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Why Kawai ES 8 Digital Piano Is One of A Kind

Kawai ES 8 Review: Kawai ES 8 is one of the most liked portable piano of all the Kawai’s model.

In short we can say that ES 8 is versatile, powerful, compact keyboard with fantastic look and feel.

Kawai ES 8 is perfect on every occasion, whether you use it on stage, in the classroom or in home ES 8 has everything you need to get the job done.

So let’s dig-in and see what ES 8 has to offer.

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Sound, Keys and Voices Of Kawai ES 8 :

What makes Kawai ES 8 digital piano stand out over the others is the way it feels and the way it sounds.


The ES 8 has Irish Touch Key surface and this textured material of the keys absorbs finger moisture and helps with proper playing control.

It also keeps dirt and grease away from sticking to the key tops and it also allows keyboard to be cleaned easily with just a wipe from a damp cloth.

Action Hammer Keyboard:

The Kawai ES 8 uses responsive hammer 3 keyboard action and the weight of the keyboard is graded to give you heavier bass hammers and lighter treble hammers just like an acoustic piano.

And something notable about the keys are that there’s a subtle notch feel when you are playing soft on the board. This provides more feel like a grand piano.

Kawai ES 8 Closer Look


As ES 8 is portable digital piano but still the most important sound we all need is the exact grand piano sound.

And the ES 8 does not disappoint you on this. As the piano sounds of the ES 8 is sampled from the S key concert grand and a medium size SK 5 chamber grand piano.

I seriously love the way the “grand piano" sound in the keyboard even the sounds of jazz grand and warm grand piano is totally perfect and not feels like the sound is coming from digital piano at all.


Kawai ES 8 offers 34 voices including the grand piano, upright piano, vintage electric piano, drawbar and church organs, synth, pads, strings and few other cool sounds.

Those were all about the sounds, lets jump into some of the features of the keyboards.

Features Of Kawai ES 8 Digital Piano

Kawai ES 8 functions

Kawai ES 8 got professional backing styles using the rhythm section feature and it offers solo performers a nice selection of arranged backing accompaniments.

So if you need a practice partner or some quick ideas for a new song or a backup band during your gig you’ll definitely find something that fits your needs.

Because Kawai ES 8 has pop styles, there’s rock there jazz funk and there’s latin inbuilt rhythms to mix and compose new songs.

Only sky is the limit of your creativity.

Kawai ES 8 offers USB port connectivity. When connected with computer you can use the ES 8 as a MIDI controller.

You can also use it to load and save data directly to USB memory.

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This is great for saving favorite settings and recording songs that were stored in to the internal memory.

Kawai ES 8 also has in-built recorder so you can even record an entire performances as mp3’s or WAV files and email then directly to friends and family.

And lastly USB memory devices can be used to play back mp3 or WAV audio files which is helpful when you are trying to learn chords or a melody to a new song or just play along with your favorite songs.

Kawai ES 8 Alternate

The Best Alternative Of Kawai ES 8 is Roland FP 90. The Price is almost same so don't forget to check it. (Check Detailed Review Here)

Kawai ES 8 Alternate Option - Roland FP 90

My Experience With Kawai ES 8 And The Apps Feature

Kawai ES 8 keys and features

Apps are ruling all over the globe so how can the music industry stay behind on this.

Almost all of the big players develop their custom apps to increase the functionality and make their instruments more user friendly.

Like Casio has developed Chordana app and Yamaha too has Smart Pianist app.

And Now Kawai has virtual technician function, it’s an iPad app that lets you manage and play different aspects of the selected pianos character to fit your personal taste.

You can change the subtle hammers and the key release noises, you can fine-tune the strings, the lid and damper resonance from the app.

You could make those changes directly from the ESH control panel but I personally think it’s a lot more fun to use the virtual technician app and now that you know what the ES 8 can do let’s check how it sounds. (See the Below Video)

That was a look at the Kawai ES 8 and if you have any questions about this product kindly just let us know in the comments below. Your comments help us to stay motivated.

Till then,

Keep Playing and Spread Love

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4 thoughts on “Kawai ES 8 Digital Piano Review

  1. Avatar
    Mark Twain says:

    Does ES 8 support Pedals? When was it launched? I am a beginner and looking to start learning the piano. Do you think it is a good digital piano to start with?

    • Avatar
      Daniel Cooper says:

      Yes, it supports pedal but inside the box will find only pedal the sustain pedal. If you want all of the 3 pedals then you need to buy them separately. I strongly recommend “Kawai F301 Triple Pedal Lyre” to go with. ES 8 was launched in mid 2015. If you are a beginner then I suggest to check out this list as Kawai ES 8 is a stage keyboard with lots of great features that may confuse you as a beginner.

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