Harley Benton Guitars Review – The Master Piece From Germany

where are harley benton guitars made ?

The manufacturing of the Harley Benton guitars are done by the company Musikhaus Thomannsituated in Bavaria, Germany.

The company holds the position of being one of the largest online retailers in the country, with a customer base of 3 million and above as per the 2012 data.  

The manufacturing of the guitars are done in Indonesia, China and Vietnam adhering to the similar standards like that of Ibanez, Fender, and ESP to ensure that the standard quality is maintained.

Coming to the reason as to why haven’t you heard of them?

The simple cause is that because they still haven’t approached you via advertisements, besides they also do not have a storefront in the U.S. yet there isn’t anything for you to worry, as you can easily buy these instruments at www.thomann.de

Why Choose Harley Benton Over Other Guitar Brands

harley benton acoustic guitars

It’s a common notion to have such questions in your head when you come across a newly launched guitar brand about which you aren’t aware from beforehand or not even heard of it from a third party.

Probably I think that you might have encountered such a guitar mostly in a pawn shop, or at any random buddies place, or someone having it put to sale online at a weirdly cheaper price.

Well, we shall discuss about the positive side as well as the negative aspects in the article.

So get a firm grip and I shall give a deep analysis regarding everything that I have discovered after spending a whole lot of time for the relevant informations and after playing the instrument personally.

Before Going any further I want to clear some clouds. You need to understand that "Harley Benton" Guitars are quite cheap when compared with other competitors.

So the overall quality of the guitar may surprise few of you in not so good way. These are cheap guitar but it does not mean they are only for entry-level guitarist.

If you know what you need and why, then you sure will hit the jackpot in quite a affordable price with these guitars.

But If you are one of those, who just runs behind every shining object then you may run out of luck here.

Unique Selling Points Of Harley Benton Guitars

The Harley Benton guitars have heavy weight

harley benton sc 550 black cherry

Few of its guitars are quite heavy, in fact this is one such thing that you shall yourself notice or feel on picking up the guitar.

I personally adore it, but in case it’s an issue for you, then in my suggestion you should go with the lighter models.

No doubt the heavy weight provides superb feel to sit and play, though you must bear this in mind if you are into intense and frequent playing, because it certainly is not the best scenario to seem exhausted during the show.

The Guitars Are Awesome, Though There Exists Few Shortcomings.

Before proceeding further I shall clearly state that every guitar brand does have one or the other issues.

In fact some great brands such as the Gibson has been facing backlash from the customers due to the quality of the product.

Therefore, as compared to the superior brands present in the market, Harley Benton carries out an excellent job by ensuring that its products are flawless, apart from some of the minor ones.

There aren’t any chances of major defaults, yet you must thoroughly check your guitar once you get it, so that you don’t miss even on the little errors like scratches and many a times improper alignment.

The brand generously has refund policy in case there is any noticeable shortcoming, hence you must not worry.

To be careful do remember to give a check to your instrument after purchasing it.

The idea is good and handy even in the case of any general musical instrument you purchase.

5 Tips To Enhance Your Playing Experience

  • Clean The Prets – First take the strings off and clean the frets and the fretboards too.
  • Change The Strings – Always try to use a new string when using a new guitar first time.
  • Change The Action – Change The Action of the Guitars according to your need cause Actions of Harley Benton Guitars are usually very high.
  • Adjust The Truss Rod – A new guitar may play a little off because of the huge time duration guitar spends on the warehouses before you order them. This can make you feel that the neck is not that much playable and you end up with a bad impression from your very first guitar. But In reality the neck just need a little bit of adjustment. Adjust the Intonation too.
  • Don’t be afraid of changing the basic stuff or upgrading them . Sometime you may feel like you took a bad decision but you will end up with good experience. And sometimes a new change or upgrade may open a world of whole new creativity and possibilities.

The most important point of distinction between Harley Benton and other guitars.

thomann guitars

Harley Benton guitars have extremely flat neck design, technically which is referred as the fret board radius.

As I play classic guitars frequently, on a personal basis I consider it as an awesome feature.

Though it may seem quite awkward to anyone who isn’t accustomed to playing such guitars or if it’s his first- hand experience.

Totally unsure about the reason as to why they opted to include this, yet a good deal for one who admires the less curvaceous feel on their guitar.

There are few players who consider that playing fast licks are easier on guitars that have lower fret board radius compared to the ones having higher radius, so maybe it’s related to such assumptions.

They do the extra mile.

harley benton telecaster

It might seem certain, yet it’s clearly visible that as per their pricing, they are serving more.

They organise the quality checking same as the other good brands do and also they do not charge high prices like these companies.

They have also included superior electronic components in a 200$ guitar thus making the hardware of the guitar great.

So, we can say that they are serving more in exchange for a little cost.  With this we shall move on to the next point.

Exceptionally Good Quality Materials Are Used.

The choice of woods for all of its guitars are excellent, electronics are superb and also its hardware makes the tones of all the models excellent.

Are the older models not that good?

If we go by the reviews of most of the people then it is assumed that the earlier models of such guitars are not up to the mark like the current guitar models.

If you take a look at the reviews of Harley Benton guitars something that I took notice of was that its reviews were mostly declaiming as to how awesome is the guitar in return to the price you are paying.

The ones who have greater purchasing power also opt for the Harley Benton’s guitars and at frequent intervals you also come across some of the horrible reviews.

By going through these few reviews, that there was greater differences and also most people found the guitars to be of greater standards. 

Simultaneously there also exist people who find it average and that makes no sense to me at all, as out of all the guitars that I have mentioned here, three such have been played by me personally and all of them were really enjoyable.

Though rather than simply over-looking the negative remarks, I made efforts to find out the reason of such distinctive opinions of people and sort of even got the reason…..

Seems that the guitars are existing for a while, and it seems that the previous models aren’t up to the mark.

Taking a glance at various other forums too, I discovered most of the negative reviews have been posted in the past years, and the positive ones are from the recent years, and that certainly makes sense according to me as there are guitar companies that haven’t produced that good quality guitars initially.

So, basically this is the most apt explanation for the question, as the rest of the reviews are mentioning about how over the top the purchase was, other than on of the reviews, wherein the person was expecting a 4,000$ guitar at such price range, which is completely strange.

So you may come across many such reviews where the person is freaked about his/her purchase.

My Experience With Harley Benton Acoustic Guitars

My experience with Benton Guitars Bass Versions

The Harley Benton guitars are astonishing, and is getting easier to acquire.

For players who are tight on budget, they must honestly consider these guitars, as it certainly is a brand that has a bright future prospects and shall be notable performer in this market segment.

There are few characteristics those classify these guitars as a quirky one and the earlier models aren’t up to the expectations yet in total I agree that these guitars are really a treat for the ones who are concerned about the budget.

Maybe this is something which many other claim but this is the reality and you must buy and try one of them.

Besides its beauty, the name of it also kind of fascinates me and I like the name as well, as it grabs immediate attention.

Therefore I hope that the review turns out be really useful to you and in case you have any queries or stuffs you feel like must be added then do contact us.

Till Then

Spread Love and Keep Playing

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