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Kawai is known for building only top quality instruments and is one of the most award winning piano company in the world.

We cut no corners when we created our new es 100 digital piano and I’d like to take just a few minutes to show you the highlights of our classic AHAIV-F action key offers eighty-eight weighted keys that feel great and our harmonic imaging with 88 key sampling delivers a killer piano sound that’s usuallt only found on considerably more expensive instruments and at only 33 pounds the es 100 is easy to pick up to store away or take with you and when I show you the other feature the es 100 offers I think you will be amazed to learn that its is affordable for eeveb the most modest of budgets first of all lets check out one of the 8 acoustic piano sounds concert grand,

We also have some expensive electric piano sounds classic electric piano, 60’s EP , Modern EP, and there are a acouple of organ sounds one classic , pipe organ, and one more contempory complete with that famous rotary speaker effect, Drawabar Organ.

There’s a harpsichord, vibes, electric bass sound but I especially love the strange and layering or combining those strings with yeah concert grand and strings

And I should point out that you can not only combine two sounds but you can split sounds meabing having one the left and one on the right and when you do that you have control over the volume differences between those two sounds there an onboard recorder that’s really easy to use. And you can hold up to 3 sounds in memory and by the you can do this recording and play along while splitting or layering and just get as creative as you d like without worrying about notes dropping out because the es 100 has 192 notes of polyphony.

You can get pretty particular with exactly how you want your piano to sound including things like damper resonance voicing fallback noise damper noise brilliance the EQ the reverb and save all of that to one of the four registration memory settings there are great sounding stereo speakers built in that are wonderful for playing at home or a small gig and you can use headphones so you can play in privacy also built-in is a metronome with several different time signature and a little deeper under the metronome setting there are 100 different drum room so you can jam along 100 drum rhythm.

ES 100 also includes this f10 H damper pedal and this supports half damper peddling that’s a feature usually only found on considerably expensive instruments we also include this large music rest and of course your AC adaptor you might want to add this handsome optional stand and three pedals.

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