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Looking for an instrument that is worth purchasing and finding a keyboard in particular that has the ability to transform your experience with something as close to perfection is pretty tough.

Kawai instruments although, have always stood up for providing some of the most excellent modern pianos.

Kawai which has always been establishing and recreating their pianos being digital or grand makes sure to provide that for me. It has developed a reputation and excellence of sound altogether.

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The Kawai CA79 is known for its,

  • Great sound quality
  • Variety of customization offering
  • Great style and design
  • Features that stand out


Sound Factor​​​​

The CA79 has three sets of speakers.

So, there are six speakers in total creating more clarity in sound.

But in any case, it has a powerful sound to it and is great while performing in front of a large audience too.

This has a wide variety of electric piano sounds, strings, organs, and many more.

 All of these sounds are organized into genres for more clarity.

The CA79 also has harmonic imaging and a virtual technician.

The virtual technician will adjust the sounds for your convenience.

 For example, if you need to soften the sound of the instrument, the touch weight of the keyboard produces a softer tone that is suitable for slow, quiet pieces.

There is also Bluetooth audio and Bluetooth midi available. You can use the Bluetooth system as the Bluetooth speaker for a great sound overall.

The Bluetooth midi makes it easier to connect apps or even composing tools you might want to add.

Computer Based Model

The CA79, in particular, is a computer model based around the SK-EX sample set.

 So, you can play on the EX rendering or the EX sample set.

There is a quality difference while you play on the piano.

 Computer models can deliver volume ranges and extra details to the instrument.

The SK-EX rendering sound engine is a brand new sound engine that is precisely based on technology.

 Musically, the behavior of the CA79 is very different because of the speaker system and also the brains of the instrument.

There is a shift to my thought process when it comes to the performance of the instrument, and that has made me feel that the instrument reacts in an attached manner.

The CA79 has an extremely satisfying playing experience.

Playing around with the voicing, the touch curve, and the piano lid that opens up to a simulating level made me engage with it more .

 Before investing in this instrument, price being an important factor I would like to clear that it’s not an instrument that will be of no use in the long-run.

 The CA79 also has a sharper sound to it. Some people might prefer a warmer sound but I do think that a sharper sound creates a more vibrant and realistic experience.

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Grand Feel III Wooden-Key Action

This action is an upgrade to the grand feel three which can be found in the CA98.

The grand feel three action delivers a firmer, faster, and even more grand piano touch feeling.

 Places like the church, schools, or even teaching studios are suitable for this action. The grand feel three also has a triple sensor.

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Design of the Instrument

The overall design of all CA series pianos is specifically crafted to resemble a real acoustic pianos and the brand pretty much nailed it.

It has an ebony texture on the black keys and a matte finish on the white keys.

So, it can prevent a small amount of moisture, so that it doesn’t get slippery on the keys.

The detailed cabinet design is available in four color options which are Satin Black, Polished Ebony, Satin White or Rosewood.

Everything in this piano is constructed just like an acoustic piano. This helps in great playing experience.

The CA79 features three metal pedals that are sustained, soft, and sostenuto.

The sustain and soft pedals offer half-pedaling, and all pedals can be used for different functions for the instrument's operation.

This creates more impact and these details to the design are what makes the instrument elegant.

A Touchscreen Interface with options available along with it

The user interface is an upgrade for this particular instrument as we don’t see such a rare and modern option on musical instruments in general.

It adds up as it is in 'color' and also touch screen. This is easy to use and very beneficial to anyone wanting more variety.

When you use the touch screen, the first thing that’s provided is the various instruments of the brand Kawai.

A swipeable menu is available from left to right which will show you different options available.

You can also select the sounds you want to try from here.

There is a shortcut key to the “metronome” function on the screen, which also has a visual outlook.

You are also allowed to change the tempo here, the time signature, and the volume.

In addition to this, there’s an option of rhythm which has tons of beats that you can choose from.

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Virtual Technician Parameters

The customization here is provided by the Virtual Technician.

There is an amount of customization options provided in CA 79 is what set it apart among its peers.

It lets you create different piano voices by adjusting parameters such as voicing, resonance depth, key-off effect, hammer noise, key volume, and more.

There is a total of up to 21 parameters available to edit. You can also adjust the touch curve, voicing, resonance, depth, damper noise, etc.

Here are the options available on the back of the instrument.

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Recording Option and the Music Feature

There is also a record button that’s just at the lower portion of the screen and once you start playing a song, it automatically records the sound.

You can also press the playback button for listening to your song and getting insights on ways to improve.

Then you can save it once you're done.

You can go over to the music option on the downright to view these recordings.

There is a variety of options in the “sound” category where a ton of options is available like jazz, pop, concert, classic or even recommendations.

With the music feature, you can access the USB music player and also look at something called a composer where there is access to pre-loaded music from extremely well-known instrumental composers and musicians.

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There's also a sound demo that plays different sounds at levels that you can learn by listening to.

For example, a sound at a concert or a jazz sound can enable you to listen and perform accordingly.

If there are any favorites here, you can select the heart button on the side so that you can refer to it later.

Control System and Four Hands Mode

The menu screen has all the control systems like the tone control, wall EQ control which is balancing the speaker settings which depends on how close you are to the wall, speaker volume, headphone type, and volume.

These can be adjusted for the speaker system as well as the headphone system.

There's also the four hands mode feature that allows you to record the two sides of the piano separately.

There is extreme detail provided because of the advanced features and options here.

With the Four Hands keyboard mode enabled, the pitch of each section is automatically adjusted to create two separate 44-key instruments with the same playing range.

This also allows two people to play a duet together on a single instrument.

My Experience with the CA79 Digital Piano

For me, the Kawai CA79 is great for beginners and also individuals who want to express their talents with the help of an instrument.

This piano provides an authentic grand piano experience that stands out for me.

The piano lessons that are pre-loaded is really useful for college students or anyone open to learning new styles and techniques.

A major plus point is the level of attractiveness to the look of the piano and also the accessibility to tons of options to choose from.

This makes the playing experience get better with practice and helps me learn quicker than usual.

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