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Why We Love Roland Juno DS 88 - The Weighted Keys Synthesizer - Keyboard

Whichever list of synthesizers it may be but if it comes to best, it must include Roland Juno DS 88 synthesizers.

There are many other competitors of Roland Juno DS 88 such as Yamaha and Korg which has excellent array of synthesizer, but this model stands out as it has quite superb and distinctive keyboard.

You may wonder what are the reasons that make this Keyboard/Synthesizer such a masterpiece? 

There's lots of reasons like 1150+ Sound Effects, Weighted keys, Lightweight, Portability, Core Editing Functionality, and the Piano Action Feel Keys makes the DS 88 one of its kind.

Since there are lots to be analyzed, let’s get this started without delaying any more seconds…

The Roland Juno Series: An Overview

Juno DS 88 and Roland Juno DS 76 case and dimensions

Roland DS Series was developed from its previous series names DI series.

The special attention or importance was given to “Evolution” rather than “Revolution”.

DS series from Roland is geared toward modern looking lightweight Synthesizer with incomparable number of sounds and effects.

The DS family has three members

What makes Roland Juno DS 88 stand out among its peers is the add on feature of uploading your musical document straight into the keyboard for further tweaking.

Not only this, but it also carries an abundance of choices for modifying the individual specification present on the DS 88.

Phase Pads Juno

There are 8 pads on the synthesizer which activate its specimen and subsequent series. Also, it comes with an in-built auto-tune.

This keyboard contains a total of 88 keys which are plated matte with key named “Feel-G”. 

This feature of the Roland makes it more distinctive and are praised by many classical pianists as these keys make them feel superior.

As a matter of fact, this is the very first synthesizer of the Juno family to posse this unique and wonderful keys.

The quality and form of this synthesizer is great and its design and knobs are in an uncomplicated manner. Hence, to sum up this instrument is quite amazing in its own aspect.

Features of Juno DS 88

Interface and Design

Clean Interface of Roland Juno DS Series

As it is earlier said that Roland Juno DS88 was designed with a very simple layout without any complication.

It is very fascinating to know that it has a great deal of fine details and complexity.

Therefore, such a structured arrangement for Roland is a big deal for the purchaser and hence has secured high marks in our books.

Moreover, one can easily steer through its designs and features.

Also, playing it is undoubtedly the simplest task for the operator.

Which is pretty unique, taking into account that usually these aren’t the easy instruments to operate.

As far as the size is concerned,

It is a closely packed and hand-held synthesizer, weighting around 35 pounds, although it is a given that there exist more lighter instruments than this one.

Talking about the display segment, there is an LCD graphic display with the only issue being the size of the display which is a bit smaller than our preferences and accounts to only 256 * 80 dots.

Although it won’t much affect your performance but just to make you aware of this.

On the whole, the design and interface of the keyboard is upright and exemplary which enhances this model.


" Check The Awesome Sound of Juno DS 88 ? (13:43) "

Well, it’s a package of surprise!!! You will find that the in-built sound effect in Juno DS 88 is huge and everything in this device is overwhelming.

There’s no doubt that you will fall for this keyboard and its sound system but also, we are pretty sure that its bass/guitar will provide you the same satisfaction.

None the less, everything else are worthy too. The quality of these sound is excellent and has sharp frequency and transparency.

As mentioned earlier, DS 88 has 88 keys plated with ivory keytops and feels like matte which helps the users to keep their fingers intact on the keys without getting slipped even in humid conditions.

Roland comes with a hammer action hence, providing the feeling of an audio piano to its operators.

Sound Effects

The sound effect of Roland Juno DS88 is vast.

Some of the default effects are reverb, phaser, chorus, delay etc.

But then again there are some other fascinating effects such as the pitch shifters & the piano reverberation filters.

Sequencing Options In Roland Juno DS 88

In the sequencing segment, both DI series and DS 88 are closely paired with each other. 

