereo speaker system which helps you with more quality in performance and a clear sound. 

The KDP90 comes with MIDI jacks which helps to connect it to other musical instruments and also on the computer. Two headphone jacks allow a duet partner or someone along with you who can listen.


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Reasons To Buy

  • Realistic Acoustic Sound
  • Different Modes
  • Affordable Price
  • Great Design 

Reasons To Avoid

  • Lack of Rhythms
  • Lack of Accompaniment
  • Low no of voices & Tones

I do think that the Kawai KDP 90 does set to high standards with its beneficial features and the ability to create the most authentic and innovative digital pianos. 

As I'm an aspiring music artist myself, singing along with this piano has been such a thrilling experience. 

However, the features and accessibility that it provides are really useful.

Also, it is a great essential to you if you spend time with it. This basically will help you level up your skill and transform the performance into perfection.

The number of sound effects that you can customize and the quality of the sound gives you many options that you can play around with. 

This digital piano is a simple instrument but consists of advanced features and surprises to look forward to.

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Keep Playing and Spread Love.

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