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Why Price is the most important factors when buying piano? 

I think this is a global approach before buying anything for people like us (middle -class).

Actually we all love luxurious and branded items and get attracted to even the tiniest feature they offer. Whether it’s a headphone without wires or the fully touch sensitive keyfob of BMW 7 Series.

We all love these and we want them badly but in reality luxurious-branded items costs more than a life-long saving of any average person.

And so the keyboards as they exists in different prices ranging from Under $50 (These are toys) up-to more than $409,000 (La Mort du Cygne, Erard).

So which one should you buy ?

Confused about which piano to choose

There are lots of feature which helps in creating musics but for newbie they are not more than a button. This is why you need to set a budget first before buying a keyboard.

One other important thing you need to keep in mind is the functions you want in your pianos.

Like if you are looking for split and layering kind of features than you need to make your budget a little high, as these features are not available in cheap pianos.

And 1 thing that I always tell my students or anyone asking for my opinion before buying keyboards is that how much they are serious about their musical journey? 

If you are looking for just fun than anything between $50 - $150 is good to go with.

But if you are truly dedicated of your musical journey than budget of $150 will not help.

If you are a beginner and serious about your music than minimum you need $300 - $500 to choose your next music companion.

There are lots of features like weighted keys, split, layers, polyphonies and tons of other features that you will need when you will progress on musical journey.

Initially they won’t makes sense at the beginning but later you will regret that you should have opt for those feature when you purchased the piano.

What Price Should I choose as a Beginner ?

The amount you need as a beginer

As pianos are bit costly and is something that stays with you for a long time. So you need to decide first what you need and what not.

As the world is moving at a high pace toward more and more smart devices the musical world is also one of the contender that are shifting their gears too.

And pianos are also become smart. Smart pianos are just a regular keyboards with some little extra twists.

Keyboard companies like Casio, Yamaha, Roland and other putting a lots of effort and money to make their pianos smarter with the help of apps.

This is something that no one ever thought about couple of years back but now it’s a thing and everyone needs it.

You won’t need any music teacher because the apps covers it all. You can import or export MIDI files without any issue which is really a cool feature.

The inbuilt lesson feature allows you to learn piano remarkably easy, the app will guide you play your favorite songs by highlighting the buttons you need to play next. It can’t be simpler than this.

It’s hard to find any keyboard which offers all the functionality and doesn’t hurt your pocket too.

But there an exception piano that fills all your need and it is Casio CTK 2550. This under $100 piano is perfect for any newbie. The cost of CTK 2550 is also quite genuine and does not hurt your pocket at all.

Can You Hear the Difference Between Cheap and Expensive Pianos?

So after reading this post you can understand why the price of keyboard plays a big role while choosing your music companion.

That’s all from our end. Hope this post helps you to pick your next perfect keyboard.

Did we missed anything or do you have different opinion regarding this post then let us know in the comments below. Your comments keeps us motivated to bring more detailed review of musical instruments.

Till Than,

Keep Playing and Spread Love and Peace

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6 thoughts on “Why Budget Is the Most Important Factor When Buying A Piano

  1. Avatar
    Sabbir says:

    I know piano is a costly instrument but you have to consider at-least 7 factors before buying a piano. The number of keys, weighted keys, the hammer mechanism, escapement, pedals, stage piano VS. upright digital, connections.

    • Avatar
      Daniel Cooper says:

      Of course Sabbir, But do you think if you want a 88 key keyboard but your budget won’t allow it. So will you able to buy it ? I think you got the answer

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