Kawai CE 220 Review – The Old School Digital Piano

There is always a doubt for a beginner to start with any instrument at all.

Music is a getaway for me and all I need is the right blend that fits to my voice. One such instrument is the piano.

I never really engaged with a piano because I was too afraid, I wouldn’t be able to grasp anything at all.

 But if I'm being honest, once I started exploring this instrument in particular, I automatically felt good and continued to sit on with it every day.

The best thing you can do when you want to start something is the first step itself which is to ‘start’.

Once that’s done, you will get the hang of it and who knows? You might just find something you're passionate about.

kawai CE220

Today, I’m going to be elaborating on one such instrument that has become a personal encounter for me.

It is from the well-known brand Kawai that crafts grand pianos and has the simplicity and elegance that I find suitable.

They have a long legacy of crafting some of the finest pianos of all time.

Their main focus is building pianos to reach maximum quality.

One such instrument is the Kawai CE22O Digital piano and here is why.

The CE220 is known for its,

  • Multiple instrumental sounds
  • Great Style and Design
  • Stunning Details
  • Great Sound Quality
  • List Element

Reading Reviews Is So 90's, Instead Check The Video Review of Kawai CE 220 below 👇

Kawai CE220 Features

Tone of the Instrument :

Kawai CE220 Tone

There is a Progressive Harmonic Imaging Sound Technology with 88 wooden keys that’s present here.

A harmonic imaging is technology that makes the sound of the instrument as realistic as possible and also have a powerful impact.

The 88-note sampling means that each key of the piano has its tone to it and by recreating samples, each tone has been preserved for clarity in performance.

88 Wooden keys, Graded Hammer Action :

CE 220 Hammer Action Keys

Kawai’s wooden-key actions are known for the finest touch to any digital piano.

All the keys are made entirely of wood to ensure that there is a vibrant sound.

These actions feature extra-long wooden keys, but also a mechanical design that is mostly found in many of Kawai’s digital pianos.

The wood helps to create a better weight sensation and feels like there is a better connection to the instrument.

22 Instrumental Sounds :

kawai CE220 instrumental sounds

There is a variety of sounds here which you can choose from.

Some of them include church organ, electronic piano sounds, strings, choir, bass guitar and many more.

The concert grand piano sound here is the one of the highlights in these sounds as it has a much larger effect.

There are also 29 classical piano songs which are stored in the internal memory of the CE220. This will help in practice and reference for better understanding. A music book is also provided along with it.

There is also a ‘Voicing Button’ provided through which you can change the sound according to your liking.

 For example, if you prefer something more mellow instead of loud, you can touch the voicing button and choose your liking.

Along with this, there is a Drawbar Organ which is unique because it involves the speaker and has a better impact for a large crowd.

You can also layer or combine two sounds.

Metronome :

Here, you can adjust the volume and the tempo.

This helps as a perfect practice tool. To make things easier, 100 different drum patterns are available and it's like having a drummer to help you learn better and also jam along with.

This also helps with perfect timing as you can play along with it. The variety of available drum patterns is a benefit to me.

Internal Recorder :

kawai CE220 internal recorder

This is easy to use. You just need to press the record button. There is also a button to play and stop recording.

The playback button is also allocated which allows you to hear your recording over again and improve a little wherever you spot a mistake.

Here, you can have your own private time with your instrument which is something I find calming for better practice. While you are alone and focused, there is more clarity and prevention of mistakes.

You can also save three songs in the internal memory but because there is a USB device available that is inserted, you can save them as mini folders.

Headphone Connectivity

kawai CE220 headphone jacks

Here, you can have your own private time with your instrument which is something I find calming for better practice. While you are alone and focused, there is more clarity and prevention of mistakes.

There is not only one but, two headphone jacks so that even a friend or anyone along with you can listen to.

Speaker System :

kawai CE220 speaker system

The sound system has a really good quality to it.

If you want to experience the feeling of a club, or church organ in great detail there is stereo line outputs which include midi connections and also the USB.

This helps you to connect your tablet or computer and this can be heard through the instruments speaker system. This is all based on technology and helps for a better and unique experience.

To add to this, there is also audio inputs which allows you to play a CD player or even an MP3 player or even another instrument.

Piano Music Function and the Virtual Voicing :

This function allows you to sit back and relax as it plays music just for you.

This can be used for an entertainment purpose or even for you to learn new techniques that you can use while playing the instrument yourself.

You can listen to these songs for several hours at a time. It includes holiday music, classical ones and also jazz music that is extremely interesting to listen to.

With the voicing feature, you can change the tonal structure of the piano's instrument sound altogether. This helps in tuning and altering to your benefit.

My Experience with the Kawai CE220 Digital Piano

My Experience with Kawai CE 220 Digital Pianp

Reasons To Buy

  • The piano is best suitable for learners with a lot of its learning resources.
  • The look of this instrument is designed very well. It has stunning details and because of the wooden keys, there is a better touch to it and it also looks very rich in texture.
  • You can connect the instrument to external speakers and have a great quality in sound.
  • The dual and spilt mode adds to this as you can have two independent sounds.

Reasons To Avoid

  • Not a good option if you are looking for highly professional keyboard.
  • Because of being a large sized piano, it isn't very easy to travel along with.
  •  It also does not have inbuilt rhythm or a synthesizer which generates sound through electric voltages.

In my experience, everyone's approach to music instruments is different.

But this one specifically has worked well for me with the deliverance of quality, sound and performance.

The digital touch to the piano as well has created a more unique experience for me and has brought more stability in performance.

There are plenty of options and categories to try on the CE220.

The sound categories and also available modifications is worth exploring.

 This instrument suits my preferences and has a great sound altogether. It does stand out for me and is a great choice.

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