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First of all before answering Is learning Piano Hard I want to draw your attention toward some similar questions.

What you think Is learning Guitar easy ? Whats your thought ?

Is becoming a Soldier easy ? Not easy Right ?

Is becoming a pilot easy ?

Is Surfing easy ?

Is Skating easy ?

Is becoming a singer an easy job ?

Is becoming a professional in Computer Security easy ? Definitely it is right. A big No.

Nothing is easy. Do you remember how many times have you fallen from your bicycle as a kid when you were learning to ride it. Or even you were walking. Definitely a lot. 

I am just saying these as examples because I want to clear one thing learning any thing and I mean anything requires practice, discipline and dedication. And it is same with Piano.

Glenn Gould , Martha Argerich and lots of other world class pianist are a source of inspiration for lots of newbie pianist but no one sees the effort they have put to achieve the result they are walking on today.

Conard hilton

Conrad Hilton 

Achievement seems to be connected with Actions. Successful men and women Keep Moving.

They make mistakes, but they don't quit.

Martha Argerich

Martha Argerich (at early age)

Life is not easy and is confusing too. Sometimes parents makes decision for their child on behalf of them. This happened with me. 

My parents dreamed that I will the next future football megastar like Chris Wyles but in reality I never liked the Americana soccer or any type of physical sports at all. 

I enjoy them as a lot but as a viewer but not as a player. I was not good at all but I was carrying the weight of their dreams on my shoulder for a long time and sooner or later I have to quit it and when I did my parents got upset with me.

But Luckily I found what I was destined to be. And Now I am a good pianist (as per my student and achievements). And my parents are proud of me now.

This is the same case with lots of people they love something at one stage and shift their interest later in their life.

Robert Schumann Piano Quote

And its a hard truth but definitely a truth that learning piano requires lots of practice. It is not something you learn within a month. You need to be stick with your routine and follow the discipline for a long time to master it.

From my opinion you at least need to invest couple of hours every alternate days to form a working base to play this wonderful musical instrument - keyboard.

When you include it in your regular routine I can guarantee that this couple of hours are going to be your best hours of your day.

And after a decent time you will notice that you just need to sit in front of the stool and your hands will start to play the keyboard automatically. It just needs a few months of strict discipline. That's all

And as you can understand everything requires practice and Learning Pianos are not different.

Sometimes people find it difficult to learn piano and quit within first 2 years is because they are not mentally prepared to invest the time it require to master the craft.

They find some fancy videos like these and get hooked but in reality these are just beautiful hoax.

You need to do finger exercises, select some basic songs, and few more steps to just begin learning it.

Finally, Is Piano Hard To Learn? - No It Is Not

Now, I am not going to brag about this anymore that how difficult it is to learn keyboard. From my perspective it is not.

If you are serious, you know what you are doing and ready to dedicate your time to learn piano than it is just a matter of few months and you will see the difference on your own. Learning Piano is not tough but not a child's play either.

That's all from my end. Hope this article helped you to understand what learning piano is all about.

Till than Keep playing and Spread Love.

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