The only distinguish feature that Phrase Pads are available in DS 88 series and not in DI series.

It has 8 track patterns and can be easily set up. It is generally very helpful for any live concert.

This sequencer not only allows you to store tunes and tracks but also additional medias from your USB can be stored.

It also helps you to produce different tunes to the already available arrangements and these can be applied to your loops.

Functions and Modes

Awesome Keys and Sound of Juno DS 88

Roland Juno DS 88 perform many functions. Some of them are:


This keyboard comes with a fascinating function where at the same point of time operators can play more than one sound effect with just one key.

Thus, this allows them to play cord and keyboard or organ and keyboard instantaneously. This helps in the formation of soothing and exciting new sounds.


In Roland Juno DS 88 the usual transposing is done up as well as down.


It is an escort function, where DS88 comes with 72 different types of rhythm.


The keyboard has an inbuilt function of playback that helps the operators to operate standard audio records in WAV arrangement.

It allows them to rehears and jam the songs according to their wish.

Wireless USB: 

The most eye-catching function of DS 88 is that it can connect to your piano via an app which lets you to link to iPad, iPhone or any smartphone.

Roland Juno DS88 Vs Yamaha MX88

Yamaha MX 88 Vs Juno DS 88
Juno DS 88Yamaha MX 88
Sound Engine Type(s)Updated Juno Engine, Juno-Di compatibleMotif Sound Engine
Number of Keys8888
Type of KeysWeighted-action, Roland Ivory Feel-G KeyboardFully weighted Graded Hammer Standard
Other ControllersPitchbend/Modulation LeverPitchbend, Mod Wheel
Pads8 x Phrase Pads 
Polyphony128128 notes, 16-part multitimbral
Number of Presets Over 1000 voices
PresetsOver 1200 Patches, Over 30 Drum kits, Over 64 performances 
Effects Types3 x Mulit-effects, 3 x Chorus, 5 x Reverbs, 8 x Mic Reverbs and VocoderVCM vintage effects & processing
Audio PlaybackWAV, AIFF, MP3 
Audio Inputs1 x 1/4" (mic), 1 x 1/8" (aux)1 x 1/8" (aux in)
Audio Outputs2 x 1/4" (L/R)2 x 1/4" (stereo out)
Headphones1 x 1/4"1 x 1/4"
USB1 x USB Type A (stored trigger samples), 1 x USB Type B (Audio/MIDI)1 x Type A, 1 x Type B
Pedal Inputs1 x 1/4" (hold), 1 x 1/4" (control)2 x 1/4" (sustain, foot controller)
Expansion1 Wave Expansion slotUSB Flash Drive sounds (WAV, AIFF, SMF)
Software Cubase AI included (download code), Cubasis LE iOS app (unlocks), FM Essential Synth iOS app (unlocks)
Power SupplyDC 9V adapter, 8 x AA batteries 
Weight35 lbs. 12 oz.30.6 lbs.

My Experience With Roland Juno DS 88

My Experience With Juno DS 88 synthezier with 88 weighted keys

Reasons To Buy

  • Sounds can be influenced and control easily.
  • 8 pads help in running MIDI & can be applied as a trigger
  • MIDI competency
  • Ivory feel of the key
  • Comes with more than 1200 dissimilar predetermined or default patches
  • Genuine resonances
  • Receptive mechanism
  • Delicate and tender touch of the Roland keys
  • Compactness

Reasons To Avoid

  • No inbuilt speaker
  • Small LCD display
  • As of now, DS88 has no editor function in it

Roland Juno DS88 is a very meticulous keyboard which amazes us in its every aspect.

It is interesting to note that with such a reasonable rate it is loaded with numerous features and functions.

This instrument is more than any typical digital piano.

It is an outstanding synthesizer which makes sure to content the need of its players or operators, regardless of their never-ending requirements.

With such a fantastic feature Roland has literally raised the standards tall for the upcoming synthesizers.

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